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 Post subject: Love and Marriage Sri Lankan Style
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 7:11 pm 
Love and Marriage Sri Lankan Style

Posted by admin under Girls , Sri Lanka , Weird , Humor
@ Sumna.com

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries on earth where SOME dads will pay you to marry their daughters:

How (cool) crazy is that?! See these actual ads from the daily news:

Catholic Karawa parents seek professionally qualified partner for their non-working* daughter 27 yrs., height 5′7″ attractive dowry, pls. reply with family details..

Well connected Govi Buddhist parents seek partner for M.Sc. qualified, Chartered professional daughter, well employed, salary five figures, owning substantial assets including house close to Colombo and car,aged 35 years. 5 ft. 3 1/2 inches height, slim, fair, pretty. Please reply with horoscope and family details.

You know, the well connected bit really scares me.

Sinhala Durawa retired father seeks suitable partner for daughter 40 yrs. 5′2″ graduate Senior Executive in government sector owns upstair house worth 5M in Colombo.

I’m confused. What does her house and it’s value have to do with anything? Shouldn’t you be talking about her qualities?

And there was I, thinking that the concept of dowries died out with sati, sometime in the 18th century.

By the way, in Africa, the man pays the father to marry the girl. This actually makes sense if you think about it. After all, the girls family is LOOSING a girl, so getting compensated makes sense.

Speaking of weird ads, even dudes say the darndest things on the daily news matrimonials grooms section. See this ad:

I am 36 old unemployment unmarried indigent** non-smoker teetotaller with sober habits reading LLB Law degree of the Open University as a final year law student seeking a kind-hearted bride for marriage expecting your help for my higher education. Divorcee or over age may be considered. Reply by yourself.

At least this guy is being brutually honest. Kudos to him for that!
- Above ads actually appear in the newspaper. Emphasis added by me.
No really, I’m not making this up!

*[ED - seems that non working (jobless?) brides and grooms are in demand in India also! Theres an entire web site devoted to them here. And there I was thinking being unemployed was a bad thing!]

**That is not a misspelling. Indigent is an actual word (see following from Dictionary.com):

Experiencing want or need; impoverished. See Synonyms at poor.
Archaic. Lacking or deficient.

A needy or destitute person.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin indigns, indigent- present participle of indigre, to need : indu-, in; see en in Indo-European Roots + egre, to lack.]

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