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 Post subject: Anarkalli Aakarssha
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 3:34 am 
Anarkalli Aakarssha - Sri Lankan model and actress

Very beautiful and vivacious, but with just the right amount of childlike innocence to make her an endearing young woman, 19-year-old Anarkalli Aakarssha is the new face of Sinhala cinema and television.



My life has been blessed in many ways. I was born to the best parents in the world who have guided me and have opened many doors for me. My dad Jayantha Jayatilaka was the director of the Film Location Services – and my mum, Indrani is a fashion designer for Hollywood films made in Sri Lanka. I had a carefree childhood spent doing the things I loved the most - on film sets watching actors and actresses dancing.

My mum put me straight to school at the age of three to Playgroup at the Colombo International School (CIS). It was there that my first opportunity in acting came about. Renuka Balasuriya and Somaratne Dissanayake, Producers and Co–Directors of the teledrama 'Iti Pahan' were looking for a child to play the role of Daisy Susan. I never really thought I would become an actress but there I was at the age of eight begging my parents to let me have the part.

From that point onwards there was no looking back because I was living my dream. Once I started acting I knew that I enjoyed it. Whatever I do I put my heart and soul into it. I am into making my dreams come true.

Wind beneath my wings

I was very lucky because my mum was supportive of whatever I did. She would always tell me that this is wrong and she would guide me. She really encouraged me to do whatever I wanted – art, dancing or acting – she was always behind me.


My mother is my guardian angel. She makes up for everything I don't have in my life. I am really fortunate because not many kids have the opportunity to have their mum with them all the time. As I am the only child that is my guilty pleasure – having my mum's attention all the time. She is like my bodyguard, my manager, my best friend, my everything…

Sugar, Spice and everything nice…

If I could describe myself I would say that – Anarkalli is a person who likes to smile, she likes babies, puppies, ice cream… she loves talking on the phone. The biggest and most important thing in my life is love – to love people and to also be able to give a message to people. That is why I became an actress.

I would say that my greatest strength is my perseverance but like any other human being I am not perfect. I have so many weaknesses and I am still learning. I try to recognise what I am doing. Every day I learn something about my self. In life you should never regret anything you do – you should learn from it and not let it occur if it's something bad.

People assume that being a celebrity is the easiest job in the world. But that is not true. I wake up early in the morning – I have to wear sari to work because I work as the Public Relations Officer to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera. If I am not shooting then I have to stay the whole day at work.

When I am shooting I have to get up at three in the morning and finish shooting at midnight – it is unbelievable. I am lucky that I have the most understanding boss in the world!

There are the photo shoots, interviews, replying fan mail, recording my album, there's being a daughter, a citizen… it's a lot but I love it because it keeps me going. I can never say on any particular day that I didn't do something today.

After a hard days work the only thing I want to do is relax. It is really an expensive thing to do but I talk on the phone. That is how I unwind. I am like an open book. I like to express myself because I want to know what's going on in me and how I feel. If something happens to me tomorrow or in the next second people can't say they didn't know
me. I also chill out by listening to music.

Heart and Soul

Every moment of my life has been great because I have always done it my way. I treasure moments and I have such a good memory. I can remember everything that has happened to me in my life. If you don't recognise each passing moment as great then you realise that the life you have been living is not great. If you think that then you go down and I would never let myself or anyone else go through that.

There are many things I am passionate about but the one thing that I am proud of is the fact that I am Sri Lankan. Bringing out the Sri Lankan in us is important to me.

I believe that every single Sri Lankan should be an ambassador of our country. We should create our own Sri Lankan identity. We need to be proud of where we come from and of who we are. We too should be that patriotic. We can go further in our lives if we do that. We are a small country but we can make a huge impact.

I am very controversial in many ways. A lot of people depict me in different ways. Something that might surprise a lot of people is the fact that I am tremendously forgiving.

My Inspiration

I admire many people in life because there is something about them that I can relate to and aim to be - Princess Diana because she never lost her human touch, Audrey Hepburn because of what she gave to cinema, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga because she was a Sri Lankan woman who looked after two kids while she was in power and Mahatma Gandhi – if you could have that kind of wisdom and confidence yet be so down to earth and walk with the masses and have such a big following – that is quite an achievement.

Stars in my eyes

Many people will be surprised but the most challenging part of my career is not the late night shoots, the myriad of appointments I have to go for or never having a normal life where I can stay in bed all day if I wanted to. What I go through is quite tough but the most challenging part of it all is staying true to myself.

The funny thing about me is that there is so much I have yet to achieve. I want to be a good will ambassador to the UN. I want to work with children – children make me so happy.

I don't know if I was destined to be a celebrity. It was really easy for me to get into films because both my parents were in the film industry. I could have gotten into it way before I did but I didn't. I never thought that I would be an actress or a star. I acted in the teledrama Iti Pahan when I was eight. I enjoyed it but I didn't think that people wanted to see me again. I thought they must have liked me because I was a kid. I never expected to continue. I was just going to
school and doing my regular thing.

I also never imagined that I would achieve so much at such a young age. Acting at the age of eight, representing Sri Lanka at Miss World in 2004, being the youngest actress in the history of Sinhalese cinema to win the Most Popular Actress award and the being the Public Relations Officer (PRO) to the Foreign Ministry at the age of 19 are achievements that I am truly grateful for.

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 Post subject: Ranjan Ramanayake accused of sexually abusing Anarkalli
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 3:14 am 
One Shot: Ranjan accused of sexually abusing Anarkalli

@ DM / Saturday, August 19, 2006
By T. Farook Thajudeen

The Child and Women’s Bureau of the police charged yesterday that film director and actor Ranjan Ramanayake had sexually abused the under aged actress Anarkalli Aakarssha while filming ‘One Shot’.

The bureau made its complaint to Colombo Chief Magistrate Kusala Sarojini Weerawardena and said at the time of making the film Ms. Anarkalli was a minor.

The complainant also alleged that the actress was asked to pose semi-nude in dancing scenes.

The Bureau informed court it was conducting investigations on a written complaint made by Senior Lecturer Kushantha Rohanath Wickramasinghe of the Managerial Development Center and said the Women’s Bureau was seeking the Attorney General’s instructions to institute action against the director and the producer of the film ‘One Shot’.

The inquiry was postponed for September 1.

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 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:59 am 

Joined: Mon Sep 04, 2006 7:42 am
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As a Australian born sri Lankan I have always admire the actors and sri Lankan film Industry. I have met many Sri Lankan actors who visited Australia last few years including veterans such as Ravindra Randeniya , Gamini Tillekeratne, Kamal Addararachi etc.

Its a shame as an actor Ranjan Ramanayake to go and sexually abused another actor. Hope Anarkali gets the justice.

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 Post subject: Anarkalli alleges real life horror
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:01 pm 
Anarkalli alleges real life horror

By Sumaiya Rizvi
@ DM - Saturday, July 05, 2008

The drama involving actress Anarkalli Aakarssha and Western Provincial Councillor Duminda Silva took a turn for the worse with Ms. Aakarssha alleging that she and her mother were abducted on Thursday evening, taken to Mr. Silva’s office and she was asked to marry him.

Police spokesman Ranjit Gunasekara said that according to a complaint lodged at the Kollupitiya police Ms. Aakarssha alleged that she and her mother were threatened and forcibly taken away by some men armed with semi automatic weapons and allegedly working for Mr. Silva.

“They had been taken to Mr. Silva’s ofice in Nugegoda and he had asked Ms. Aakarssha to marry him. Later the mother and daughter had been dropped off at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel,” SSP Gunasekera said citing the police complaint.

He said the Kollupitiya Police had requested Wellawatte Police to carry out investigations into the alleged kidnapping because the two of them had been taken away from a house at Wellawatte.

SSP Gunasekara said a restraining order had been issued against Mr. Silva following an earlier complaint against him.

“If found guilty it will be a violation of the restraining order,” the SSP said.

Last month an argument between the actress and the Provincial Councilor at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel ended in her mother calling the police emergency fearing for the safety of her daughter.

They were taken to the Kollupitiya police station where the OIC intervened to settle the dispute. However Ms. Akarsha said she had consulted her lawyers and was contemplating legal action.

She said she had had an intimate relationship with Silva for some three months but finally decided to part.

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 Post subject: Anarkali speaks out: Duminda denies
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 3:26 pm 
Anarkali speaks out: Duminda denies

06 -July -2008
@ Timesonline

Popular movie star and model Anarkalai Akarsha Jayatilleke is living in hiding since Friday after she and her mother Indrani were allegedly abducted and threatened by Western Province Provincial Councilor Duminda Silva, but the politician is denying the allegations.

What began as a fairy tale romance between a handsome politician and a beautiful actress late last year and which was intended to culminate in a marriage this December began turning sour soon after the two began their relationship last December.

The two met on Christmas Day, 2007 and twenty year old Anarkalai said she was impressed with the young politician for the forthright manner in which he expressed his feelings for her and earned her trust so that she consented to move in with him to his plush apartment in Colombo-02.

“Because I am famous, most men are intimidated and are afraid to approach me. But Duminda was different and he was not afraid to express his feelings for me,” she said. Clouded by her feelings, she also chose to ignore the many stories she had heard about Duminda’s brushes with the law believing he was innocent and allegations against him were either politically motivated or made to extort money from him.

But she soon realized that her lover was very similar to the violent and controlling characters she had got to know only in the role of villains in the films she had made or seen. “I was not allowed to even talk to my mother, let alone my friends. I couldn’t go out anywhere on my own without his bodyguards. It was like living under a dictatorship. Sometimes you think you are living in hell but once you really get into this kind of situation, you really experience hell,” she says looking back at her experience. She also claims that she was subject to physical abuse during the five months she lived with him.

The breaking point came when Dumaind forced her to take an overseas trip with him to Malaysia and India with him and kept her alone in hotel room in New Delhi along with two of his secretaries while he made a trip to an undisclosed location. It was upon her return she managed to escape to her mothers apartment at a five star hotel in the city and then first experience the extent to which the politician was willing to go to make her stay with him.

It was the 18th of June when Anarkali and her mother were traveling down Elibank Road in Colombo that Dumainda along with a group of men obstructed their path and tried to abduct her. In this instance, the Provincial Councilor had taken the mother and daughter back to the hotel where Anarakali’s mother has her apartment and tried to persuade her to return to him. Sensing his threatening attitude, Anarkali’s mother had called 119 twice and it was the arrival of the Police at the hotel that lead to the actress recoding a statement at the Kollupitiya police against Duminda.

Last Thursday, he had used a popular film producer to lure her into a house on Swarna Road in Wellawatta on the after showing her a script for a movie which had impressed her.

“When we arrived there the house looked lonely but a gate keeper opened the door and asked us to come in. My mother and I went in and then I called up the assistant to the producer who had arranged the meeting and asked him where he was. He asked us to wait for five minutes saying he would be there soon.”

That was when a group of around 20 armed men surrounded the hall they had been lead into, head a pistol to Anarakali head while another man put a pistol into her mother’s mouth and bound their hands and legs. Shortly Duminda Silva also appeared in the hall with a pistol in hand.

“I was so scared I started crying. I worshipped him and asked him to untie us and if he wants to kill me he can but let my mother go,” she said. He relented and untied them, led her upstairs and showed a cyanide capsule that he wore around his neck saying he had nothing to lose and would kill himself if she refuses to marry him and get the restraining order removed. He had also said that if he dies, his men would not spare her and her mother and would shoot them dead in Court.

This drama which began around 6.30p.m. had gone on till very late in the night with them being first taken in a jeep to his office at Old Kesbewa Road in Nugegoda where the Duminda Silva Foundation is located. Later after much persuasion, she had managed to get him to take them to his parent’s house in Pelawatta and it was after his brother Reynar arrived at the house and was told of the abduction attempt, that Anarkali and her mother were allowed to go back to their apartment around 10.30pm that night with the promise she would call him ten times during the night and they would not report the incident to either the Police or the Courts.

However later in the night around 11.30p.m they had managed to go the Kollupitiya police and record a statement. After the nightmarish experience of that night, the two have been living in hiding in another star hotel in the city.

“We want the law to take its course and the guilty person to be punished. We have not broken in law in that country and now we can’t even live here because of the threats our life,” Anarkali said.


Western Province Provincial Councilor Duminda Silva says that the denied allegations of abduction and harassment leveled against him by his former lover Anarkali Akarsha are politically motivated and there is no truth in them.

Silva speaking to The Sunday Times said that the allegations leveled against him by Ms. Akarsha are politically motivated in a bid to tarnish his image and that he is ready to even take the matter up in Court. Silva who recently crossed over from the UNP and joined the government said that a certain political party is trying its best to bring disrepute upon his image.

“At first I ignored what she (Anarkali) had to say against me as I know I had not committed those things she had claimed. She recently complained that I had abducted her and her mother. I totally deny this. This is all politically driven to discredit me. I am ready to even challenge these allegations in courts,” Silva said.

“She even went to the extent of telling that I needed her for election campaigns. I have worked for the people in my electorate. I don’t need a girl to come forward and make me popular. People know who I am,” he said.

“Her mother had previously asked me for 10 million rupees to buy a house. I had given her one million which is still in her fixed deposit. I even allowed her mother to stay with us at Jaic Hilton when she had issues with the man she was living with who had been against our relationship,” he said.

“Her story of me keeping her like I prisoner is laughable. She went on to say I stopped her from acting. If I did so the question is how come she acted in two movies while we were involved and had her weekly TV show ‘Anarkali Live’,” he said.

“I did not know what was going on when she suddenly disappeared and lodged a complain against me. I was shocked to find out that she had ransacked my apartment leaving with 1 million rupees which was in my safe and my 2 month old golden retriever puppy,” he said.

“I am going to speak to my lawyers and file action against her for what has been going on. I ignored it because I was involved with her and respected that fact. But now it has gone too far. In time to come the truth of what is going on will be revealed,” he said.

Anarkali however denied either she or her mother took money from Silva saying she has enough money of her own but admitted she took the dog.” The dog is mine and I took it because I don’t trust him to look after it,” she said.

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