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 Post subject: 10 fashion rules from Armani for a big night out
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 3:46 am 
10 fashion rules from Armani for a big night out


When it comes to dressing up for glam occasions, Giorgio Armani’s understated style is always a winner. Here, he speaks about what it takes to make the right impression every time

1. Let elegance be your watchworld: "The first principle of red-carpet dressing, for both men and women, should be elegance. It transcends time and outlives superficiality."

2. Follow the dress code: "Look at your invitation. If there is a dress code, it’s wise to take it seriously. I remember turning up to a premiere at Cannes without a tie. They wouldn’t let me set foot on the red carpet! Luckily, an enterprising woman was selling bow ties along the Croisette. Do your research: if the invitation states ‘Black tie.’ Does this really mean dinner suits and bow ties? Should you show up in a gown or a cocktail dress? Black tie covers several options these days — just be sure to keep within the confines of good taste. And remember; it’s always wiser to under rather than overdress."

3. Opt for classics: "Classic chic is timeless. Ultra-trendy creations date quickly and may well cause embarrassment in the future, as the photographs will still be around to haunt you long after fashion has moved on. For men, a well-tailored dinner suit, or for women, a beautifully cut- ting dress, is always a much wiser choice than a more overtly current style."

4. Dress according to your personality: "A finely tailored suit will take a man anywhere, but there are more options for women, so dressing for a special occasion is more complicated. If you want to make a statement, you can do this with accessories such as jewellery. But bear in mind that less is always more.

Don’t be pressurised into wearing something overly dramatic because of the high profile of the occasion. If you are not used to making grand entrances, this is not a good time to start. Better to choose something that complements your personality. If making a statement is expected of you, I would suggest that you take the route of refinement mixed with surprise. If people are anticipating fireworks, give them a class act with a twist — like a handkerchief-style evening top or a shocking plunge back."

5. Flaunt your assets: "Accentuate your best features and disguise areas that need forgiveness. This means choosing outfits that fit well and look comfortable rather than pieces that are trendy but difficult to wear, and which may draw attention to problem areas. You should wear the dress: the dress should not wear you."

6. If in doubt, stick to dark colours — they are flattering and slimming. "Every woman on earth looks good in a fabulous black dress."

7. Be subtle: "Exposed flesh is not necessarily the best way to look alluring. Sexiness is all about mystery. It is as much about what is not on show as about what is. Clothes should leave something to the imagination. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being subtly suggestive, like wearing a simple jersey dress with a high slit up the side. I remember shortening a little black dress for Thora Birch to make it more sexy. But it was still sophisticated."

8. Add your signature: "If your are unsure about what to wear, ask a trusted friend for advice. I remember dressing Samuel L. Jackson for a big event in Los Angeles, at which I was given the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style award. He had selected an outfit for the occasion — he is a very stylish man with a great fashion eye — but I felt he would look better in something else. In the end, he went for my choice and looked amazing. But he did surprise me by showing up that night wearing his own hat. A great tip for formal dressing is to give the look your signature style."

9. Play it down: "Avoid items that are unnecessarily fussy. Go for something simple. You won’t regret it. Jodie Foster recalls the outfit she wore when she won her first Oscar in 1989 for her performance in The Accused: ‘Unfortunately, people pay a little more attention to your posterior than you’d like, especially when you’re wearing a giant blue bow on the back that looks like you just sat on a wedding cake.’ The following year, I dressed her and put her in an understated copper-coloured tuxedo."

10. Feel good: "Feeling relaxed and comfortable will make you appear confident. In the end, that’s what it’s all about — if you feel good about yourself and are at ease, you will look great. You will walk tall. You will exude effortlessness. You will own the moment."

— Courtesy Instyle

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