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 Post subject: background of ethnic conflict
 Post Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 9:45 am 
About the article by Mr k m de silva, So he does not know after the 1956 riots. if you are writing of the root causes of ethnic conflict please write everything about it. I am not very old as he to know about the 1956 and 70's problems but I know very clearly about the 1983 riots. where thousands of tamils killed brutally by your kind hearted sinhala budhist thugs with the help of the army and policy. I still cannot believe the president who got all the powers vested on him could not act immediately to stop that brutal activity. can I ask you what are you doing at that moment. did you ever try to do any remedial action. but still you are talking about the colonial pasts. we tamils did not initiate the problems as you clearly know that the sinhalese did it. but again and again they never want to recognise the tamils do have the legitimate rights to live in the country. why else they elected a hard line jvp backed Mr mahinda rajapakse as president.

further do you think the system of intelligent going to the university or getting a good job is very bad if you ask any sanity person in the world they will say that the system is correct. so I do not see why you can not understand that. not only politicians try to undermine us the majority sinhalese as well other wise why are they always sending the wrong persons to the parliment.

hence please try to tell the truth about the ethnic problems not what you think. if you do not do this then poor uneducated people never understand because you created thisd false impression. Thererfore try to eleviate the problems do not put oil on it.

further i am tamil and my birth certificate is in sihalese . did you know any sinhalese got their birth certificate in tamil?

 Post subject: Forget the past
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 3:02 pm 
Enough, enough enough. Why talk about the past. What we have to do now is to find a solution to the conflict. The past is gone. No use reminding people about it. Nothing will come out of it.

We the people of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese, the Tamils, the Muslims and the Burghers must find the solution to peace. Not the Norwegians, Indians or the Americans. Its our country.

The first thing to do is to remove the corrupt politicians. Punish them severely. Imagine a minister appointing an IRC som JP. This is madness, pure madness.

Punish the children of the politicians harshly - very harshly - who go around with bodyguards creating havoc in Colombo night clubs and hotels. Just because they are sons of ministers or MPs does not make them special. They are ordinary people. Just like we who voted for their father or mother. They cannot go around bullying the police.

The state and religion must be seperated.

Make English compulsory in School. Thats the common language that we all can communicate with each other.

Get rid of all union influence in the Universities. The students are here to study and get a degree. Not to waste their time in strikes and so on. The unions must recognize these and not take students as hostages when the union does not agree with the goverment or the chancellor.

Dissolve the presidency. No single person must have power. Let the parliament make the decisions based on the majority.

Get rid of all political influence in the Police. Let them work independently. Punish MPs or Ministers who come into the Police station demanding that their supporters be released. These supporters have done something against the law. Let the courts decide what to do.

Suspend MPs who disrupt pariliament procedures (shouting, throwing things etc.) in the parliament. The parliament is a place to make important decisions regarding the country, the people. After all its our future thats being decided.

Reduce the number of minsters and the perks that they get. Imagine a small country like Sri Lanka having more than 100 ministers and junior ministers. Why must a minister or a MP get more than 4 cars? The cars given to these people must only be used in official duty. Not for vacationing og shopping and definitely not by their children.

I can write a lot more but I think it is enough now. If you like to add more feel free to do it. Lets make a new constitution for OUR country. Paradise on earth.
If only we can learn to live with each other. Thats a dream, but it can be fulfilled.

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