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 Post subject: Over 500 Tigers killed, 420 bodies recovered
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:49 pm 

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Over 500 Tigers killed, 420 bodies recovered

LTTE’s intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman, Theepan and Bhanu are believed to have led LTTE fighting formations. Military sources based in Vavuniya said that Bhanu was believed to have sustained injuries during Saturday’s fighting. Bodies of senior LTTE cadres including Theepan, Ruben, Nagesh, Gadaphi, Vidusha, Durga and Kamalini were recovered and identified over the past 48 hours. Theepan is the most senior military leader to be killed in the battlefront and his body was recovered by the 6 Gajaba Regiment troops attached to the 53 Division.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Over 500 Tamil Tigers were reported killed including senior LTTE rankers Theepan (LTTE's former 'Northern region' chief), Ruben, Nagesh, Gadaphi (former body guard of Prabakaran), Vidusha ('Malathi' female wing head), Durga ('Soothiya' female wing head) and Kamalini following pitched battles that ensued between troops and LTTE, East of Puthukkudiyirippu in the last 4 days, the military sources reported.


Troops also gained total control over Puthukkudiyirippu considered LTTE's last stronghold at the Mullaittivu battlefront, neutralizing pockets of terrorist resistances military said adding that troops are now positioned to make further tactical moves into the remaining territory to free hundreds of civilians held hostage by LTTE.

“The only uncleared area left for the remaining LTTE cadres and leaders are the no-fire zone,” military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.

He said several top ranking LTTE leaders were confirmed killed during the fierce battle that lasted three days. The troops recovered 420 LTTE bodies in this area. Among the senior LTTE rankers killed were Theepan LTTE’s former Northern region chief who was involved in capturing the Elephant Pass military base in 2002, Ruben, Nagesh, Gadhafi former body guard of Prabhakaran who also held the position of LTTE weapons instructor, Vidusha ‘Malathi’ female brigade wing head, Durga ‘Soothiya’ female regiment head, and Kamalini LTTE women political leader.


“This was the first time that troops were able to kill such a large number of LTTE leaders in one occasion,” the spokesman said. LTTE's 'artillery wing' head Manniwannan was killed in the fighting yesterday hours after troops claimed total control of Puthukkudiyiruppu.
The 53 Division, Task Force 8 and 58 Division have marched into the remaining LTTE resistance positions killing a large number of LTTE cadres and seizing a large haul of LTTE weaponry. Among the items were three 130mm Artillery guns, one 85 mm Artillery guns, one 30mm Pedal gun, more than 600 small arms and a huge stock of 12.7 weapons.

The spokesman also said troops were preparing to rescue thousands of civilians trapped in the safe zone. “Troops are now positioned to make further tactical moves into the remaining territory to free hundreds of civilians held hostage by LTTE,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Defence Ministry said LTTE’s intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman, Theepan and Bhanu have led the LTTE fighting formations. It also said military-intercepted LTTE communication revealed that Adithyan, LTTE's former person in-charge of Welioya was also among the dead LTTE cadres.

Lawrence and Bhanu, were also reported injured while the latter, over-all in-charge of LTTE's artillery and mortar unit had sustained severe injuries, military said citing intercepted LTTE communication. The reports said the LTTE was still attacking the troops from the ‘no-fire zone’ from south and north. “The LTTE cadres mingling with the civilians continue to carry out attacks against the military,” a ground military official said. “But we can’t retaliate as there are more than 61,000 civilians in the area.”

Troops in Puthukkudiyiruppu found personal documents of LTTE Leader Prabhakaran from a well fortified bunker in the area. Among the documents, the birth certificate (BC), some applications for the Moratuwa University believed to be for his son Charles Anthony and the family album of Prabhakaran were found from a location, where the Tiger leaders used as an operation control room.

Among the arms and ammunition recovered were one 30 mm anti-aircraft gun, three 12.7 mm anti-aircraft guns, seven multi purpose machine guns [MPMG], three light machine guns [LMG], 43 T-56 assault rifles, six T-81 rifles, two 40 mm grenade launchers, four 5.56 mm weapons, three RPG launchers, 28 radio communication sets, one disposable RPG launcher and three improvised explosive devices [IED].

The army said that the 30 mm weapon could be the one frequently fired at SLAF jets and helicopter gunships carrying out sorties in the northern theatre of operations.

The 8 GR (Gajaba Regiment) troops had recovered one US made M16 rifle, one luxury jeep, an armour plated container, a van, and two motorbikes.

The 14 GR on Saturday created history when troops captured one 130 mm artillery piece in combat. They also captured four T-56 assault rifles, two claymore mines, 40 improvised bombs, 55 hand grenades, several radio communication sets, ammunition and explosive devices.

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