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 Post subject: The Royal Family of Jaffna - Arya Chakravarti Dynasty
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 2:27 am 
The Royal Family of Jaffna

Copyright © 2004 www.jaffnaroyalfamily.org

Raja Jerry Remigius Kanagarajah was born to an Aristocratic family in Sri Lanka on 1st October 1964, the youngest son of Late Raja Thambirajah Mervin Anthony Kanagarajah and Late Ilavarasi Maheswary Marina Antoinette Kanagarajah. His Ancestors hailed from Malaysia, India and Jaffna (Sri Lanka). He also lived in many countries other than Sri Lanka. Even as the youngest of five children he was brought up with strict rules and regulations of his Royal descent. He is a Descendant of the Royal Family of Jaffna and the origin of his family’s royal abode is to be traced to “Sangili Thoppu” (modern- day Nallur), Kingdom of Jaffna.

Jerry Remigius Kanagarajah & Aishwary Rajnandhini Lusijah Kanagarajah

The Royal Family of Jaffna had ruled the Kingdom of Jaffna for many years. It was a well established Kingdom during its reign in Jaffna and it existed for 403 years. Unfortunately the Portuguese settlers invaded the Kingdom and most, if not all, of the known reigning family were put to the sword by 11th February 1621. Those of the Royal decent were taken to Colombo and then to Goa and were given the choice of either life through conversion to Catholicism or be put to death. Some who had accepted the Church for guidance were either allowed to return to Jaffna or were interned in monasteries. On February 4, 1948, Sri Lanka gained Independence from British colonial rule. On May 22nd 1972 a new constitution was adopted. Ceylon was renamed Sri Lanka. All ties to Britain were severed and Sri Lanka was declared a Republic.

Raja Jerry Remigius Kanagarajah is also a member of The International Monarchist League in London as well as the Southeast Asia Imperial and Royal League, which promotes friendship between Royal families of Southeast Asia. Dedicated to the improvement of social and charitable work within their nations, they also meet at the “diplomatic level” in order to improve political relations and issues within their nations. He shares the same ideals as the League President, His imperial Highness Prince Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh, Regent of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam. These ideals uphold that royal families can and should influence political, social and economic change in order to unify their peoples and bring about peaceful solutions to all problems within their countries.

The Registered Marriage of Raja Jerry Remigius Kanagarajah and Miss. Aishwary Rajnandhini Lusijah Rajaratnam took place at The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, London in 2002 and the Official Church Blessing of their marriage took place on 2nd October, 2004 at the Balfour Castle, Shapinsay in Orkney, Scotland. She is the daughter of Mr. Emmanuel Ratnajyothi Rajaratnam (Retd. Army Officer) & Mrs. Eila Asuntha Florence Rajaratnam. She is also a Descendant of Dewan Bahadur Rajasinghe Mudaliyar of Jaffna whose origins reach back to the days of Nayak rule in Thanjavur, India. It is now agreed that Miss Aishwary Rajnandhini Lusijah Rajaratnam will acquire the Title Ilavarasi.

A Recent Photograph of The Sangili Thoppu (Jaffna Palace) Which was taken on August 2004 by Mr. Nirmala Shanker Satchitanandan a good friend of Raja Jerry Remigius Kanagarajah

The Raja Jerry Remigius Kanagarajah was baptized a Catholic, but he takes part in many Hindu religious ceremonies. In this, he follows the traditions and customs of his ancestors. Even though he prefers to do things in his own way, he is aware that his position demands certain observances which are not in keeping with accepted practice in republican life.

He enjoys traveling, reading and taking part in sporting and social activities, such as, swimming, tennis, snooker, badminton, horse-riding; and indulging in social and charitable work, besides listening to classical music, and being an amateur photographer. He also collects antiques and other rare objects d’art.

By the time he was a teenager his parents made sure that he had a busy schedule. Even as a young man, his association with politicians and high functionaries gave him many insights into the ways and means of coping with the problems of the common folk.

He has travelled to many countries around the world. Some of the countries are:

India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Cameroon, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire and Zambia.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxemburg, Monaco, Rome, Spain and Switzerland.

Jordan and Turkey.

"The origins of the Arya Chakravati kings in Jaffna can be traced back to Rameswaram, the southernmost Indian city which in the old days belonged to the Ganga Dynasty or Ganga Vamsa. It also seems possible that the first Arya King of Jaffna belonged to the Eastern Ganga Dynasty of Kalinga (the costal area in India encompassing parts of the provinces of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh). Through their matrimonial alliances with the Cholas of Thanjavur, it appears the Chakravartis settled down in Rameswaram. They then entered into matrimonial alliances with Brahmins and assumed the title "Arya" as a distinctive honorific.

My ancestors began to rule the Kingdom of Jaffna from the twelfth century right down to the early seventeenth century. Singai Aryan also known as Vijaya Kulankai Arya Chakravarti was the founder of The Royal Line of Arya Chakravarti. He resided at Nallur, built a palace there besides a temple to the God Kailasa Nathar whom he worshipped. He also built the Kandaswamy temple and several others during his reign.

Vijaya Kulankai Arya Chakravarti was the first king to assume the title of Chakravarti (Emperor or Monarch). They were also known by the throne name: Pararajasekaran and Segarajasekaran, titles which kept alternating during the reign of the Chakravartis.

The Jaffna Kingdom under Arya Chakravarti remained an independent monarchy with its capital in Nallur (close to Jaffna town), and where the fourteenth century built royal temple still stands.

Although the Jaffna Kingdom was destroyed by the Portuguese by 1621, it still exists through me, my family and other existing descendants of the Jaffna Royal Family. The reason I am coming forward now to claim this succession is grounded in the need to prove to the younger generation and the world that there was once a strong kingdom in Jaffna. My only wish now is to bring peace to the dispersed Tamil people of Sri Lanka and to unite them as one nation. I hope and pray that peace may prevail over the peoples of Sri Lanka."

Raja Jerry Remigius Kanagarajah.
The Royal Family of Jaffna.
Arya Chakravarti Dynasty
“Rajadhani Nilayam”
The Netherlands.
01st May 2004.

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