Sinhalese – Portuguese War: The Battle of Randeniwela
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Author:  Saman [ Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:19 am ]
Post subject:  Sinhalese – Portuguese War: The Battle of Randeniwela

Sinhalese – Portuguese War: The Battle of Randeniwela (25 August 1630)

The Battle of Randeniwela was a battle fought on 25 August 1630 in the Sinhalese–Portuguese War. It was fought between King Senarat and his sons Prince Mahastana, who would later become Rajasimha II king of Kandy, and his brother Prince Vijayapala against the Portuguese forces commanded by then Governor Constantino de Sá de Noronha. It was fought at Randeniwela near Wellawaya, a place close the town of Badulla. The battle broke off when Constantino de Sá launched the invasion via Badulla. The scene was an important historical event, where the Portuguese, despite their superior cannon power were defeated.

Don Constantino de Sa, one of the better Portuguese to have occupied the post of captain-general during the 16th and 17th centuries. On October 8 1618, De Sa was unanimously elected as the new captain general of Sri Lanka. De Sa had taken over the post of captain-general from Dom Nono Alvares Pereira.

After his arrival in Colombo, he set about reorganizing the army of six hundred Portuguese soldiers, appointing Filipe de Oliveira as his captain-major. He also established an intelligence unit to counter the spying by Sinhalese guerrilla forces under Kuruwita Rala. The disawas loyal to the Portuguese were told to muster the vital lascarin units (hired local soldiers on whom Portuguese power depended). He also came to an understanding with King Senarath of Kandy, as both parties now saw Kuruwita Rala as a threat.

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