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 Post subject: A concept of life after death
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 12:13 am 

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Every person throughout history, being mortal, have often wondered about death, and if there is a life after death.

I've been taken by a concept of it, and I will share it with you now. You may choose to beleive it or not, and I would like you opinion of it.

I am not a scientist nor a theologen.


Let's start with the time of death. If and when you die, your consciousness is split from your brain, into what might be considered a soul.

However there is nowhere for your "soul" to go, except where it falls. Where it falls - as in where you die.

Imagine you mind without it's body - and without the tools you once had (i.e. eyes, ears, skin) And thus you would be in a black world, without feeling, light, sound, etc.

But you are still consious. You are eternally awake, for only your brain and body needed rest, and they were the only things that could induce sleep and regulate it.

If you could detect concentrations of brain waves or paterns, the "soul" would probably consist of these.

But as you can shape and mold yourself, the "soul" can aswell. They would probably be able to manipulate there shape and thus seem to move (as they cannot trully move from the point in which they died).

Also in "ghost" sightings people have seen things such as moving darkness, and human-shaped, transparent aparitions. I think that the soul, being made of some kind of material might block light to a certain extent. And as for human-shaped "ghosts" - think of how you've been using your arms and legs since birth and how the brain is intricately connected to every part of your body - think of it as muscle memory. It would be second nature, and the only untrained way to manipulate the soul's shape.

Perhaps aswell, seeing how you can understand your own brain patterns and interpret them into language, you could probably also sense/communicate with other souls that have died in close proximity.

I think this concept would be valid scientifically, due the the unseen/ununderstood universe around us. And think - if you lived on after death, without a god, where would you go without your body? I doubt you could just float around with the wind - What substance in this universe behaves in such a way? Thinking on this universe's laws and composision, this is my concept of death.

I would love feedback...

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