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Edirille-rala is said to have served as a warrior under Portuguese during the time of Don Juan Dharmapala, king of Kotte in 1580s. Later realizing the peril the countrymen were exposed to under Portuguese Edirille-rala defected to Sinhalese forces to add his contribution to liberate the country.

Domingos Correa was the personal name which, according to European custom, had been conferred on Edirille Arachchi's son at his baptism.

General Azevedo was a notable contemporary of Edirille-rala who earned a record of valiant achievements in combat and strategy.

Edirille-rala is supposed to have built a stronghold on the Uduwara Hill by the bank of river Kaluganga at Uduwara about 9 miles north of Kalutara on the road towards Anguruwatota a well-known waterfront used for transportation of personnel and merchandise during civil wars and at the time of peace over many centuries down in the ancient history. Uduwara Hill was Edirille's base wherein he lived with his consort, servants, guards etc.

Once Edirille left his stronghold with all his men on a tactical reason. The plan backfired and his stronghold was overrun by Portuguese soldiers.

Edirille made a valiant attempt to reoccupy the stronghold in vain as the Portuguese established their prowess and war tactics cunningly to defeat him. Edirille's soldiers ran away hither and thither under the belief that their leader too had left the battle front fearing the hostile attack.

He could not regroup with the soldiers. His stallion was frightened hearing the deafening sound of drums and crackers Portuguese staged strategically to make the enemy believe that Portuguese army was at hand, poised to mount a merciless assault on Sinhalese soldiers.

Edirille lost everything, his men and resources needed for the battle. The stallion bolted leaving Edirille, fallen on the ground. Edirille walked on, all alone and helpless under heavy rain and stormy wind. There was no shelter or human being to find.

He waded through puddles of mud and grime, dejected with pain from injuries and bruises on his body and moved forth along narrow pathway in the uninhabited jungle. Edirille saw a massive tree of unusual height and girth.

Probing around, he found an opening at the base of the tree. He hid his sword and official paraphernalia in it. Edirille next managed to climb the tree with the support of a creeper and spotted at some distance a hut on an elevated ground with surroundings waterlogged.

The following morning Edirille traced the hut in which one old woman lived. When Edirille asked for some food, he received a plateful of jak fruit cooked.

He introduced himself to the woman and said he would collect an army and go against Portuguese and slept outside the hut on a structure built out of sticks to serve as a chair or sofa for lying down.

By this time Portuguese had proclaimed that whoever provided information leading to the arrest of Edirille would be generously rewarded. The woman's son carried the message to the nearest army camp at Anguruwatota. Edirille was immediately taken prisoner with hands and feet manacled.

The riot of Edirille Rala backed by the king of Upcountry lasted about a year. However, he was later taken in to Portuguese's custody and killed in 14 July in 1596.

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