What’s on a woman’s mind
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Author:  Nimeshi [ Sat Apr 22, 2006 4:54 pm ]
Post subject:  What’s on a woman’s mind

Women fret about their shape every 15 minutes
Only one in 50 women is truly happy with her body


IF you want to know what’s on a woman’s mind, take a look at her body.

She’s worrying about its shape and size every 15 minutes, a survey has found.

Podgy thighs, ‘muffin top’ waists and chunky arms are just a few of her concerns.

In fact, only one in 50 women is truly happy with her body, according to the survey of 5,000 women for the magazine Grazia.

Those questioned wanted to lose an average of 19lb, with most suggesting 9st 2lb as their ideal weight.

The women who worried about their bodies every 15 minutes or so were the lucky ones.

Twenty-nine per cent worried every waking minute. And more than half blamed their size and shape for spoiling their sex life. Of those questioned, nine out of ten said they had dieted, with 41 per cent saying they were constantly watching what they ate.

Many had gone to sometimes dangerous lengths to lose weight.

A third of those surveyed admitted to slimming pills and fasting, 20 per cent had taken laxatives to try to shift the pounds, 37 per cent confessed to exercising excessively and 60 per cent skipped meals.

Half said they had lied about their weight, while almost a third cut size labels out of their clothes.

Seven out of ten believed their lives would improve greatly if they had a better figure.

Grazia editor Jane Bruton said she was amazed at some of the findings.

‘British women today are harshly critical of their body shape – in fact 98 per cent of British women hate their bodies,’ she said.

‘As a result, many of us have what is called a normal/abnormal relationship with food and are full of contradictions – we might have a Diet Coke with a doughnut or skip lunch because we’re going out for dinner.’

Women were keen to be specific about their problem areas.

Thighs were the most unpopular body part, disliked by 87 per cent, while the waist was a close second with a 79 per cent disapproval rate.

Their ideal bodies showed a remarkably broad range, with the curvaceous Kelly Brook voted as having the best figure in Britain.

But the top ten also included the rounded Charlotte Church and angular Kate Moss.


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