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 Post subject: Colonel Reggie remembered on his First Death Anniversary
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:37 pm 
Colonel Reggie remembered on his First Death Anniversary.

@ - Asian Tribune - / 21Sep2005

Colombo, 21 September, (Asiantribune.com): Colonel Reggie alias Vinayagamoorthy Sivanesathurai one of the founders of TamilEela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal and the Commander of the Tamil National Force (TNF), was remembered along with Lieutenant Colonel Thumilan, Captain Mukilan on Tuesday, on their first death anniversary in the Batticaloa district.

The Remembrance Day commenced on Tuesday morning with the singing of the Tamil national anthem, followed by a sport festival in the area controlled by TamilEela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal, located in the Batticaloa district.

At the commemoration ceremony the national flag was hoisted by Commander Marcan and the oil lamp was lit by Commander Pillayan and Army Training Master Suman garlanded the framed photographs of the departed leaders. Subsequently sports festival was conducted under the leadership of the Commanders Barathi, Sooty, Riyaseelan, Mangalan and Sinnathamby.

Very important leaders of the TamilEela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal and general public from Alankulam, Mathurankulam, ThievuChenai participated in large number in the commemorative celebrations.

Given below is the full text of the statement released by S.Seran, Spokesman for the TamilEela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal. (The Tamil version of the statement is available on Tamil National Force’s website).

In the past twenty years, the sacrifices made by Colonel Reggie to safeguard our people were innumerable. War hardened Colonel Reggie has fought in a number battlefields. In the early days many were on their feet and walked through the length and breadth of north and east numerous times to keep the two provinces intact and one the most important person out of them was Reggie.

During those days, whenever he heard that Prabakaran was facing some dangerous situation and those days there was no vehicles or helicopters available as of today used and enjoyed by Tamilselvan in his jaunts, however Reggie use to traverse on his two feet, through the snake infested jungles and rivers to Vanni and was always present there to safeguard him.

When Indian Peace Keeping Forces cornered and about to seize Prabakaran he decided to jump into a Dhony (lounge) to flee and it was Reggie who played an important role along with few others to dissuade Prabaharan from fleeing the country like a coward and courageously came forward to safeguard his live. Reggie told Prabakaran not to flee but to wait in the country and we would provide all the necessary protections to him.

Unfortunately the same Prabharan who was saved from ignominy and protected by Reggie decided to take the live of the very person who saved him through a mercenary and the mercenary chose to kill Reggie while he was asleep. The same tactics was earlier adopted by Prabaharan.

In 1976 Michael and in 1978 Appan were killed by Prabaharan when they were asleep. The mercenary sent to kill Reggie also adopted the same tactics used by Prabaharan.

Vanni mercenaries were fully aware that they will not be able even to go near Reggie, thus they waited for the opportune moment. The cowardice killers stayed with him under one roof, ate drank and enjoyed life and after winning the trust confidence, covertly killed him while asleep. Tamil community should never forget these inglorious betrayal acts of the Vanni mercenaries.

The cunning act is never ever called as the heroism of the Tamils. Ellalan drew his sword and fought face to face with Dutta Gemunu and died in the battle field and the entire Sinhala race commended his heroic death. His death is even today remembered and given position of pride in country’s history.

Cholas taught to their troops, killing someone while in sleep will create a bad name to the battalion and instructed that at no given time anyone should be killed while the person is asleep.

There is an old adage which says those came to eat and feasted in the house would later do the utmost harm. Amirthalingam was killed employing the same act of betrayal. The same traitors who ate and dine subsequently kill the hands that fed them, and no doubt tomorrow for their selfish ends they may even come forward to destroy our community. Why wait for tomorrow, this is what they are doing today.

Before our community succumbs, we should rise. The traitorous acts today prevail all over due to the activities of the Vanni mercenaries.

Prabahran has created a situation for the Tamils to look down at the Tamils with suspicion. We have sacrificed thousands in the liberation struggle. One of them was Reggie. But still we are unable come to terms with the cowardice act of betrayal adopted to kill our undisputable war weary hero.

We bow our heads to Sivanesathurai (Reggie) Thumilan, Elilan, martyred to save the Tamil nation and we pledged today that we will follow their footsteps to serve our nation and to safeguard our people.

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