Karate Dhammika a latter day Al Capone
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Author:  Saman [ Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Karate Dhammika a latter day Al Capone

Karate Dhammika a latter day Al Capone
‘dead men tell no tales.’

Rarely seen in public, living a very secretive private life, Karate Dhammika's command was obeyed by about 200 underworld criminals of all shapes and sizes. This gang extorted protection money from all business houses and traders of Kaduwela and according to unofficial sources the number of murders committed by the gang led by Karate Dhammika is 133.

@ By Sandaruan Palihena, The Nation, 30 Oct 2011

In the murky world of criminal gangs one rule supersedes all others. One who pulls the trigger first lives, while the victims, however powerful, join the long line of ‘dead men tell no tales.’

In Colombo’s underworld a man known as Karate Dhammika reached the top by the same method, disposing of the heads of a number of other gangs to be crowned the latter day Al Capone.

Rarely seen in public, living a very secretive private life, his command was obeyed by about 200 underworld criminals of all shapes and sizes. Most probably even the ordinary policeman or police officer would not be able to identify Dhammika who vanished from the scene of any crime like an unseen wind.

But abruptly Dhammika became a disappeared person on October 22, i.e. last week creating a sensation among the members of the criminal gangs who held him in dread. The news was out when a rice trader Anura along with a lawyer visited the Rambukkana police station on that afternoon to lodge a complaint that his friend Sumith Sisira Kumara was abducted by a group of people who had come in a van. The trader said he was washing his lorry when the group of unknown persons came to the premises, assaulted his friend Sumith and dragged him into their van and sped away.

According to the complainant, Sumith Kumara alias Dhammika had rented out the premises and had come to live in it now and then. On the previous day he had come to the rented house with another man and a woman. The complainant had known the abducted underworld figure when both of them were employed in West Asia.
Dhammika’s wife Nirosha had also gone to the police to make a complaint that her husband was abducted. She said Dhammika lived at different places and the last time she met him was about a month back at Attanagalla but wherever he was, he used speak to her over the telephone.

Police anti-crime division were aware that he used to live at Kegalle, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Ratnapura and other places using an alias often as Sisira Kumara.

His command spread over a part of the criminal gangs of Colombo when the gang of Prince Ohlums was operating in the Colombo North with a clear demarcation line till the Ohlums gang was wiped out by enemies.

At that time another group of criminal gangs arose at Maligawatte, Colombo but Karate Dhammika attacked them after an outlaw Mol Chaminda killed another gangster Dhammika Amarasinghe a kinsman of Karate Dhammika and went into hiding with the Maligawatte gangs. On that occasion Karate Dhammika and his gang attacked the Maligawatte gangs and also another gang led by Kudu Lal of Kolonnawa that had helped the Maligawatte gangsters. Karate Dhammika was also said to be present in a vehicle when the murder of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra took place on October 8.

Karate Dhammika schooled only up to grade 10 and was employed by a criminal gang of Kaduwela who had provided their support to a local politician to clean their guns. It was from that point that he had built connections with criminal elements and he was a kinsman of the late gangsters Kaduwela Vasantha and Dhammika Amarasighe. He learnt Karate under Kaduwela Marasinghe and he won awards at Karate competitions conducted by the National Youth Services Council. At that time he was with Kaduwela Vasantha gang and on his wedding day two brothers of Vasantha who were wedding guests were killed by the Amrasinghe gang, but Vasantha believed that Karate Dhammika had tipped off the rival gang about the arrival of his brothers at the wedding.

After the wedding when Karate Dhammika became aware that Vasantha gang was trailing him, he moved faster than his pursuers. On the Vesak Poya day of 2002 Karate Dhammika and his gang slaughtered Vasantha and his gang. By now Karate Dhammika gang had recruited other notorious criminals including Navy Ruvan, Navy Asanka and Batewela Nishantha. The gang dressed in army and police uniforms came for the attack on this Vesak day.

Like the Al Capone gang, Karate Dhammika gang’s list of victims is so long and horrendous that it is unbelievable. There are also several murder cases in which Dhammika was an accused. One is a case 28/2010 filed in 2008 for the murder of a youth at Ambatale and the gang was held in remand custody but was later released on bail by the intervention of a politico of the area. The murders of Priyantha Jayasinghe of Navagamuwa, Chuti Mahattaya and three others of Ambatale, Sarath Batewela of the same area, the elder brother of Kaduwela Vasantha, Sarath of Buthgamuwa who was abducted and murdered, abduction of Appu, Aari and Petta are all put to the account of Karate Dhammika gang.

Other killings included the immolation of two security guards of a former mayor at Kotte – they were burnt alive after tying them up and pouring petrol over their bodies at the behest of a rival politician.

During the past elections of Kaduwela and Kolonnawa, Karate Dhammika’s kinsmen had contested and the ‘influence’ of Dhammika gang was used to see that they won at the polls. This gang extorted protection money from all business houses and traders of Kaduwela and according to unofficial sources the number of murders committed by the gang led by Karate Dhammika is 133 and heinous crimes like abducting a young woman working in a fuel filling station who had come to a bank to deposit Rs 5 million cash in a bank, killing her for the cash and dumping her body in an irrigation tank. The wave of crime that he and his gang members perpetrated ran over a period of two decades. Now that the latter day Al Capone or Godfather who rarely used digital telephones to avoid detection is gone but the bloody question remains who will succeed?

Author:  Saman [ Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Operation ‘Karate Dhammika’ – The true story

Operation ‘Karate Dhammika’ – The true story
@ The Lanka truth, Tuesday, 25 October 2011

‘Karate Dhammika’ alias Dhammika Pradeep Kumara, a leader of the underworld, was arrested by the Special Operation Unit (SOU) to curb organized crime on the 22nd. He was arrested at a car washing place at Rambukkana and is being secretly detained at the top floor of ‘Vilasitha Niwsa’ at Havelock town, a secret place maintained by the unit. ‘Karate Dhammika’ a very close associate of Parliamentarian Duminda Silva is being detained by police to provide his protection say sources in the ‘Police unit to curb organized crime.’

After ‘Karate Dhammika' was arrested on 22nd morning a discussion had been held between the Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse and ‘Kette Sudu Mahaththaya’ a brother-in-law of ‘Karate Dhammika’. It is revealed that protection to ‘Karate Dhammika’ as well as importance of concealing information regarding murders, extortion and abductions ‘Karate Dhammika’ carried out on instructions by stalwarts of the government including Duminda Silva had been discussed at this discussion. It is also revealed that ‘Kette Sudumahaththaya of Kaduwela, a school friend of Defense Secretary, had met Gotabhaya Rajapakse regarding ‘Karate Dhammika’ several times earlier

When ‘Karate Dhammika’ was arrested a senior officer and a team from a police in Kegalle division too had participated in the arrest. The officers of the Police unit to curb organized crime had told the officers from Kegalle that orders had been received to kill ‘Karate Dhammika’ and instructed police officers from Kegalle to keep the arrest a secret.

When officers from the Police unit to curb organized crime had attempted several times earlier to arrest ‘Karate Dhammika’ Parliamentarian Duminda Silva had thwarted all such attempts. It is also revealed that after the killing of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra on the 8th an underworld gang favourable to Duminda Silva had attempted to murder ‘Karate Dhammika.’ According to sources the arrest of ‘Karate Dhammika’ is to rescue him from such murder attempts.

The story published in newspapers yesterday (24th) that ‘Karate Dharmmika’ was abducted by an unknown group while he was with a mistress has been created to keep the arrest as a secret. However, this would also allow interested parties to murder ‘Karate Dhammika’ and put the responsibility of the killing on an unknown group.

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