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 Post subject: Commissioner of Prisons helps prisoner to escape!
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2005 2:26 pm 
Commissioner of Prisons helps prisoner to escape!

[24th Sunday 2.10 pm]
@ Lanka Truth

Jaliya Ranasinghe, imprisoned for 4 ½ years for charges of fraud and accused in more than sixteen others was helped by Roumy Marzuk, Commissioner of Prisons to make his getaway say reports.

This has been confirmed in an investigation carried out by a team of CID officers headed by Shani Abeysekera.

The prisoner made his escape in May last year and now is living abroad. During his prison term this prisoner had been assisted to spend about seven months in the prison hospital without any ailment by the Commissioner, though the doctors and nurses in the hospital had stated that he could not be kept in the hospital without any ailment, Jaliya Ranasinghe had been able to while away his time in the hospital with special privileges from the commissioner.

Saying that the prisoner had a special ability to forecast with the help of a computer, Roumy Marzuk used to get down the prisoner to his office and he remained in the office from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. say prison officers. The CID investigations have revealed that the prisoner had been given vehicles and officers by the Commissioner to make his visits. At times the Commissioner himself had driven him back from his office.

Prison officers have stated to the team investigating that the prisoner had had his meals and spent hours with his wife and the two children in Commissioners office. As the prisoner has fled the country the trials against him cannot be continued say the CID.

The CID team has taken down statements from 21 officers, senior medical officer of the prison hospital, Director of Prisons and the Chief Jailor.

The prison officers are dismayed at the facilities a prisoner of grave crime had been endowed with and they question the right and the need of the commissioner to treat the prisoner the way he was treated.

Certain UNP leaders including S.B.Dissanayake who has been imprisoned for insulting the Supreme Court and certain CID officers are engaged in a move to conceal the information that has been revealed about Roumy Marzuk and his team and how the prisoner was helped to escape.

As such, the CID officers who are conducting the investigation are being pressurized to destroy the relevant CID reports. According to evidence collected last May the relevant prisoner had been taken to Kanaththe with four prison officers on orders from Roumy Marzuk and there he made his escape. However the prison officers state that he escaped from the main gate of the prison. According to relevant documents the prisoner had continuously visited Roumy Marzuk’s office on 41 instances immediately before his escape.

As such, Roumy Marzuk is directly accused of helping in the prisoner’s getaway. Hence, the UNP team is making a strenuous effort to save Roumy Marzuk. Specially S.B. Dissanayake has asked his party mates to make every effort to save the Commissioner as he gets all his privileges through him. Reports are that the relevant investigation reports are to be destroyed and guile plans are being hatched to put the blame on junior officers.

 Post subject: Duped by a prisoner
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 3:19 am 
Duped by a prisoner

DM / 27APR2005

The commissioner of prisons was recently questioned by the CID. This was the direct result of the commissioner being duped by a prisoner.

This story came to my attention not because of the commissioner's predicament, though that in itself is unusual. The story about the first event in this somewhat hilarious chain mentioned that a prisoner has absconded while in custody - the man, the story went on to say, was the father of 14.

Assuming the 17 to be children, Gamka was convinced that this story was worthy of some attention.

It seems that the man in question was in jail for fraud, having cheated two people of Rs. 2.4 million. Having given the police the slip thereafter for 10 years (he was sentenced in absentia in 1994), he was finally arrested by the CID last year while hiding inside an almirah at his own home.

While in custody, he seems to have been able to win the confidence of the commissioner of prisons, thereby escaping prison. That's why the poor commissioner had to present himself at the CID's notorious offices. He has not been caught since, even though all the household almirahs have been thoroughly searched by detectives. Or so we presume.

The man is obviously a confidence trickster, and a pretty good one at that. He has convinced two people to part with Rs. 2.4 million. After that, he successfully evaded arrest for ten years. When finally caught, he won the confidence of no less a man than the commissioner of prisons (surely not the kind of person to take (people on trust), thus working out an easy way to escape. While most escapees are caught soon afterwards, there is still no sign of the man in question.

The most remarkable thing is this. He's the father of 14 children by the same wife. The eldest is 25. The youngest is only three. While on the run since 1994, he's found the time to father more children.

It is well-known that Mumtaz Mahal, the wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, was loved to excess by him. One could say without exaggeration that she was literally loved to death, for the queen died in childbirth, while giving birth to her 14th child.
That was in the 16th century. Convincing a woman to have so many children nowadays, I presume, is no easy task. Clearly, our man has considerable charm as well as powers of persuation.

He and his wife could also be contenders for the Guiness record of most number of children in wedlock (if such a record does exist). When two-child families have been de rigeur for a long time, 14 sounds like an enormous number. Unlike the emperor's spouse, the man's wife is still alive thanks to miracles of modern medicine and health care. But it is also an assumption that you need to be wealthy to raise four children nowadays, leave alone 14.

Even Rs. 2.4 million may not pass for wealth in these inflationary times, but it's certainly a useful amount of money to have. Spread over 10 years, that works out to Rs. 2.4 lakhs per year, (or Rs. 20,000 per month) certainly a lot more than a man might earn doing a decent job. Of course, let's not assume that 20,000 a month will allow a man with 14 children and no steady employment to live a comfortable lifestyle. But it will enable him and his family to survive. In the end, that is what our man is - a survivor, and a good one at that.

This leaves us to wonder - is this their way of scoffing at modernity? Is he (and his wife too, by association) traditionalists at heart? Is that why they scoff at birth control? Or is he just another racist, trying in this way to reassure that his particular race will maintain healthy numbers in this racial melting pot? Or is it just like, just like the aforementioned emperor, he simply loves his wife too much?

Whatever his motives are, he certainly reminds me of Frank W. Abagnale, that character in the Stephen Spielberg film "Catch Me If You Can." Abagnale (based on a real-life character) learns while still at school that he's good at forging signatures and goes onto make a lucrative career out of forgery. He gave the FBI the slip several times before being finally caught.

After spending part of his sentence in prison, Abagnale (once hailed as the greatest con artist on earth) became a respected authority on forgery whose help was sought by the very people who sent him to prison. Today, he has his own website.

This just makes me wonder - supposing the law ever manages to catch up again with our man - couldn't the authorities put his talents to use to the benefit of the general public. His powers of persuation could be very useful in an area such as foreign relations, or as part of any negotiating team in discussing a solution to the northeast conundrum. Anyone who can win the confidence of the prison commissioner should be able to make some headway with Thamilselvam and the like

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