Prabhakaran's final hours
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Author:  Saman [ Tue May 19, 2009 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Prabhakaran's final hours

Prabhakaran's final hours

Is he really dead? Was he killed or committed suicide? How was he killed? When was he killed? Was he captured alive???

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Sri Lankan military has released pictures of Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran which it says prove conclusively that he is dead. State and private stations aired footage of what they said was the body of Prabhakaran, along with what looked like his Tamil Tiger identity card and tag. The army says his body has been positively identified with DNA testing.

But Tiger sympathisers say questions remain about when and how he and other rebel leaders were killed, and over apparently contradictory statements in relation to his reported death. Some among Sri Lanka's Tamil community and the influential Tamil diaspora doubt whether the rebel leader really is dead.

The army says Prabhakaran's bullet-ridden body was found on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon, his last stronghold in north-east Sri Lanka. Army spokesman Brig Udaya Nanayakkara said the rebel leader had been shot in scrubland - probably in fierce fighting on Monday morning. That statement contradicted an earlier announcement - made on state television but never verified by the army - that Prabhakaran's badly burnt body was discovered on Monday. It said Prabhakaran had been killed after he was ambushed by commandos as he made a desperate attempt to break through government lines in an ambulance. He had been badly burnt when his vehicle burst into flames, it said.

State TV also said the rebel leader's body had been found with those of intelligence chief Pottu Amman and Soosai - the Tamil Tiger naval commander. But on Tuesday the army said Soosai's death had not been confirmed. Its version of events was first given by Gen Sarath Fonseka.

"The good news from the war front is that the body of the leader of the terrorist organisation which destroyed the country for the last 30 years, Prabhakaran, has been found (on Monday) morning by the army. We have identified the body," he said. Moments later, the private TV stations Derana and Swarnavahini showed soldiers surrounding what the troops said was Prabhakaran's body, with his distinctive moustache and regulation tiger-stripe camouflage fatigues.

So far the pro-rebel website, TamilNet, has not acknowledged the death. Speaking before the release of the photos, Selvarasa Pathmanathan denied Prabhakaran had been killed and said the Tamil Tiger leader was "alive and safe". "He will continue to lead the quest for dignity and freedom for the Tamil people," Selvarasa Pathmanathan said in a statement posted on TamilNet Web site on Tuesday.

There were many news reports, rumors and speculations about the death of Velupillai Prabhakaran. Is he really dead? Was he killed or committed suicide? How was he killed? When was he killed? Was he captured alive?

Below are some reports and speculations published and posted in the internet:

Has LTTE leader Prabhakaran embraced death?

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj, May 16, 2009
Posted by transCurrents

Speculation is rife among knowledgeable circles in Colombo that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is no more among the living. It is widely believed that the 54 year old tiger supremo who was born on November 26th 1954 has committed suicide along with more than 300 of his deputies and senior cadres in the Mullivaaikkaal area of Karaithuraipatru AGA division in Mullaitheevu district.

Though the Defence ministry website says that the tiger leader trapped with his deputies is planning to commit mass suicide there are reports that the “Thalaivar” (leader) and “poraligal” (fighters) have already committed “Veeramaranam” (heroic death).

Unconfirmed reports say that the injured LTTE leader and several of his senior deputies had embraced death voluntarily in keeping with the LTTE practice of suicide. There were also conflicting reports that the LTTE had triggered off a huge explosion in which their bodies were destroyed after taking cyanide first. Another report said the armed forces had identified the “structure” in which Prabhakaran was staying and demolished it through powerful explosives.

According to a defence-related source who spoke on condition of anonymity the military had been convinced the LTTE leader was in the Mullivaaikkaal area through intercepts of communication between some tiger cadres. Further confirmation had come when the wife of Thillaiambalam Sivanesan alias Soosai the sea tiger special commander surrendered to the Navy with some others. She had allegedly revealed that the LTTE leader was seriously injured and was staying in a well-guarded location with other senior leaders like her husband Soosai and Pottu Amman. She had also said that a team of 300 bodyguards are positioned around the place where Prabhakaran is staying and that the tiger leader is prepared to take his own life rather than surrender if surrounded. Soosai’s wife is the sister of Sathiyanathan alias Shankar the first LTTE cadre to be killed. He died on Nov 27th 1982 and the LTTE has been observing that date as “Maaveerar Thinam” or “great heroes day” annually since 1989.

The military received further confirmation when a team of doctors from the LTTE’s “Thileepan medical unit” surrendered to the Army at Karaiyamullivaaikkaal. One of the medical personnel who had been attending to Prabhakaran personally had divulged further information including guidelines to the exact spot Prabhakaran was in.

The military had then moved further into the area and encircled the swathe of territory Prabhakaran was in. The defence official refused to comment when asked whether the LTTE Leader was alive or not. He also declined to answer whether Prabhakaran and the LTTE had committed mass suicide by blowing themselves up or by consuming cyanide. When asked whether the military had identified the place where Prabhakaran was staying and had blown it up with powerful explosives the official again refused to respond. Another authoritative source who also requested anonymity indicated in a round-about way that the LTTE leader was dead. Using a cricket metaphor the well-informed official observed cryptically; “Match Over, Series won, captain’s wicket gone, stumps drawn, players heading for pavilion. That’s all I can say for now”.

The last stand of the cowards

Monday, May 18, 2009
Posted by Defencewire

Prabhakaran's death is established primarily through circumstantial evidence. The remains of an individual with very similar physical structure to Prabhakaran has been discovered and tests are being performed to establish his identity beyond reasonable doubt.The Army needs no testing to establish the LTTE leader's death. Certain sections of the media have misreported the circumstances surrounding Prabha's death. We wish to correct these records with the following account in chronological order with certain sections left-out for obvious reasons.

Prabhakaran's final hours

Only 3 LTTE leaders, other than Prabhakaran and his wife, knew of his whereabouts. Other than his son Charles Anthony, the only other LTTE leaders who knew where he was was Poddu Ammaan, the Intelligence Chief and the head of the LTTE's Medical Unit, Reagan. The latter was taken in and detained for days until Military Intelligence got hold of him. Until then Regan had pretended he did not know Prabhakaran's whereabouts. Thanks to Reagan's information, MI officers had clearly identified Prabhakaran's lair by 16th evening/17th dawn. They uncovered an elaborate plan by Prabhakaran and gang to breach the 53 FDL. The plan was to cross the lagoon to Mullaitivu-Weli Oya Jungles, from there to reach the Eastern Province (Batticaloa/Ampara) via Trincomalee, where 'Colonel' Ram's team was waiting.

Within hours of this warning, on 17th May at dawn, Tigers had started their final operation. A daring sea borne operation was launched. All Army Divisions, forewarned, reacted swiftly but the Tigers managed to breach the FDL of the 53 Division at its weakest and take-out several bunkers killing 15 SLA. They also seized an Army Ambulance. Moments later, the 53 Division retaliated. A hail of RPG HEAT/Thermobaric rockets were fired. Around 200 LTTE cadres had died in the attack. 30 bodies were reduced to ashes. Limbs of the LTTE's best were scattered all over the place. The captured ambulance was also hit in the melee and burnt swiftly. It was upon investigating the ambulance that 3 bodies, one of which resembled Prabhakaran's body structure was discovered. The body was blackened and beyond facial/physical recognition. But the Army knew it may very well be Prabhakaran. There was no other way for him to escape.

Prabhakaran should have been killed either in the box-in by the Special Forces, the retaliation by the 53 or he should have died injured somewhere along the lagoon. The closest to his remains have been found only inside the charred ambulance. One of the hardcore cadres captured alive in the attack claimed Prabhakaran was shot and injured in the fight. But he had heard it from an eyewitness, another hardcore cadre who was killed.
The charred bodies, including the one believed to be Prabhakaran were captured by the 53 Division, but were taken away by another Division.

Some 400 bodies were captured by the Army. 1,2, and 5 Special Forces led the clearing operation. The remains may include, in future, missing leaders from the list publicized by the government such as Lawrence, Karikalan, Papa, Ilanthirayan etc. The remains of top leaders like Poddu, Bhanu and Soosei were identified. Soosei was fighting till 17th evening until the Special Forces rid him of his mysery once and for all. He and Swarnam were the last brave LTTE leaders who held their ground and fought while others were trying to flee the scene. The fate of the 'missing' tiger leaders from the publicized government list will be 'filled' in due course!

Posted by Defencewire at 9:53 P

SARA said...
May 19, 2009 12:58 AM

DW's story, though very nice, does not fit facts. The key to the mystery is the call that MR got on the 16th while he was in Jordan, which made him grin from ear to ear. The weakness of DW's story is that it doesn't connect with this clue. MR flew back on the 17th after declaring the end of war. It would be obvious even to a moron that MR wouldn't do that had the Fat Pig not been captured or killed. It is obvious that this happened prior to the 17th.

DW's story takes place at dawn on the 17th and therefore, does not make sense. However, why he has posted it, knowing that he would be caught is not clear. Though his story is captioned 'The last stand of cowards', it glorifies Soosei and Lawrence. As someone pointed out they were cowards who hid behind womens' skirts. In fact all of them did. There were no brave people in the LTTE. If there were, the civilians would not have been used in this appalling manner. The fat pigs brutality ensured that only zombies and cowards who never questioned him were left around him. LTTE lost its heroes a long time ago. That is, if ever they had any.

May 19, 2009 12:58 AM

DNA tests on body of Prabhakaran, Sri Lankan rebel leader

May 18, 2009
From Times Online
Robert Bosleigh in Colombo

Prabhakaran was killed this morning along with two of his deputies after a two-hour firefight when they tried to break to freedom through advancing government troops, defence officials said. His body was badly burnt when his armour-plated van was hit by a rocket and burst into flames.

State television broke into its regular programming to announce Prabhakaran’s death, and the government information department sent a text message to cell phones across the country confirming that he was dead. The announcement prompted mass celebrations around the country, and people poured into the streets of Colombo dancing and singing.

The body of the leader of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels, Velupillai Prabhakaran, is to undergo DNA and forensic tests along with the corpses of other top rebels, officials said today. Officials said that 40 of the 300 dead bodies found at the scene of the rebels’ last stand have been shifted to a government hospital, with the army taking special charge of Prabhakaran’s corpse. Magistrate Chamari Danansuriya asked police to arrange DNA and other forensic tests on the corpses. Autopsies will be carried out at Anuradhapura hospital in the north of the island, a court official said.

“We have successfully ended the war,” Gotabhaya Rajapakse, Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary, formally told President Mahinda Rajapakse, in a nationally televised ceremony. President Rajapakse is his brother and commander-in-chief of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

He and his top deputies reportedly tried to escape by driving their an armour-plated van, accompanied by a bus filled with rebel fighters, straight at approaching Sri Lankan forces, sparking a two-hour firefight. The battle only ended when troops fired a rocket at the van. Troops pulled Prabhakaran’s body out and identified it. The attack also killed Soosai, the head of the rebels’ naval wing, and Pottu Amman, the group’s feared intelligence commander, the officials said.

Rebel leader Prabhakaran 'alive and safe' Tigers claim

May 19, 2009
From Times Online
Robert Bosleigh in Colombo

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels today denied the Government’s claims that their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran had been killed by the military yesterday. "Our beloved leader is alive and safe. He will continue to lead the quest for dignity and freedom for the Tamil people," the Tigers' chief of international relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, said in a statement carried on the pro-rebel Tamilnet website. Mr Pathmanathan gave no indication of the whereabouts of Prabhakaran, who was the prime architect of a 26-year war that claimed at least 70,000 lives.

Military officials said yesterday that Velupillai Prabhakaran had been killed after he was ambushed by Army commandos as he made a desperate attempt to break through Government lines in an ambulance. Prabhakaran, who had sworn never to be taken alive, was badly burnt when his vehicle burst into flames, officials said. No pictures were released of his body and DNA tests were ordered to prove his identity.

Government forces said yesterday that they found 300 bodies strewn over the 100 metre by 100 metre stretch of land where the last Tiger troops had dug in. The pro-Tiger Tamilnet website said the military had carried out a “determined massacre”.....Cont..

Pictures of Prabhakaran's body released

T V Sriram, PTI

Colombo, May 19 (PTI) Sri Lankan army today recovered the body of slain Tamil Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran and splashed its images on the national television after LTTE claimed that he was alive and that the group would continue to fight for a separate homeland. "Prabhakaran's body was found near Nandikadal lagoon (in the No Fire Zone)," Army Chief Gen Sarath Fonseka said in a televised address just an hour after LTTE raised questions over his death with its new international spokesman S Pathmanathan saying Prabhakaran was alive and safe.

The images of the body aired by the television showed Prabhakaran in full battle fatigues with the bullet hole on his forehead above the left eye with his head resting on a newspaper. Prabhakaran's face was intact with eyes wide open and the image bore a close resemblance to the stocky mustached rebel leader. The TV also showed his dog tag and a LTTE identity card bearing his number 0-01. The images were shown on television as Pathmanathan came out with a statement. "Our beloved leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is alive and safe. He will continue to lead the quest for dignity and freedom for the Tamil people." The statement was carried by the pro-LTTE website TamilNet.Com.

How he died

May 19, 2009 11:21 AM
Posted in DefenceWire - parts deleted...
Ogre said...

Dear friends

Thank you for the support you have given to the brave Sri Lanka Defense forces during the last 30 years. Without you the Tamil Terrorist movements attacks would have been not so blunted. Although we should not talk any more about prabhakaran, I mentioned in my last post how he died, being the cowered he is he 'begged' to spare his life. His son wept, the half Malayali Tamil Terrorist who sent thousands of Tamil children and women to their graves did not have the courage to fight when we encircled him. There was more drama but something like what happened to Upatissa Gamanayaka happened to VP and Pottu. None of them wore any cyanide.

Tamils are very down, but as part Tamil myself, I would not be so upset. This war put an end to a process that was unjust. We will make sure that all Sri Lankans will have equal rights and that the causes of this so called discrimination would be solved through both legislative and economic programs. The diaspora are welcomed to come back, the country needs them. This includes Tamils and others alike. The country can be made a beacon of economic and ethnic harmony. We can make it happen. Gone are the days, when we antagonized India, she is our mother (we came from India), the Sinhalese are a mixture of all Indian ethnic races. We will soon see parliament elections, the proportional representation which no one is responsible for their electorate should be corrected. This so the Tamils in north can have their say as well. This should lead to correcting many problems related to resource allocation. The home grown solution is ready, but only after elections.

For those who keep saying VP is not dead, here is a secret: ever wonder of that scar he has on his left leg...yes

May 19, 2009 11:21 AM

your leader wept for his life like a 2 year old baby

May 18, 2009 10:19 AM
Posted in DefenceWire - parts deleted...
Ogre said...


I am not here to argue with you. I am a professional man. You are hearing from a man who has witnessed the most brutal warfare known to man in modern times. I have seen what your LTTE does to your people, the horrors committed against a hapless bunch of Tamils by a half Tamil blooded man who claimed to liberate them.

Just like a Grandmasters Chess Match, piece by piece each foot soldier eliminated, gone are the ponies, left are the leaders. They are no more. A badly burned disfigured Prabhakarans Arm now lying in Colombo would be cremated soon. India helped with forensics since they had his DNA.

The facts stand, your leader wept for his life like a 2 year old baby. He begged on his knees and it was a pathetic site. He said he paid Balasingham over 20 million British Pounds to talk for LTTE. But in the end, he could not even save himself. He died a covered under pathetic conditions.

Again this could be my own imagination. Forget this man, go home and make a good life for yourself. Try to be a better man tomorrow. There is one life to live.
May 18, 2009 10:19 AM

Well here is the true story

duke said...
Posted in DefenceWire / parts deleted..
May 19, 2009

Prabha was captured on the 16th night / 17th morning [early] and brought to Colombo. After interrogation where he squealed like a girl and gave all the required information, he was taken back under guard to the frontline and was executed by the 58th division who had originally captured him in the first place.

He was executed with a single round to the head. Note: When a right-hander holding a hand gun pulls the trigger, the gun always kicks and moves slightly to the right. That is clearly visible from the body, where the bullet hole is visible slightly to the right of the centre of Prabha’s fore head.

May 19, 2009 2:43 PM

Entire LTTP Leadership surrendard on Saturday

POLGONA said...
Posted in DefenceWire / parts deleted..
May 19, 2009

Entire LTTP Leadership surrendard on Saturday (when they annouce they decided to silence its guns). Govt tricked them with assuarance of safe passage if they let go of civilians and surrendard. Remeber Friday people were runing away but saturday they were strolling out as in a park. They were interegated and killed, FATPIG , POTTU and SUSAI was kept to the last, SUSAI MAY STILL BE in custudy as we speak. They could have kept FATPIG liitle longer but KP was trying to get milage out of it saying he is alive so Govt had to finish him and show his body before the Lie get registered. Check Charles anthony is whereing the same shirt alive as in after his death :-))
All the rest are stories put out to confuse everybody so that govt had enough time to get all the information out of these butchers before they are put to sleep
May 19, 2009 3:47 PM

Soosai's body found

5/19/2009 7:49:31 PM

LTTE's sea tiger wing leader Soosai's bullet ridden body has been found by troops this evening. According to the defence sources, army commandos engaged in search and clear operations in the marshy land in Karayamullavaikkal have made this finding.
More information will follow...

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