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 Post subject: Another LTTE boat destroyed, four Sea Tigers killed
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:55 pm 
Another LTTE boat destroyed, four Sea Tigers killed
"65 soldiers Killed and 120 wounded on Saturday" - LTTE
Troops of Task Force-2 link with the Task Force - 4 troops

Sunday, December 28, 2008
@ IANS / MOD / Agencies

The Sri Lankan Navy on Sunday destroyed a suspected logistic supply boat of the Tamil Tigers, killing four Sea Tiger cadres aboard the boat in the northern seas, military sources here said.

Navy spokesman Commander D.K.P. Dassanayake said the navy's fast attack craft on routine patrol intercepted “the 16-meter-long LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) logistic boat carrying war-like materials 12 nautical miles northeast of Point Pedro around 12.20 a.m. on Sunday”.

“We opened heavy fire at the LTTE boat when it attempted to flee upon interception, destroying it completely. We suspect at least four Sea Tiger cadres aboard the boat were killed in this incident,” Commander Dassanayake told IANS Sunday, adding that there was no damage to the navy.

Separatly, troops of Task Force-2 linked with the Task Force - 4 troops Sunday morning (28 Dec) along the Pulinankulam - Nedunkeni road after an advance of TF-2 troops from Nainamadu. Troops linked about 800 m southwest of Nedunkeni town. This union brought the whole stretch between Pulinankulam and Nedunkeni under full Army control since Sunday (28). Loosing mobility along this road totally isolated the scattered LTTE groups in the area severing them with their administrative units.

Tamilnet website quoted the Tigers as saying they had killed at least 65 soldiers and wounded 120 in the north of the island on Saturday. "The LTTE officials said they seized more than 15 rifles and recovered 16 Sri Lanka army dead bodies in the clearing mission that followed," on Saturday, the Tamilnet said. The rebels did not say if they suffered any casualties. The Tigers said 50 soldiers were killed at Alampil while another 15 were killed at Uduppukulam in the district of Mullaittivu.

In the mean time, a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber killed seven security personnel and a civilian at a base just outside Sri Lanka's capital on Sunday. The male bomber infiltrated the base of the Civil Defence Force near a market in Wattala, a suburb of the capital Colombo, a police official at the scene said.

"The suicide bomber managed to get through the first checkpoint and stage the bombing inside the CDF detachment," the officer said. "An officer and four men were killed on the spot."

Twenty people were taken to hospital, of whom three were dead on arrival. Several vehicles at the nearby market had their windscreens shattered.

 Post subject: Newly designed LTTE boat destroyed
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:21 pm 
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Newly designed LTTE boat destroyed

by Shamindra Ferdinando
@ Source The Island / 29 Dec 2008

The navy on Sunday thwarted an attempt to bring in urgently needed military supplies from India in a newly designed LTTE vessel.

Authoritative defence sources said that it had been designed to evade radar and reach the north-eastern coast. The navy said that the vessel powered by three OBMs (outboard motors) had been designed to avoid radar by reducing the profile of the craft. It was just eight or nine inches above water and could have easily avoided detection had the navy been aware of the presence of such craft, another official told ‘The Island’.

An official described the vessel as one similar to those used by Colombian drug smugglers to move large stocks of narcotics.

After detecting LTTE boat movement from the direction of the Indo-Lanka maritime boundary, Fast Attack Craft (FACs) had zeroed-in-on the vessel about 12 nautical miles north-east of Point Pedro. "It was hit within ten minutes," a military official said, asserting that it couldn’t have come from anywhere else but India. He estimated the number of LTTE cadres killed in the confrontation at four.

The navy on December 20 thwarted a desperate LTTE attempt to replenish its depleted arsenal by sinking a supply vessel attempting to slip through a heavy naval cordon off Mullaitivu coast.

Fast Attack Craft (FACs) had zeroed-in-on the vessel at about 2 a.m. after Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) took up position in the area of operation.

Naval units had trapped and sunk the vessel which was about 35 to 40 metres long, off the Mullaitivu coast. The navy asserted that the LTTE was trying to take advantage of rough seas to bring in urgently needed ammunition.

The LTTE had admitted the loss of 12 cadres and injuries to 20 during the December 20 confrontation.

The navy recently reinforced the blockade off Mullaitivu to thwart a possible arms smuggling attempt as the LTTE fiercely resisted a relentless army advance on the Vanni front.

It was the first destruction of an LTTE ship by the navy after the successful attack on their largest floating arsenal about 2,600 kilometres south of Dondra head on October 7, last year.

The navy blasted seven ships in separate confrontations on September 17, 2006, February 28, 2007, 18 March 2007 (two) and 10 and 11 September 2007 (three).

The latest abortive bid was made amid speculation of a possible attempt to land aircraft loaded with supplies on one of the two airstrips located east of A9 in the LTTE-held territory.

Since the loss of its supply route through the Gulf of Mannar, due to the liberation of the north-western land stretch from Mannar to Pooneryn and naval deployment, the LTTE’s access to the sea through the area between north of Alampil and Nagarkovil has been cut off.

Military officials asserted that the latest loss of a ship would be a major setback to the enemy against the backdrop of a severe shortage of the entire range of ammunition. They expressed the belief that the LTTE was on the verge of running out of ammunition.

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