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 Post subject: Kaludodal
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 8:37 pm 

Few people can resist Kaludodal

By Jagath Premachandra

The journey to Kataragama is a long one and one could stop anywhere to break journey. But it is amazing how many people choose Hambantota to rest. This is because Hambantota has a great attraction - the lure that is that very special Kaludodal.

Cholesterol and such other conditions are forgotten in Hambantota as both old and young alike flock to buy these tasty, glistening fare that is laid out to tempt.

History records that this kaludodal trade was first cooked by the Muslims. At that time it had been called Jaa-dodal and the sellers had concentrated on selling to the commuters at the bus halt. Business soon began to flop as dodal sellers began to increase and there was more dodal to sell.

S.K. Semaratne remembers this kaludodal trade almost from its inception.

"On the route to Kataragama for about 200 to 300 metres are the kaludodal sellers and they have been there for about ten years,'' he said

"In the 1960s this trade began by groups belonging to the Muslim and Malay communities. Then this area was crowded with Wetakeiya bushes. My parents put up a temporary shelter and this hut was the premier business place," said Siththi Sameena.

Even today this family engages in the kaludodal trade, but the majority of the business is run by the Sinhala people.

Though the woman who first engaged in this trade is now paralysed she is helped by her family with the money they make from the very business they started.

"Kaludodal can be kept for one and a half months. There are no left overs. We make the kaludodal when we expect a crowd," said Erandathi. "At most times we have to give samples to taste, Though we have to give lots of kaludodal as samples we do not consider it as a loss. But there are people who just sample the kaludodal and leave to another place," she added.

But we always think that those who sample do not eat a kilo or two, giving a few pieces of kaludodal will not put us out of business.

We are in the process of making more and more kaludodal because we expect business to flourish in the coming months.

We require coconut milk, natural essences, flour and sugar. To make 62 kilos of kaludodal we require 3 hours. It requires constant stirring and we are able to judge its completion by the change we feel in the stirring" said E.P. Chandrasena.

It is no easy task to make this tasty dodal. They have to stand by the fire for hours because it requires constant attention.

"There was a time when business was flourishing during a certain period in the year, but it is not so now. We have business almost everyday. But of recent times however there seems to be a drop in sales. This is beause there are kaludodal sellers in both Kataragama and Sella kataragama today," said Dilani another kaludodal dealer.

Like in every other trade, there is heavy competition among the kaludodal sellers too. This is why each one tries to make better kaludodal each day.

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