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 Post subject: Entire earth bund in Karayamulliavaikkal taken by Army
 Post Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 12:55 am 

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Entire earth bund in Karayamulliavaikkal taken by Army
35 LTTE bodies and military hardware recovered
Last ditch stand by Sea Tigers

Sun May 10, 2009

At least 50 LTTE cadres were killed when they clashed with the Sri Lankan military in the last 24 hours. The battle between the military and the rebels seemed to rapidly heading towards a denouement with the land under LTTE’s control reduced to a total of 6 square km. According to the military, the remaining LTTE cadres, including leader V Prabhakaran, could have long been overrun but for the displaced Tamil civilians surrounding them. Estimates say between 20000 and 50000 civilians continue to be trapped inside the NFZ.

In fighting on land, at least 35 Tamil Tigers were killed when Sri Lankan army (SLA) troops smashed an earth bund built by the rebels in their last stronghold after days of fierce fighting, the defence ministry said. Amid fierce resistance from the rebels, troops of the army's 58 Division Friday evening "gained total control over the entire earth bund built by the LTTE in Karayamulliavaikkal", the ministry added. ``Fierce fighting commenced on May 6 and lasted for days as terrorists made their fullest strength to hold the earth bund built to resists the security forces' offensive march," the ministry said, adding that in the subsequent search operation in the area, troops recovered 35 LTTE bodies along with rebel military hardware.

Second-In-Command of the LTTE sea tiger wing identified as Cheliyan was killed in a confrontation occurred when troops advanced to capture the LTTE build earth bund in general area Karayanmullivaikkal on 7th May. According to the available sources, Cheliyan has led many attacks on the Sri Lanka Navy in the past and received injuries in a confrontation with the Navy on 27th March 2008. In the meantime, spokesperson LTTE, known as Ilanthirayan has succumbed to his injuries today, 10 May, pro-LTTE websites claimed. According to the pro-LTTE websites, Ilanthirayan was a senior cadre of the terror outfit from Batticaloa and he had been in key positions of the LTTE.

Close on the heels of losing the earth bund at Karayamulliavaikkal to the advancing 58 Division, the Tigers mounted a desperate attempt to cause some damage to the navy deployed off the Mullaitivu coast. The assault spearheaded by suicide cadres of the Black Sea Tigers had ended in failure with all four craft involved in the operation either blasted or captured by the navy. The SLN captured an LTTE suicide boat along with a badly damaged attack craft following the fierce confrontation off the Mullaitivu coast. Although bodies of only two LTTE cadres had been recovered, monitoring of enemy transmissions revealed the loss of 14 cadres. Acting Navy spokesman Commander Mahesh Karunaratne said that one explosives-packed boat operated by Black Sea Tigers and one attack craft had been destroyed in the attack involving the Special Boat Squadron, the Rapid Action Boat Squadron and Fast Attack Craft. Yesterday’s confrontation was the first since the LTTE hit a locally built navy boat deployed on the first line of cordon off the no fire zone about a week ago killing four personnel.

 Post subject: Taking the earth bund in Karayamulliavaikkal
 Post Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 1:28 am 

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Taking the earth bund in Karayamulliavaikkal

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Troops of the 58 Division under the command of Brigadier Shavendra Silva following a fierce battle captured the LTTE’s last earth bund last Fridaty that opened up their path to reach their final victory. According to military officials the earth bund was the biggest such they have come across inside the NFZ as it has been constructed by the LTTE before the troops entered the NFZ. Fierce fighting erupted in this terrain in Vellamullivaikkal as LTTE deployed their well trained cadres on the battlefront without keeping faith on their half trained cadres and newly recruits to fight with the troops of the 58 Division.

The battle turned out to be a bitter one for the troops as they have to cross the heavy mine field laid by the LTTE in this terrain during night hours as the massive open areas do not permit them to launch any operation during the day. The severe hot weather conditions prevailing there in this desert like land also makes it difficult for them to engage in any military operations. Therefore, they have to conduct all their operations during night hours engaging in Reece missions during the day.

After overcoming all earth bunds, the 58 Division troops determined to take up the challenge of capturing this final earth bund on Wednesday night. Accordingly 6 Gemunu Watch (GW) battalion under the command of Lt. Colonel Kamal Pinnawala, 7 Sinha Regiment (SR) battalion under the command of Lt. Colonel Kithsiri Liyanage and 9 Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (VIR) under the command of Lt. Colonel Sisira Herath were entrusted with the task of capturing this heavily fortified earth bund from A-35 road towards the beach in the Eastern coast. Since the operation was a serious one, 58 Division GOC Brigadier Shavendra Silva personally directed ground troops in their advance towards the earth bund while observing the Tiger reactions through the UAV visuals from the operations room of the 58 Division. Even Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka was keenly observing the progress of the battle from Colombo since it was a crucial battle that would decide the final battle against the LTTE.

The capture of the earth bund was not an easy game. In some areas troops faced less resistance and managed to capture it during their first attempt. The 6 GW troops managed to capture the bund in their first attempt but later faced stiff resistance from the LTTE with scores of soldiers sustaining injuries in their bid to hold onto the earth bund.

The 7 SR troops faced stiff resistance from the LTTE in the middle of the bund between the A-35 road and the beach. On one occasion the troops had to be withdrawn from the positions they captured in the earth bund due to heavy LTTE resistance. Dozens of soldiers sustained injuries and some made the supreme sacrifice during their advance into the earth bund which was full of Anti Personnel Mines. There were occasions they could not even evacuate their casualties due to stiff LTTE resistance.

On some instances, as they were operating at different locations of the earth bund, troops could not recognize Tiger cadres who had arrived there giving Army identification during night hours. But ultimately the troops of the 58 Division stood victorious by Thursday night after repulsing all the counter LTTE attacks. It was considered to be the most decisive battle the LTTE had fought within the NFZ as 58 Division troops recovered more than 35 bodies of well trained Tiger cadres along with massive stocks of arms and ammunitions during search operations conducted on Friday. Among the recoveries were automatic grenade launchers which have been recovered from the LTTE for the first time.

The troops managed to advance another 600 meters from the earth bund as they face no other obstacle in the vicinity during their advance.

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