Live fast, die young and leave behind a good looking corpse
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Author:  Rohan2 [ Sun Sep 04, 2005 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Live fast, die young and leave behind a good looking corpse

Live fast, die young and leave behind a good looking corpse

Underworld gangs have been a serious problem in maintaining law and order in Sri Lankan society. Murder, rape, robbery, extortion, arson and abduction are common occurrences and have been for many years. The fuel for such crimes has been political, charitable, social or cultural patronage, which has led underworld gangs to indulge in criminal activity. Underworld gangs kill people on contract basis. They offer informants large amounts of money. The underworld is roaming the streets of lanka armed with weapons.

After 1978, Sri Lankan ruling party politicians mobilised thug gangs to disrupt anti-government demonstrations. It reached a point of no return when the ruling government hired the thug gangs and gave them a license to kill in order to suppress the JVP led uprising in 1989. Since that time the ruling governments have been turning a blind eye to the gangs as these thugs help them to be in power. Both parties have private gangs of underworld thugs and former soldiers. The opposition has also accused the PA of using state security forces—the police and army.

Deserters from the Sri Lanka Army, numbering in the tens of thousands, are among the main sources of rising crime in the south.

"Although there is no reason to believe that the Underworld gangs are not blessed with longevity they are eternally exposed to death threats. Those who enter the underworld 'survive' death almost daily. It is on reconciliation with the reality that death can visit them at any moment and the resultant mental aberrations, they readily resort to acts of crime” "The point is whether the question as to the cause, the fundamental cause for the proliferation, if the underworld activities and crimes has been addressed to by any one.

Many others of the like of Soththi Upali, Nawala Nihal, Baddagane Sanjeewa, Kaduwela Vasantha and Gonawala Sunil will continue to be born, then thrive and be killed, while wallowing themselves, in millions and billions of rupees of blood money.

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