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Sri Lanka: A world Heritage

[ LION ROCK - SIGIRIYA ! ]Five centuries before Christ, Sri Lanka was a land throbbing with vitality and a well-ordered civilization. Cities, palaces, reservoirs, parks, temples, monasteries, monuments and works of art bore testament to the character, imagination, culture, philosophy and faith of the people of Sri Lanka, the Resplendent Land. Vestiges of this ancient civilization are abundantly extant today.




Sigiriya - The Frescoes & The Mirror-wall

Nothing in Sri Lanka captures the imagination more than a 200 meter lump of granite that rises starkly above the flat central plains. Sigiriya has it all -- a blood-stained history full of intrigue, astonishing frescos of bare-breasted maidens painted 15 centuries ago, a wall covered in graffiti that is more than 1,000 years old and, to top it all, Asia's oldest surviving landscape garden.

New"The girl with golden skin entices the mind and eyes
Her lovely breasts cause me to recall swans drunk with nectar" - Graffito, Sigiriya Mirror Wall, c. 800 AD

Kandy (Senkadagalapura) - Temple of Tooth & Esala Perahera

[Esala perahera !! ]

Sri Dalada Maligawa, which enshrines the Tooth Relic of the Buddha, is the holiest shrine in the entire Buddhist world and to the people of Sri Lanka. According to tradition the Tooth Relic was brought to Sri Lanka when King Kirti Sri Meghavarna (301-328) was ruling in Anuradhapura, by a princess from Kalinga named Hemamali, securely wrapped in her tresses.

Anuradhapura - A World Heritage 

[ Isurumuni Lovers ! ]

Polonnaruwa - A World Heritage

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Golden Temple of Dambulla - A World Heritage 
Kataragama - The place of light and love
GALLE - The old world's romantic city
Sri Pada - The holiest of the holy hills
MIHINTALE: The cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka
Ritigala - The monastic complex Kandy
Historical Buddhist Shrines & Monesteries

"Archaeologists have recorded over 200,000 ruined Buddhist Monasteries and Temples in Sri Lanka. Of them, over 70.000 were in the North and the East. Two great events in the early history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka left a deep impression and still evoke pious enthusiasm among millions of Buddhists. The transplantation of a branch of the Bodhi tree under which Buddhahood was attained served as an inspiration to the people who had recently embraced the religion. The second event was the bringing of the Buddha's tooth relic from India."

More Heritage

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