JVP – IN or OUT? - crucial decision tomorrow (28th)!
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Author:  Guest [ Mon Mar 28, 2005 4:57 am ]
Post subject:  JVP – IN or OUT? - crucial decision tomorrow (28th)!

JVP – IN or OUT?

Lanka Truth
[27th Sunday 12.30pm]

JVP is prepared to take a crucial decision if the cabinet decides to privatize the remaining 1/3rd shares of Ceylon Electricity Board and Ceylon Petroleum Corporation at a special cabinet meeting scheduled to be held tomorrow (28th) say internal sources of the JVP.

The political bureau of the party had a long discussion about this privatization process at its meeting held on Saturday (26th).

The members of the political bureau of the JVP had vigorously discussed the attempt by certain ministers and Parliamentarians of the Government to privatize Ceylon Electricity Board on the pretext of restructuring it into nine segments and the cabinet paper that had been presented to the last cabinet meeting on the privatization of 1/3rd shares belonging to the Government in Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

Since both cabinet papers were presented to the last cabinet meeting without giving any prior notice, the cabinet ministers of the JVP requested for a special cabinet meeting on the matter. Accordingly the cabinet decided to have the special cabinet meeting on Monday (28th) at 6.00 p.m.

The President and the Ministers Susil Premajayantha and D.M.Jayaratna at the last cabinet meeting had presented details to indicate that the two institutes were unprofitable. They had indicated that these two institutes cannot be maintained by the Government and hence should be privatized. However, the ministers of the JVP had not agreed and said their party will not agree to any privatization. They had emphasized that the people had not given them a mandate at the last General Election for any privatization process.

The JVP ministers had pointed out at this cabinet meeting, held on Wednesday, that they had no right to take any decision hostile to the wishes of the people and it was not possible to discuss cabinet papers that lead to disputes without any prior notice and find solutions for them. Hence, the cabinet meeting to be held on Monday will be very crucial say internal sources of the JVP.

However, what decision the JVP would take if the controversial cabinet papers were passed in the cabinet is not known.

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