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 Post subject: How do predictions come true?
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 1:19 am 
Can we believe forecasts, turning out to be realities
How do predictions come true?

Upali Munasinghe
@ The Island

An article in the Sunday Lankadeepa off 17th August brought out some revelations regarding the concept of future predictions.

It is said that strong thought processes and mental faculty forces that are continually released to the natures’ terrestrial atmosphere could inexplicably produce relevant date in most cases, for predicting or forecasting certain events.

These waves of thought processes flow out from the brain and enter the surrounding atmosphere and the higher terrestrial space as well, whilst examining this aspect it has been found that what we hear as sounds through our ears are reverberations emerging from our own activities that travel at about 32,000 decibels per second.

It has also been found by certain science researchers that such reverberations radiate or throw out a bluish glow at a speed of 30 million sparkles of light per second.

It si said that these - reverberational waves rise up to inestimable atmospheric heights along with the impact of our thinking capacities.

There is also evidence to prove that thought waves emanating from the human brain and ancillary cells are collected in the surrounding atmosphere.

The extralation of ideas from one person and inhalation of same by another known as telepathy which is a perviously known concept is now declared unacceptable and in its place a scientifically acceptable though process seems to have emerged in accordance with the quantum theory which helps the resolution of various problems.

Reputed science thinker Athula Manchanayake describes the quantum theory as follows:- "Quantum is a Latin derivative referring to quantity of things and ideas" - but in 1900 max plank suggested a slightly different concept when analysing certain materialistic aspects.

What he had put forward was a broken up or differently diffused quantity of various processes.

As an example it is said that a quantum of light or proton is a force-compound in capable of further divisive dissolution - simply put as an example a one cent coin cannot be broken up further as no other smaller coin is in existence.

A streak of thought released as a quantum wave flows out to the atmosphere and holds itself there as a small quantum particle which does not destroy itself as it is a minute wave-force of nature a force of unit is shakeable but not destroyable.

Accordingly there is the tendency for such though particles coming into contact with or entering into the mind of anyone at anytime and there is the possibility of such facets becoming practically active.

However it may not be possible always to prove the truth or otherwise of predictions solely by material factors.

It has been quoted that it was the parent of Napoleon Bonaparte who predicted that he would become a warlike person of a battle hearted nature. He was born by ceaserain - operation where tools had to be used and his parent predicted that he would dabble with tools/arms. On hearing such views off and on, Napoleon had unhesitantly become a warring creature since childhood what really happened is that when a thought process enters into a person’s tuned in receptive mind his subconscious mind accepted it for creative action devoid of feelings whether good or bad.

To quote another instance it has been said that it was once of the two wealthy traders at a restaurant who had predicted that Napoleon Hill would some day become an eminent writer merely on seeing him scribbling on table mats.

Accordingly what transpires is that it is this quantum state that becomes the tuned in receptive mood which could upsurge the sub conscious mind to activate a though process irrespective of a god or bad positive or negative concept.

In this manner, whatever though aspect that repeatedly enters the mind results in creative action.

"Chethanam Bhikkave - Kammam Wadhami" - What Lord Buddha had preached as per above also substantiates the fact that it is the though process that eventually takes on practical activity.

In this istance it has to be stated that it is the concept of mentally active attention that brings out creative action if the degree of mental attention is of a high order the volume of practical activity too is of a high capacity and lesser the attention, lesser the outcome. This is the general order of things.

By mental attention, what is felt and known is a sort of pre-meditated picture drawn by a thought process which in reality is a planned program of one’s proposed activity which can be successfully achieved depending on the intensity of one’s mental planning program.

This si what mind analysts and psychologists refer to as "mind mapping". Without this mind mapping or pre-meditation we will not only be inactive in our actions but in our day to day spoken expressions, as well.

This process of mind’s planning program generates a quantum decision which in turn enables not only general creative action but also relatively difficult wondrous activity.

Accordingly if we further analyse this conceptual factor, we could see two tendentious aspects, one is the possibility of what one hears as a sound reaching a quantum degree which in turn takes on active progression.

The second aspect si the possibility of a forceful thought process released to the terrestrial space in motion reaching a quantum state which in turn gives out a tendency of attracting the quantum state of anyother person - taking on a series of practical activity as per individual conceptions.

This process of creativity is not accidental but projectional in terms of the accepted notion of equality in opportunity or the principle of "things of he same quality attract those of similar quality and quantum" as defined by eminent mind analyst Harold Sherman.

This is acceptable by the fact various people whom we associate have in most instances shown similarity in some of their views and activities.

What we earnestly wish for could be achieved by earnest mental attention. Some people who always see the negative aspects and live in anticipation of the worst in human interaction such as fear of sickness, impending disaster and suspicious of the associates will reap such adverse effects though a lack of self will or determination for the bright side of life.

Conversely, aesthetics and fine arts oriented creations and similar activities emerge from those in similar frame of mind and mental attention.

Benjamin Disreali Proclained that Heroism is generated by a belief in heroism.

Mind analyst writer Norman Vincent Peal clearly indicated in his book - "The power of positive thinking" that it is necessary to cultivate a psychologically pro-active belief and reliance in order to achieve the above analysed scientific thinking background.

However, some form or medium has to e utilised for the collectivity of mental forces and thought processes for a tuned in sensitivity.

There is some belief that devotion and reliance on a Godly Power could be used to achieve the desired result.

Religious meditation or a deep sense of transcendental meditation would enable the thinking process to enter a quantum state.

Maharshi Mahesh Yogi - the Indian ascetic was also commented on the validity of this form of meditation - TM.

Deep meditation for even a short duration of about 20 minutes could tune in the mind for a receptive state to achieve that mind power and quantum state.

All material form existent in the world is constituted by and with atoms and their particles and such atomic power is conducive for all physical activity of living beings and inanimate structural formations as well.

This is a universally known - discernible facto and a truism for the understanding of every aspect of existential situations.

"From blindness to vision or darkness to light" an adage proclaimed by mind analyst Harold Sherman should receive our thoughtful attention in relation to the scientific involvement of mind and matter - and mind over matter.

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