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 Post subject: Sinna-Paranthan captured, counter-offensive beaten
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:48 pm 
67 Killed, another 2KM of earth bund captured
President says rebels facing ban unless they release all civilians


Monday, December 22, 2008

Sri Lankan troops launched a major attack Monday against Tamilsl fortifications, sparking clashes that killed 57 tigers and 10 soldiers, the military said. The Tamil Tigers said more than 100 soldiers were killed.

The military succeeded in seizing another mile-wide (2 kilometer) stretch of the 11-mile (17-kilometer) long earthen bunker Monday. The army now controls more than 4 miles (7 kilometers), Military said.

"The army's 57th Division and Task Force 1 today captured 2 Km (1 mile) in the bund and fighting in the area killed 56 LTTE terrorists and wounded 86," a spokesman at the Media Centre for National Security said on customary condition of anonymity. Ten soldiers were killed and 40 were injured, he said.

"Army Soldiers attached to 582 Brigade have extended their defences destroying LTTE strong points observed in general area Nivil".

Meanwhile, the rebel-affiliated TamilNet Web site quoted rebel official Seevaratnam Puleethevan as saying the Tigers repulsed a multi-pronged assault on Tiger defenses guarding Kilinochchi. More than 100 soldiers were killed and 250 others wounded, Puleethevan said.

Monday, air force jets destroyed five rebel attack boats off the northeastern coast, Nanayakkara said. Fighter jets hit an attack craft off the Mullaittivu coast and later bombed four more boats camouflaged and anchored in the same area, Military said. He said casualty figures were not known.

Troops of Task Force 1 shot at a suspected cab in Nivil area in Killinochchi District yesterday (21st) afternoon inflicting heavy damage on it. It is suspected that an LTTE leader was traveling in the vehicle.

Separately, army snipers deployed in 582 Brigade have taken three targets ahead of the own defence line in general area Nivil, the military report received from the battlefront said.


President Mahinda Rajapakse Monday warned the Tamil Tigers that they would face a proscription unless they released all civilians who are kept against their will. Rajapakse warned the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that they ought to allow freedom of movement to all Tamil civilians. "They will face a ban and all other consequences if they failed to do so by the dawn of the New Year," Rajapakse said when addressing a gathering at the Presidential Secretariat. The government created a humanitarian corridor for the civilians to leave the battle zone. But the LTTE with a strict pass system holding them on, the government said.

The military added that some 60 civilians had arrived Monday inthe Nedunkerni area captured Sunday from the LTTE control. The government accuses the rebels of holding civilians against their wishes.

In the mean time, Tamil Tigers told BBC that they will continue to fight even if they lose their political headquarters town of Kilinochchi.

 Post subject: 'Sinna-Paranthan' falls to security forces
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 2:26 pm 
'Sinna-Paranthan' falls to security forces
Military beat back LTTE counter-offensive
A third LTTE air strip captured


Task Force 1 soldiers beat back a Tamil Tiger counter-offensive killing at least 18 guerrillas, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday. The LTTE mounted the offensive at their forward boundary south of Sinna Paranthan area outside of Kilinochchi on Wednesday. "The terrorists tried to regain their lost battlefield fortifications located about 6 km west of Paranthan on the Pooneryn- Paranthan road early this morning with a massive ground assault supported with artillery and mortar fire." "Well prepared troops engaged the advancing terrorists with armour, tanks, artillery and infantry causing heavy damage," the Ministry said in a statement. It said 18 tigers including an LTTE regional leader were killed and another 34 wounded, but did not give details of casualties on the government side. The Tamilnet said there was heavy fighting in the area, but gave no further details.

Troops of the Task Force -1 captured the village of Sinna Paranthan, northwest of the rebels' de facto capital of Kilinochchi, on Tuesday. Reports received from the battlefront confirmed over 20 LTTE LTTE were killed and many injured during the confrontations. Troops have recovered 5 LTTE bodies, similar number of T-56 assault riffles and an I-com set while consolidating defences in the area.

According to Army media, troops faced stiff resistance from LTTE in the battle for Sinna-Paranthan, which is located along the A-35 main road, 6km West of Paranthan Township. Farmers inhabited the village before LTTE dominated the area, the sources said adding that LTTE bunkers and trenches were built in close perimeters of the government buildings including a school and the Divisional Secretariat office.

The Air Force on Wednesday launched three strikes at LTTE positions in the Paranthan and Muhamalai area amid continued pitched battles in the north. According to a spokesperson, jets pounded “LTTE gatherings” in Paranthan and a defence line in Muhamalai.


The pro-LTTE TamilNet however alleged that a convent, located near Paranthan junction was bombed on Tuesday.

The military said the established forward defence line (FDL) at Kumulamunai was further expanded, as troops made fresh advances into LTTE held territory. “The terrorists had regrouped and made successive attempts to regain the lost territory but were left with defeat including soaring battle casualties. Fighting continued till late evening as the valiant soldiers expanded the defences further.”


"Troops have found a third LTTE air strip (in recent fighting) which is 350 metre-long north of Ampakamam in Mullaittivu District," military said. "Task Force 3 troops, 632 brigade commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Subashana Welikala, found an airstrip built by the LTTE terrorists from a jungle area south of Iranamadu tank this forenoon (Dec 24)". This 25 metres wide and 350 metres long runway is the third one to capture by troops. First was found in Panikkankulam and the second on the Pooneryn-Paranthan road.

 Post subject: Army seizes Mulliawalai town in Mullaittivu
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:51 pm 
Army seizes Mulliawalai town in Mullaittivu; Tanniyuttu under siege

Saturday, December 27, 2008

59 Division troops have gained total control over the Mulliawalai township along the A-34 Mankulam- Mullaittivu main road Friday (Dec 26), following a fierce gun battle with LTTE that raged for over 36 hours, military sources said.

According to latest reports received from the battlefield, 16 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (16 SLLI) regiment troops have now gained total control of Mulliawalai, after breaking into the remaining LTTE resistance points in the area, yesterday.


The military says its ground forces backed by artillery, armored vehicles, fighter jets and helicopter gunships have forced the Tigers to retreat from much of Mullaittivu on the northeast coast in recent weeks.

As part of that campaign, air force jets bombed a hideout believed to be used by top LTTE leaders deep in the jungle in Mullaittivu, said air force spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara.

Earlier, on Thursday (25) soldiers captured an LTTE communication tower located North of Mulliyawali. According to Army media sources, "3 fortified overhead bunkers constructed in defence of the tower with a height of about 40 ft showed its significance to the LTTE in maintaining communication between their bases".

LTTE resistances in Mullaittivu are disintegrating with the intense military amour, artillery and infantry assaults, Wanni defences sources said adding that the 7GW troops have also closed-in on Tanniyuttu, an LTTE stronghold located 3.5km further Northeast along the A-34 main road.

Security forces have now gained control over a 9km stretch of the A-34 main road, along the Oddusudan- Mullaittivu main road. This is the first time ever that security forces have entered into the fringes of Mulliyawali and its outskirts, defence observers stated.

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