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 Post subject: IP Jeyaratnam held in Wanni torture house?
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 2:59 am 
IP Jeyaratnam held in Wanni torture house?

@ DM / 27APR2005
By Kurulu Kariyakarawana

Police Intelligence Specialist, Inspector P. Jeyaratnam who was allegedly abducted by the LTTE is said to be detained at an LTTE torture house in the Wanni jungle for interrogation, latest military intelligence report reveals.

It is believed since the abductee was responsible for number of crucial intelligence missions launched by the government against the LTTE in the past, he might have been abducted to unearth some of the top secrets of the state security.

Meanwhile the abducted Inspector's wife Sarala Jeyaratnam has lodged a complaint with the ICRC against her husband's abduction allegedly by the LTTE and to get him released.

ICRC in a letter sent to LTTE Deputy Leader and Political Wing Leader S.P. Thamilselvan had stated that to release the police hostage without harm whether they detain the Inspector, as most parties believe.

IGP Chandra Fernando yesterday told the Daily Mirror that all necessary action and steps have been taken by the police department to get information about the abducted Inspector by informing all the relevant authorities such as the Directorate of Internal Intelligence, Criminal Investigations Department, Special Task Force and the Military Intelligence Unit.

However no positive report or a clue of the missing Inspector has yet been established, the IGP said.

'Transfer doubled Tiger hunter`s risks?

Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Police Terrorist Intelligence Unit specialist Inspector P. Jeyaratnam who was allegedly abducted by the LTTE last week was reportedly transferred to Colombo recently from the Wanathawilluwa Police due to an LTTE plot to slay him.

Inspector Jeyaratnam, earlier attached to the Terrorist Intelligence Unit at the Mt. Lavinia Police was transferred to the Wanathawilluwa Police Station in January 2004, despite information that his life was under threat in Colombo.

He was transferred as OIC of the Wanathawilluwa Police Administration Branch in Puttalam division. He had been there till he was summoned to Colombo on March 1, 2005.

IP Jeyaratnam who was transferred to an outstation Police Station for additional safety may have faced an increased threat to his life. He was reportedly threatened by the LTTE or some unknown party constantly over the phone though nothing extraordinary occurred during his period in Wanathawilluwa, Police sources said.

The Inspector had requested for an immediate transfer to Colombo since the end of 2004 and the was request was granted on March 1.

IP Jeyaratnam was officially appointed to Police Field Force Headquarters though he reportedly continued his intelligence work attached for the Mt. Lavinia Terrorist Intelligence Unit and other VIP units handling state security.

According to latest investigations, he was abducted by two identified LTTE cadres, Mano and Kumar, after returning home from a hotel in Mt. Lavinia last Thursday. IP Jeyaratnam reportedly had close ties with Mano, who was a former PLOTE member and an informant.

Three police teams to trace missing IP

by Sarath Malalasekera
@CDN / 25APR2005

Inspector General of Police Chandra Fernando has deployed several police teams, including the Special Task Force (STF) to trace Inspector Thurairatnam Jeyaratnam of the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID). He is missing from last week.

The IGP said three Police teams will conduct investigations to trace the missing Inspector while the Special Task Force is watching the North and East areas.

The TID Officer had received several threats from the LTTE following his involvement in tracking down several LTTE carders in Colombo.

Jeyaratnam had received a number of threats recently, his wife Sarala said. She said:"The callers had asked him to leave the Police Department or to leave the country or face serious consequences."

Jeyaratnam had not been seen after he left home with an unknown person for dinner last week.

Sarala also had complained to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission Headquarters about her husband's disappearance.

Jeyaratnam’s wife held incommunicado

by Franklin R. Satyapalan
@ The Island / 24MAY2006

Mrs. Sarala Jeyaratnam, wife of missing Inspector Thurairatnam Jeyaratnam of Police Intelligence, complains of harassment at the hands of the very police which her husband served faithfully.

A mother of two children aged five and seven Mrs. Jeyaratnam (39) complains of death threats and being denied her missing husband’s salary with effect from January 2006.

While her husband was being described as a traitor by the LTTE the very same police department, which he sacrificed his life for, hounds her almost daily at her flats at the Police Inspectors’ quarters adjoining the Mount Lavinia SSP’s office. The flat was broken into and all gold jewellery, valuables and documents she possessed had been plundered during her absence, she said.

Furthermore, allegations and accusations have been made in the media that when her flat was forcibly entered into during her absence, a sophisticated sniper gun was found inside.

Mrs. Jeyaratnam said that the gun was one used by her husband’s father, who was senior prison office during World War II. All officers who visited her husband at their residence knew about this gun.

When The Island contacted the Mount Lavinia Police, ASP S. M. Jayatilleke denied this reporter entry to Mrs. Jeyaratnam’s flats stating that orders had come from above not to allow anyone to enter her flat or to meet her. IP Wickremasinghe said that he could point out her flat but we could not enter her residence.

No valid reason was given for denying entry. Some police officers questioned whether Mrs. Jeyaratnam was in the flat at that time and how she got there. Mrs. Jeyaratnam told ‘The Island’, in a telephone interview, that she fears for her life and that she and her two children were between the devil and the deep blue sea.

She appealed to President Mahinda Rajapakse to direct the authorities to stop traumatizing her and her children and to pay in full the back wages of her husband without any delay. "If not I do not know what would be my fate tomorrow," she wailed.

 Post subject: Details of the abduction IP Jeyaratnam
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:24 pm 

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Details of the abduction IP Jeyaratnam

05 Sep 2009

The investigations carried out by OIC Nalaka Gunasekara have revealed the details of the abduction of the 2nd in command of the Terrorist Investigation Unit, Mt. Lavinia Inspector Jeyaratnam.

The Tigers used Soundarajan Paul, a friend of Jeyaratnam to abduct him. Soundarajan’s family had been taken to Wanni and the operation to abduct Jeyaratnam was planned. They had been given an inhaler to make him unconscious. A car and a van had been made available for the purpose. Soundarajan, had got Jeyaratnam drunk at a hotel in Mt Lavinia, and then had him put in a van with two Tiger cadres dressed in Police uniform and taken him to Puttlam and from there taken to Vedithalativu in a boat.

He had been taken to a camp where Charles and Puvasan had grilled him while being held under the custody of Madavan master. Then he had been questioned by their chief interrogator Arulmuli. (Arulmuli too is now in custody) Here they were unable to get much information as was hoped. Yet, they were successful in getting him to give them information on how the defence establishment identifies Tiger members, and how to avoid getting caught. They had even got him to give their cadres lectures on these topics.

Once Jeyaratnam had escaped from his captors, but he had been fired at and recaptured. On another occasion he had tried to get to a UN office but had been caught. Thereafter he had not been fed. He had appealed to the Tigers if they could not release him to kill him and with the idea of dying he had even consumed sand from the floor of his cell. Ultimately Inspector Jeyaratnam had been shot dead, according to the information divulged by the Tiger seniors now in custody.

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