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 Post subject: Refusal to ban LTTE "a mistake of incredible magnitude&
 Post Posted: Sun May 08, 2005 7:42 pm 
Date : 2005-05-08

Canada’s refusal to ban Tamil tigers "a mistake of incredible magnitude" – Mackenzie report

From our Toronto Correspondent
@ Asian Tribune -

Toronto, 08 May, (Asiantribune.com): Blasting the Canadian government for not banning the Tamil Tigers, the reputed Mackenzie Institute had exposed the myths on which the Canadian bureaucrats and the government tend to sweep the issue under a carpet of maple leaves.

The independent Mackenzie Institute, noted for its “forthrightness” in speaking out against terrorism, political extremism and organized crime that could destabilize Canada, states:

• “Canada’s continued refusal to take action against the Tamil Tigers is a mistake of incredible magnitude, a disgrace to Canadian diplomacy and a betrayal of some of our own citizens.”

• “Although the leaders of the Tamil community (almost all appointed from within the ranks of the Tiger Fronts) claim there are about 250,000 Sri Lankan Tamils here, our last census only found some 92,000 people who claimed Tamil as their birth language. “

• “This Tiger presence is not good for us. The LTTE’s open presence here undermines Canada’s credibility, weakens our relations with other nations, and costs our taxpayers enormous sums of money.”

• Tiger presence is not good for Tamils in Canada. Highlighting the attacks on Tamils who challenge the Tigers in Canada the report states that Tiger fronts encourage the false hero worship of Velupillai Prabhakaran. “Canadian Tamils cannot be free to fully participate in Canadian life until they are rid of the Tiger presence. Other countries have taken action to limit the ability of LTTE to dominate and feed off their expatriate communities. Now for some fundamental lessons about terrorists and peace processes.”

• Terrorism is not a ‘political’ problem. Yes, terrorism certainly has a political dimension, but treating a symptom is not the same thing as attacking the disease. The real ‘root cause’ of terrorism lies within the internal psychological domain of the leaders who create terrorist movements — for reasons associated with their own self-image and personal ambitions. You can not hope to tackle a terrorist group without recognizing this.

• Look how well the "Peace Process" worked with Arafat and in Ulster. Arafat used the 1994 Oslo Agreement to return to the West Bank (although Palestinians were certainly not unanimous about the benefits of his return). He then connived at increased attacks on Israel, culminating in the murderous Second Intifada of 2000-2004. The culmination of ten years of non-progress in Ulster — all thanks to the intractability of the IRA and Sinn Fein — was the multi-million dollar bank robbery of last December. Arafat and the ‘Hard Men’ of the IRA were alike in being absolutely unwilling to disarm and learn the arts of peaceful negotiation.

• <>b>The Tigers don’t care About Peace.Locked into a stalemated campaign against the Sri Lankan Army, the LTTE evidently feared that they could be badly damaged in their overseas sanctuaries, and so declared a sudden new interest in peace talks in February 2002. However, they have refused to yield on any substantive issues and have taken advantage of the pause to restock their cadres (with child soldiers especially), their arsenal, and their war chest.

• The Tigers are gearing up for the war again. Even before the 2004 Tsunami, the LTTE showed clear signs that they were preparing to restart the war. They were holding rallies and running communications to their Diaspora community to mentally prepare them for this in the Autumn of 2004, and have used opportunities caused by the December Tsunami to try and create a casus belli. Even now, a pattern of provocative skirmishes (such as the Tigers engaged in before 1983) has begun in Sri Lanka.

• Do we want to share responsibility for the renewal of the civil war in Sri Lanka? Insurgents love having sanctuary areas — places where they can recruit, raise money, refit and rest. It is the one asset that all terrorists dream of having, and the first advantage that those who fight against them must seek to eliminate. Canada’s refusal to act against the LTTE has provided them with such a sanctuary, and has no doubt been a major consideration in the Tigers’ assessment of their situation. What Afghanistan was to Bin Laden, so Canada is to the Tigers.

• Terrorist leaders are people who chose violence to achieve status and influence — don’t give them what they want. Terrorism must not be seen to be effective, and those who resort to atrocity and deception to earn themselves a favorable mention in history cannot be allowed to achieve this.

• Why respect the dignity of terrorist leaders? With the passage of years, terrorist leaders inevitably grow corrupt and tyrannize the very people they claim to lead… and with the LTTE, its founder wasted no time in reaching this stage. There are hundreds of thousands of Tamils who want delivery from the LTTE and a peaceful life. Who are we to deny them this?

• Peace is not a good substitute for victory. In 1938, Neville Chamberlain came back from Munich with an agreement signed by Hitler, promising "peace in our time". Chamberlain’s negotiated peace lasted barely eleven months, victory brought a peace to Western Europe and much of the Pacific that has endured for 60 years so far.

• We can make a contribution to peace in Sri Lanka. All we have to do is demolish the ability of the LTTE’s fronts to operate here — this will deprive the Tigers of a vital source of revenue and go far to damage their credibility and prestige. If we act quickly, we may even prevent the war from starting up again. The people of Sri Lanka (Sinhalese and Tamils alike) can do the rest, particularly if they know the Tigers have just been seriously weakened.

• Ottawa already implicitly recognizes that the Tigers are terrorists. No surprise here; the police and security agencies of the Federal Government have long known exactly what the Tigers are. Moreover, Ottawa’s statement that we will not list the Tigers because we do not want to endanger the "peace process" in Sri Lanka now puts the onus on the LTTE. If they succeed in restarting the war, or even continue to refuse to make real progress, then it is incumbent on Ottawa to act against them.

As an aside, the modern penchant for many Western nations to jump into peace talks with both flat feet is not always welcome. Advising outsiders to keep out of internal conflicts the report also states “that too many cooks spoil the meal. If we still feel compelled to help out, remember this…”

“So, let’s give peace a chance for once, and work to close down the Tiger’s fronts in Canada,” concludes the report.

- Asian Tribune -

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