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 Post subject: S.B. amassed Rs 48 million as Minister - Bribery Commission
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2005 2:11 am 
S.B. amassed Rs 48 million as Minister and MP: Bribery Commission

S.B. Dissanayake’s bribery case commences

By Susitha R. Fernando
DM / 28JUNE2005

Jailed former Samurdhi Minister S. B. Dissanayake had amassed Rs. 48 million while he was serving as a Minister and a Member of Parliament, stated the Bribery Commission, opening the bribery trial against the former Minster before the Colombo High Court yesterday.

Opening the case, Deputy Director General (DDG), of the Commission to Investigate into the Allegation of Bribery or Corruption, Ms. Mallika Liyanage said this before Colombo High Court Judge Ms. Rohini Perera yesterday.

The Bribery Commission stated to court that this was disclosed when investigations were conducted into the assets, deposits in the bank, construction of houses, cost of foreign travels and his other expenditure and his sources of income during his tenure as Minster and MP.

In this case the Bribery Commission had indicted S. B. Dissanayake with not being able to account for his assets, including money and property amounting to Rs. 48 million, during the period March 31, 1995 to September 30, 2001.

According to the indictment, Mr. Dissanayake was charged under the Bribery Act for accumulating assets which he could not have collected from his official salary and known income.

The assets included Rs. 22,166,120 he had in different banks, Union Bank and Bank of Ceylon, the money he had spent for foreign tours, money spent on election and money spent on the family. The property valued at Rs 26,167,000 which Mr. Dissanayake had collected, included lands in Jambugasmulla, Nugegoda, Udugama, Rs. 20,344,890 worth house he had built in Madanwela in Hanguranketa, furniture and vehicle.

Mr. Dissanayake who was arrested by the Bribery Commission on November 10, 2004, was granted bail by the Colombo Magistrate’s Court. He was released on Rs. 25,000 cash bail and personal bail of Rs. 100,000 with two sureties.

Following the address, the first witness Inspector A. K. Chandrapala, attached to the Commission who had conducted the investigation against the former Minister, gave evidence led by the Deputy Director General of Commission, Ms. Mallika Liyanage.

The police officer said on information received, he conducted a secret investigation and forwarded a report to the commission. Later, on instructions, he had recorded a statement from Mr Dissanayake. The witness had conducted investigations on the house built in Hanguranketa and acquisition of 12 perches land in Jambugasmulla and a house and a land in Nawala, which was obtained in a deed of gift in the name of Thamara Dissanayake, the wife of the accused.

He had collected information from the accounts in Union Bank, parliamentary bank branch and Bank of Ceylon, Nugegoda, under Mr Dissanayake’s name. Giving evidence into the bank deposits belonging to the former Minister, the witness said according to the bank statement obtained from the Chief Legal Officer at the Union Bank under account number 390000016 there was a deposit of Rs. 1,500,000 as at March 31, 1997. This money was not there on March 2001 and the witness had found that the accused had maintained a standing order. Mr Dissanayake had also maintained a fixed deposit account at the same bank. The accused had deposited Rs. 150,000 on March 10, 1997 and Rs. 1,000,000 on April 21, 1997.

The investigation had revealed that the former Minister had also invested money in the share market. During the period April 21, 1997 to May 20, 1998 the accused had invested Rs. 3,412,280 in the share market.

Continuing the evidence the police officer said Mr Dissanayake also had been granted loans from People’s Bank of Rs. 1,500,000 and Rs 500,000 on January 5, 2000 and October 4, 2002. The accused had later paid Rs. 776,186 and later settled the loan.

The witness also said that investigations conducted into foreign tours made by the accused, from March 31, 1995 to September 30, 2001, revealed that the former Minster had spent Rs. 817,000 on his private foreign tours alone.

According to an affidavit forwarded by the accused, he had spent Rs. 2,340,000 as living expenses.

The witness also noted that according to his investigations Mr Dissanayake had spent Rs. 1,200,000 for the General election 1994.

At this stage Ms. Liyanage requested an adjournment of the trial as certain affidavits produced by the accused were not available. The trial was adjourned for today.

DDG, Ms. Mallika Liyanage with Assistant Directors (Legal) Ms. Lasanthi Wijeywardena and Asitha Anthony appeared for the Bribery Commission.

Mr. Ananda Wijesekara P.C. with Dulinda Weerasuriya appeared for S. B. Dissanayake.

 Post subject: Rs 20 million spent on Hanguranketha House
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 1:38 am 
S. B. Dissanayake Bribery case
Rs 20 million spent on Hanguranketha House

By Susitha R. Fernando
DM / 30JUNE2005

Former Samurdhi Minister S. B Dissanayake had told the Bribery Commission that he spent Rs 20 million to build his house at Hanguranketha, the investigating police officer attached to Bribery Commission told Colombo High Court yesterday.

Inspector I. M. Chandrapala was cross examined by the defence counsel Ananda Wijesekare PC before Colombo High Court judge Ms. Rohini Perera yesterday.

The investigating officer informed court that a statement was recorded from S. B. Dissanayake after summoning him to the Commission on June 6, 2002. This was done following a complaint against him and a preliminary investigation conducted. In his statement the former minister had stated that he started building his house in 1997 and completed it in 2000. He had spent approximately Rs 20 million after curtailing certain expenses and this was recorded in the assets and liabilities reports in the Inland Revenue Department.

In his statement the former Minster has stated that he had spent Rs. 5,023,728 for the timber that was used for the house. This amount was after reducing certain expenses by cutting trees belonging to him and from his parents’ property. The accused had informed bribery commission that he spent Rs. 1,014,540 to transport the timber.

“By collecting material in this manner S. B. Dissanayake had saved around Rs. 4,639,190 from the cost to build his house” IP Chandrapala said. S. B. Dissanayake had spent Rs. 1,355,000 for the bricks. The accused had told the Bribery Commission that he had saved Rs. 4,639,190 by making bricks him self. S. B. Dissanayake in his statement to the Commission had said in that manner he had saved a big sum in building the house,” the witness told the court.

In this case the Bribery Commission had indicted S. B. Dissanayake with being unable to account for his assets including money and property amounting to Rs. 48 million during the period March 31, 1995 to September 30 2001. According to the indictment Mr. Dissanayake was charged under the Bribery Act for accumulating assets which he could not have collected from his official salary and his known income.

Further cross examined in connection with the complaint the Bribery Commission had received against S. B. Dissanayake, IP Chandrapala said he was not aware whether the complaint came through post or not. On the instruction of the Legal section of the Commission he had initiated the investigation. According to his findings S. B. Dissanayake’s income was Rs 41,047,685.87 and his expenditure was Rs. 38,895,805.03. Completing the investigation IP Chandrapala had handed over the report to Officer-in- Charge of the investigation, IP Nandasena.

After handing over the report, the OIC had included two more statements in connection with the selling of duty free vehicles. “This was because I was absent after meeting with an accident” the witness said. The report was later sent to the Director General of the Commission.

Questioned by the defence the witness said that he was unaware about any changes made to the report he submitted.

Defence Counsel: Have you seen the report you submitted after that? Witness: No. I didn’t have any opportunity to see it.

DC: Were you informed about any changes made to that report? No I was not.

Q: Have you ever seen the legal section of the Bribery commission conducting investigations ? No. I haven’t.

The defence suggested that the Bribery Commission had made changes in the original report forwarded by the witness who conducted the investigation.

During the cross examination IP Chandrapala also said that he collected the income tax report in connection with the income and expenditure of the accused. “According to the report the opening balance as at March 31, 1995 was Rs. 7,550,500.

The defence suggested that this amount included Rs. 975,000 which S. B. Dissanayake had received from his father and Rs. 4,825,000 which he received from his supporters to be spent for the election.

The witness said according to S. B. Dissanayake’s statement to the Commission, he had participated in politics as a member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party since 1989 and in 1994 he had contested from Nuwaraeliya District as the team leader. He had told that it was at that time he had received Rs. 4,825,000 from the supporters.

“S. B. Dissanayake had given his duty free permit to one Joseph Fonseka to obtain the vehicle. By selling the permit he had collected Rs. 3 million,” IP Chandrapala said. In his evidence the witness stated that in computing the income of S. B. Dissanayake the Legal section of the Bribery Commission had removed the opening balance of Rs. 7,550,500.

Further trial was adjourned for today.

 Post subject: SB freed of corruption
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 11:53 pm 
SB freed of corruption


Former Minister S.B.Dissanayake freed
BBC Sinhala

Colombo High Court has freed the former minister S.B.Dissanayake from bribery and corruption charges.

Former Minister Dissanayake of the United National Party (UNP) was charged for having earned nearly 30 million rupees by illegal means.

The Colombo High Court judge Rohini Perera, giving her judgment said that the Bribery Commission has not been able to prove without doubt the charges brought against the former minister.

The judge said Dissanayake was able to prove that he has earned his assets including money and property amounting to 30 million rupees between March 31, 1995 and Sept. 30, 2001 by legal means.

The judge, Rohini Perera who criticised the Bribery and Corruption Commission said it should act in a more reasonable manner and bring cases against people with sufficient evidence.

"Filing cases against people without proper evidence only results in innumerable damage to the personality of the particular person", she added.

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