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 Post subject: Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka - 2006 - Jacqueline Fernandez
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 2:30 am 
Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka 2006 - Jacqueline Fernandez


@ DM / 21Feb2006

Trillium Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe got underway last Sunday when all the beauties vying for the title took part in the Miss Photogenic and Miss Beautiful Eyes contest at Blue Waters, Wadduwa.

Pix. by Kumara Dayawansa Nanneththi

The contestants posed for photos in the morning while the Miss Poloroid Beautiful Eyes contest was held in the evening followed by cocktails. Some of the contestants also showed off their talents by performing for the crowds. The Miss Sri Lanka pageant is presented by Ricochet. The winners will be announced at the finals next month.

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 Post subject: Beauty and brains clinch Miss Sri Lanka title
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 1:03 am 
Beauty and brains clinch Miss Sri Lanka title

“I am very keen on working on women's issues and children's issues and the title gives me a lot of new opportunities to create awareness, raise funds and do a lot in these areas”

By Poornima Weerasekara
@ DM


"I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?" the American author and playwright Jean Kerr once asked comically.

But the newly crowned Ms. Sri Lanka for Ms. Universe 2006, Jacqueline Fernandez begs to defy this notion. For her what makes a "beauty queen" is neither a silky skin nor a swaggering smile.


"The noblest kind of beauty is the one that slowly filters into the mind. Its not about physical beauty anymore. It is how you radiate your beauty from within and how effective it is to someone," she adds enthusiastically.

"To be a beauty queen title holder you've got to feel like a queen inside you. You have to feel for your country. That is the main idea of going for an international pageant because you are acting as an ambassador for your country then. You have to do it with confidence grace and charm, and not forgetting the intellect," she goes on to explain.

In an exclusive interview with Mirror Life, Jacqueline reveals how she will use her title as Ms. Sri Lanka 2006 to champion the causes dearest to her heart.

Q) What motivated you to take part in Ms. Sri Lanka 2006?

A) One of the main reasons why I considered joining the Ms. Sri Lanka contest was to further my humanitarian goals in life. I am very keen on working on women's issues and children's issues and the title gives me a lot of new opportunities to create awareness, raise funds and do a lot in these areas.

Q) You will reign as the most sort-after woman in the island for the next year. How will you use this title to serve the causes close to your heart?

A) The title would be a gateway to really raise the level of the Ms. Sri Lanka pageant as a whole, and it will give opportunities to be more involved in charity work. I am keen on women's issues, and this being a competition that revolves around women and celebrating women, I hope to use my skills as a motivational speaker and talk to women and empower them. A major issue facing women is gender based violence, mainly because women are not aware of their rights. So I want to use my tenure to help eradicate gender violence.

Q) You have been chosen to represent Sri Lanka at Ms. Universe 2006, in Bangkok. How confidant are you about facing this challenge?

Well I have only two and a half months to prepare. But I did a lot of preparations on Ms Sri Lanka. And of cause I am quite confident and you need to believe in your self. For me it is about representing my country and showcasing its uniqueness in a world stage. So I've been reading up a lot because you need to be updated on current affairs, national and international issues. Knowing your country inside out is also really important and having lived abroad, this is definitely something I need to focus on.

Q) In neighboring India for instance, you have complete courses and finishing schools to train contestants for beauty pageants? Do you see that level of support for our own contestants? How should we improve are competitiveness to succeed in a world stage?

Unfortunately we are not as sophisticated as India. One reason for that is because we only held a Ms. Sri Lanka for Ms. Universe pageant for the first time in 8 years last year. . However, I have noticed that we have been given a lot of support by various people. But if we are to compete more effectively, the contestants have to be given an all-round training from beauty to exercise to public speaking. Sri Lanka doesn't really offer those facilities. You got to be prepared and be confident.

Q) Some feminists and other groups accuse that beauty pageants are degrading to the perception of women. What do you feel about this?

According to my experience beauty pageants are very competitive and require a lot of hard work and mental strength to win. Sometimes you might see women who give silly answers but that is because they are not confidant enough and not prepared. That's why they flounder. But if you look at the winners they are very intelligent young women. They know a lot about issues etc. In true beauty pageants we celebrate womanhood. It empowers women.

Q) What are your personal ambitions?

I want to pursue a degree in Political Science and I'd like to join the BBC or CNN and get involved with international political broadcasting

Q) Tell me a little about your self.

Well I grew up in Bahrain and I enjoy horse riding. I love cooking as well and my grandma taught me everything I need to know in the kitchen. I am also an animal lover and a member of the Animal Welfare Protection Agency (AWPA). I also volunteer at the Sevana Children's orphanage. I work as an English teacher there and I want to organize an art exhibition for them. Although they are physically disabled kids they are talented as artists

Q) What do you do currently?

Well I have a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Sydney and I present the Lanka Business Report.

Q) How would you like to be remembered?

Well, I'd like to be remembered as someone who really tried her best for her country and what she truly believed in and never gave up on her passions. Also, as someone who can make people realize that dreams do come true. I believe that you shouldn't look at things in the way they are and ask why but rather you should dream of things that never were there and ask why not?

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 Post subject: The Trillium Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 1:22 am 
The Trillium Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka

The Trillium Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka finals was held last Saturday at the Galle Face Hotel. Jacqueline Fernandez won the crown while Chathurika Fernando and Irosha Kurera emerged first and second runners up respectively.


The judges looked for many aspectsin Choosing a winner such as the way she articulates her views, confidence, maturity and poise among other things.


After the show, the guests were treated to a fabulous dinner and entertainment out doors.

The event was presented by Ricochet entertainment, produced and choreographed by Lou Ching Wong. The official print media sponsor was Wijeya Newspapers, official radio station was TNL Radio Network and the official TV station was Derana.

Pix by Kumara Dayawansa Nanneththi and Indraratne Balasurya.

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 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Mon May 08, 2006 9:41 am 

Joined: Mon May 08, 2006 9:38 am
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Just want to know where you got the article from. I think I know the author.

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 Post subject: Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka 2006 - Photos
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 4:05 am 
Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka 2006 - Photos

The Grand Finals of the Trillium Hi!! Miss Sri Lanka pageant was held at the Galle Face Hotel Colombo on the 25th of March 2006. Twelve beautiful girls vied for the title “Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe 2006” – Miss Jacqueline Fernandez was crowned the new Miss Sri Lanka by the incumbent Miss Sri Lanka Rozanne Diasz.





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 Post subject: Miss Universe 2006
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:14 am 
Miss Universe 2006 - Contestants Still Leaving a Beauty Mark

The Miss Universe pageant, seen by some as a relic, comes to Los Angeles for the first time in 16 years. It's about more than just good looks.

From the Los Angeles Times
By Carla Hall - Times Staff Writer
July 22, 2006

Eighty-six beautiful women occupied a curving stretch of tables in the atrium of South Coast Plaza, Sharpies at the ready, as young men with camera phones and mothers with daughters in hair bows snaked past them for autographs.

Jackie Fernandez signed "Jackie, Miss Sri Lanka," sometimes with a smiley face. "Are you coming to the show?" she said brightly to a fan, sunlight catching the amber-colored bindi on her forehead. "Oh, you should! Come support Sri Lanka!"

Fernandez, 20, is on her first trip to the United States — a contestant in Sunday night's Miss Universe pageant, which is being held in Los Angeles for the first time in 16 years. Though she swooned when she glimpsed the Hollywood sign from her downtown hotel room (shared with Miss India), Fernandez is hardly a hapless foreigner.


Raised in Bahrain, schooled in Australia, she speaks English like an American and arrived with her laptop. With her false eyelashes and TV-presenter charm — she is a business news anchor in Sri Lanka — she seems at least as sophisticated as, well … a 28-year-old.

"People over here look at the sash," Fernandez said, referring to the white satin ribbon across her torso that identifies her country, "and go 'Shree? … Sir-ee?' Then they look at me and go 'Hola?' " She laughed at the notion that people think she is a Spanish-speaking Latina.

At 5 feet 7, Fernandez — who wants to be a TV foreign correspondent — is surrounded by a forest of 6-foot-tall contestants who aspire to model or act. Why does she want to be in a beauty pageant?

"The most important thing for me about the Miss Universe contest is projecting an image for my country," she said, lapsing briefly into beauty-queen-speak. "My country is so in the shadows. If I can come across as someone very positive, it can actually help my country."

A burly, not allowed-faced bodyguard approached and took her by the arm. "OK, time to go," he said. She smiled apologetically. "I'll call you," she promised.

Welcome to the Miss Universe universe, which has parked itself in Los Angeles for the last three weeks — in part because of the local presence of the event's co-owners, Donald Trump and NBC, and the NBC Universal-owned Telemundo. Both networks will air the show Sunday night.

At a time when most traditional beauty pageants have passed on their crowns to reality shows, Miss Universe soldiers on, a curiously sturdy relic of an earlier television era.

Miss America fell off broadcast-network TV after its 2004 pageant, a victim of low ratings. Miss Universe captured only 9 million American viewers last year, a fraction of the 36 million it pulled in 30 years ago — though most broadcast shows have watched their numbers plummet with the rise of cable.

The strongest viewership has been overseas, especially in Asia and Latin America, where the pageant is embraced like the World Cup.

"These beauty stars are huge celebrities in their home countries," said Ellen Seiter, a professor of television studies at USC.

The pageant has updated itself with a website and interactive options, allowing fans to vote for the most telegenic contestants or send them flowers.

Although whoever reigns as Miss Universe adopts the official platform — to speak out about HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention — the pageant has never tried to cloak its scantily clad competition in other objectives.

"It's OK to say we're about beautiful women. It's not a bad thing," said Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization. "We've changed with the times — you're talking to a woman who runs the show. We're about empowerment of women."

Empowered to speak at the U.N. — but still posing for bikini shots. And also fiercely chaperoned, as the contestants travel together in three shiny tour buses and stay on one floor of the Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown L.A., guarded around the clock and monitored with cameras.

The women must always wear their sashes in public and never drink alcohol, even if they are of legal age. If they need something — like toothpaste — a chaperon (or supervisor, as they are now called) fetches it. No visitors are allowed — no mothers, fathers, sisters or boyfriends.

"It's kind of like camp, and it's kind of like the military," Shugart said, referring to the daunting task of moving her charges around town. "And what if something happens to them? They're in our care."

They are, of course, adults, ages 18 to 26 (which they must prove with a birth certificate or passport), though not all are as worldly as Fernandez. "Some have never left home, some don't speak English," Shugart said. "There have been some tears."

They all knowingly signed up for this odd juggernaut of house rules, pampering and exposure.

"I know people joke about pageants and world peace," said Shugart, "but I told the contestants on the first day, 'You're never going to get a chance like this again. You're like a mini-U.N. Try to find out something about everyone.' "

One night earlier this week at the Key Club, a West Hollywood nightspot, what Miss Universe contestants wanted at that moment, perhaps more than world peace, was food. Four of them tore into a tiny plate of tinier cheese cubes and carrot and celery sticks.

Fernandez reached for the last cracker and laughed: "Wow, we're so hungry!"

In a town notorious for self-starved women, these women are actually willing to eat. Not much, of course — after all, the next night they would have to stalk a stage in print bikinis for preliminary judging. "We know who the favorites are," said one contestant. "We know who's doing well."

But the evening was about relaxing. Fueled by more hors d'oeuvres and cans of Red Bull, they crowded the dance floor. The DJ pumped up the volume, and the group screamed its assent. All good dancers, they shimmied with abandon. One clump of dancers sang along with a Nelly hit, altering the lyrics: "I am gettin' so hot, I wanna take my sash off!"

The few invited male guests hugged the walls shyly or sat quietly sipping their beers, awestruck. The contestants seemed more worldly than some of the Americans they described meeting.

"Some woman asked me if we wear clothes," said Thuli Sithole, Miss South Africa, who is 22 and studying urban planning. "A lot of people think Africa is so backward. We are so in tune with America. We watch 'Oprah,' we watch 'Friends.' Everything that happens in the U.S. we get in Africa. People think we live in the bush and have lions in our backyards…. In South Africa, even the poorest person has a cellphone."

The next night at the preliminary contest — called the presentation show — the women modeled swimsuits, gowns and native costumes for the judges and an audience of several hundred rowdy partisans who had brought national flags.

Even in identical bikinis, the contestants worked hard to distinguish themselves. Some strutted across the stage, hips sashaying like Naomi Campbell; others lingered in front of the judges. Fernandez navigated an elegant middle ground, neither prowling nor hogging the stage.

The key, Fernandez said later, is not to tarry in front of the judges. "If you give them too much time to analyze you, then you're giving them more time to pick out a flaw," she said.

As Miss Sri Lanka, she wouldn't do bikini shots in her native country, saying she didn't want to mar her image as a TV anchor. But she says her colleagues have been supportive. "They knew this would be a great way for Sri Lanka to be put on the map."

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 Post subject: Jacqueline fernandeZ
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 1:41 pm 
Jacqueline fernandes
Reigning miss sri lanka


@ Sunday Island - 24Sep2006

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 Post subject: New beauty in Vivek Oberoi's life
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 8:45 pm 
New beauty in Vivek Oberoi's life

"Oh god I would like to say no comments I have just met him once," said Jacqueline. At least she didn't say they were just good friends.

NDTV Correspondent
Thursday, July 5, 2007: (Mumbai):

Now that former sweetheart Aishwarya Rai has happily settled into matrimony Vivek Oberoi seems to have found a new object of affection.

Vivek has maintained a stoic silence ever since the big fat Bollywood wedding and now says he'd rather let his work speak for him.

He along with the band of boys in Shootout At Lokhandwala has fared well at the box office. The sweet smell of success has brought a glow to Vivek's face which could also be love.

Vivek seems to have found another beauty pageant winner and his object of affection this time is Miss Sri Lanka Jacqueline Fernandes.

The green-eyed leggy model is trying to break into the Indian modelling scene and has been seen cosying up to Vivek.

"Oh god I would like to say no comments I have just met him once," said Jacqueline.

At least she didn't say they were just good friends.

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 Post subject: Beauty Talks - Jacqueline Fernandez
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 4:37 am 
Beauty Talks - Jacqueline Fernandez


© 2006 Missosology
Interview conducted by Nicholo Paulo Ventura

An enchanting ambassador of her native land, Jackie ranks well with her winning combination of beauty, brains and personality. She exudes tremendous potential, and that is the keyword to get ahead at this year's Miss Universe contest. Having starred on television newscasts, she is already trained to deliver and emanate loads of confidence.

• What would your friends say to describe you?
As quoted from a close friend- 'Charming, charismatic, a breath of fresh air everywhere she goes. An inspiration to all, who believes that dreams do come true and that courage and positive thinking goes a long way. A believer, an achiever and a conqueror! Compassion is her greatest asset.'


• Tell something about your childhood dream.
As a child, I always wanted to be an actress, for the glitz and glamour part of it all. Ironically, I was also very determined to become a nun and dedicate my life to God. As I got older though, I realized I could do great things for humanity and at the same time pursue a career that I had a passion for which I've now realized is investigative reporting or TV broadcasting. Through this career, I can combine my love for TV and media while doing social service by providing the truth to the people. BBC here I come!

• Can you share to us your beauty secret?
Keep smiling! It's one thing that makes you look beautiful, confident and positive all the time and radiates a natural glow that no make-up or beauty regimen can imitate.


• What is your favorite part of your body & why?
I would say it's my eyebrows. They're thick and dark and highlight the passion in my eyes. They are symbolic of my Asian heritage and make me come across as a sharp, focused and deep person.

• What's inside your bag right now?
Small bottle of water, TIME magazine, lip balm, my wallet and not forgetting my perfume! I love smelling good at all times!


• How would you define "beauty?"
The noblest kind of beauty is the one that slowly filters into the mind. Beauty is something that comes from within. It is a feeling you leave behind in the hearts of others. Charisma, charm, compassion and intellect are considered as beauty that will always be remembered because it can be felt.

• What were your reasons for joining the Miss Sri Lanka 2006 pageant?
It's always been a dream of mine as a child as I always wanted to do something great for my country. To me, there is no greater honor than to be given the opportunity to represent your country to the world and I knew it could provide me with a gateway to further my humanitarian goals in life. As I grew older, I knew that this was a challenge I wanted to take up. It seemed like a long shot but you don't have to be a phenomenal person to do phenomenal things so I reached for the stars and never looked back!


• How were you elected as Miss Sri Lanka Universe? Describe the judging process.
The judging process consisted of four main categories. The day before the pageant, we were brought before the judges for a personal interview with them where they judged us on intellect, personality and articulation of views. We then paraded in our swimming outfits to be judged on confidence and poise and also on 'beauty of face'. On the day of the pageant, we were judged on our evening gowns and stage presence, and finally the interview on stage.

• What do you think are your qualities that helped you earn the judges' approval & the crown?
From the feedback I got, it was my dedication to being a perfectionist in every way. My hard work and devotion was evident and realized through the interview and all the mini pageants. But I think the judges were able to see in me the passion and the drive to do my best for Sri Lanka and that commitment I feel is what won their hearts.


• Tell us about your preparations for the Miss Universe contest.
Physical preparations are fundamental to achieving success in a beauty pageant as it displays your discipline and drive. However, that said, it is imperative to train yourself mentally as competition requires a lot of will power. I do a lot of research, reading and also public speaking wherever I get the chance to grace an audience and this I feel has helped immensely by building up my confidence as a person- the key to achieving any form of success.

• Can you tell something that is so interesting or unique about you?
In my opinion, the most interesting thing about me would have to be the fact that my birth was never meant to be as my mother had already undergone a sterilization operation after my brother was born. However, it just so happened that the operation didn't go quite according to plan, it basically was a flop! And there I was, a person who just thrives on life and never lets any second go to waste. My mother always reminds me that I was a miracle child.


• Any beauty queen/s that you really admire? Why?
Lara Dutta of India for her intelligence and self-assurance. In pageant history, no one has been able to match her interview scores which was 100%. Rosie Senanayake of Sri Lanka for bringing pride and glory to Sri Lanka by being the first Sri Lankan to win an international beauty pageant (Miss Asia 1981 and Mrs. World 1984). She's talented, confident and beautiful and never fails to impress. She's my true icon.

• Describe your fashion sense and style.
Coco Chanel, to me, is the designer of the century and has revolutionized fashion for women. Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly are my fashion idols with their effortless sophistication and elegance. I try to make my look as classic as possible, I do not change with the trends; instead I innovate to suit my personal style.

• How will you describe your country to your co-candidates at Miss Universe?
Sri Lanka is a taste of what heaven would be like on earth. As you land on Sri Lankan soil, the magic and mystic of this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean captivates you. Sri Lanka is one of Asia's richest treasure troves in man-made and natural wonders. Our country is blessed with rolling meadows, meandering rivers, cascading waterfalls, dense forests, sun-kissed beaches, 7 world heritage sites including temple caves and ancient palaces, and of course hospitable people, blessed with a rich culture and heritage of over 2500 years old. Sri Lanka truly is a land perfect for adventure. Having traveled around the world, Sri Lanka really seems to have it all in a small compact island where a weekend getaway from the bustling, energetic business capital, Colombo, is just a few hours away to a fantasy-like spot. However, what I believe sets us apart is the warmth and simplicity in our people. Complacent and peaceful and always ready to give a helping hand with a big smile - the burden of a 20-year ethnic conflict is never felt. So whether you're basking on our warm tropical beaches or high up on our mountains surrounded by waterfalls and tea plantations, Sri Lanka will never cease to amaze you, a land with something for everyone.

• What is your opinion on activists' point of view that exposure of too much skin in the swimsuit competition disrespects women?
The swimsuit competition's purpose is to gauge the contestant's discipline, self-confidence and poise to evaluate her dedication and potential in the international pageant. It is a crucial part of the judging process and it is much too primitive in this day and age to claim that it's demeaning when in fact it is celebrating the natural and exquisite beauty of women.

• Supposed there is a Genie who happens to be mad at you for a wrong deed committed and his punishment is to turn you into an animal for a year. You can't plead to alter his decision but you get to decide what type of animal, you would become, what creature would you choose and why?
I'd like to be turned into a horse, which I consider as powerful, courageous and graceful. There is something majestic and dignified about horses and I've always felt a connection with them. I'd love to know what a horse feels like to gallop at full speed with no inhibitions, just the wind rushing through its hair. It is truly a magnificent creature!

• If it were your last day on earth, what would you eat & why?
Undoubtedly, a typical Sri Lankan rice and curry. It may have been a dish I've grown up with but with rice and curry comes tradition and family- two things I pay a lot of importance to and that would be the way I'd like to spend my last day. I wouldn't be able to ask for anything more!

• Do you have a motto or personal quote that you live by?
'Success is not a matter of combustion, you've got to set yourself alight' by Abraham Lincoln. Basically, you've got to believe in yourself and create your own luck and always remember - victory comes to those who are most perseverant- so never give up!

• Aside from winning your title, what's the best thing that has ever happened to you?
Winning the scholarship to the University of Sydney. I had worked extremely hard to earn that scholarship to take the burden of university fees off my parents. It gave me independence, maturity and pride in myself for accomplishing a task I put my mind to.

• Do you think winning a beauty pageant is really important? Tell us about your responsibilities as Miss Sri Lanka titleholder.
The chance to be an ambassador to your country is a duty and a privilege that many people don't get the opportunity to do. As you instantly become a public figure and role model to your people, you have the daunting task to act responsibly and use your publicity for goodwill and charity so as to inspire those to follow in your footsteps. To me, focusing on charities is the most rewarding aspect of being Miss Sri Lanka as we are a developing country where any form of donation or contribution is widely appreciated. Apart from working towards the empowerment of women and children, I also wish to spearhead a series of changes in the attitude of pageant contestants by motivating them to use this opportunity and make it a platform to voice their opinions. We're relatively new to the pageant scene as a country but we've got the talent, beauty and potential and I want to act as the catalyst to bring it to the world's attention.

• Why do you want do be crowned Miss Universe and how would you define the title in your own terms?
Through the Miss Universe crown, I would be able to put the global spotlight on Sri Lanka which would be beneficial to our tourism and international exposure. It is also such an accomplishment for yourself and your country and opens up doors for your future goals and ambitions. Your life changes the minute you wear that crown and it will never be the same again. Could you ask for more?

• What should pageant experts, your fellowmen, fans and beauty watchers expect from Miss Sri Lanka at Miss Universe 2006 pageant?
A strong, sharp and focused young lady with much substance to what she says and who's determined to make a difference for her country in pageant history. Expect 200% coming from me!

• Finally, leave a message for your fans, supporters and the readers of Missosology.
Firstly, to the people of Missosology - your dedication and support is overwhelming. Keep up the fantastic job! Fans, supporters and my dear family and friends - through times like these, your encouragement and guidance have never been so appreciated. You are all always in my prayers, please keep me in yours. 'Ayubowan' (may you all live a long life)

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 Post Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:47 am 
:D :) 8.) :P

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