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 Post subject: SILENCE
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 12:20 am 
The human mind is in such turmoil that often we lose our way in a maze of conflict and contradiction. We are too busy thinking, scheming and reacting to the things of this
world that we hardly have time to sit quietly and listen to our souls.

In the highest state of being in the Sphere of Silence, there are, in the words of ancient masters, no chariots, no horses drawing them or roads on which to travel but you
make up your own chariots, horses and roads. There are no joys and pleasures but you make up your joys and pleasures. There are no lotus ponds, lakes and rivers that you did not make yourself. It is quite simply, life as you make it. Then the Sphere of Silence ceases to become a sacrifice but a practice of pure, intense joy.

The Purpose

Through daily reflection, you will slowly lead yourself to a consciousness where miracles take place. Through the practice of solitude and silence, your mind and heart work hand in hand and the invisible Presence and Power inside yourself start to work. By doing the Sphere of Silence regularly, soon you will find that this inner power has taken over your life, performs those things which you are destined to do and makes the crooked places straight. You become more creative, your business becomes more successful and your relationships become more satisfying.

The Process

The Sphere of Silence designs your day the way an architect designs a building. It creates a blueprint for your day. Using it effectively requires constant practice and soon, you will find that it becomes easier and more flowing.Eventually, you really start listening to your deepest self and begin to discover your most basic purpose in life. Vijay Eswaran explains in detail the process in the book In The Sphere of Silence.

[b]The One Hour Process

The Path of Duty

A.Analyze yesterday ( 10 minutes)
1. Reflect back on yesterday and where you could have ijproved on done the task better
2. Analyze why the task was not done

B.Plan for today ( 10 minutes)
1. Write down all your plans for the day.
2. Do not over promise and under deliver.

C. Short Term Goals (10 minutes)
1. Set your goals for the next seven days.
2. Set your short term goals for the next six months
3. Set your long term goals for the whole year.
4. Write these goals every single day.

The Path of Knowledge

Pick a book which will benefit you in any field.
Read the book for 15 minutes.
Summarise all the important points you remembered, while reading for five minutes.
Check what points you have missed out.
Add the points you have missed out.
Next day start with the points before reading the book.

The Path of Devotion

This is your private conversation with God and is done however you feel is comfortable. Pray, seek and ask Him the questions in your heart that need answers. Your 10 minute reflection here should also be written down. [/b]

The Path

Our life is a sum total of the decisions we make from day to day. Life is cause and effect. Nothing happens to those who do nothing. We are what we decide. Those who get to climb Mt. Everest while the rest of us watch television made a decision not to go quietly in the night.The life of Mother Theresa or the life of Mahatma Gandhi or the life of Nelson Mandela was no accident. It was a decision.


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