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 Post subject: Shocking murder of a 19-year-old girl - Photos added...
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2005 3:19 am 
Night of horror at luxury flat
Pretty girl allegedly raped and killed

By Kurulu Kariyakarawana
DM 02JUL2005

Mystery surrounds the shocking murder of a 19-year-old girl who was allegedly raped and brutally killed outside her luxury apartment at Royal Park condominium in Welikada late on Thursday night, police said yesterday.

The pretty young girl Yvonne Johansson was the daughter of Swedish national Roger Johansson who is working at a diplomatic mission and Sri Lankan Chamalika Johansson.

Yvonne Johansson’s mother Chamalka, father Roger and sister Caroline. Inset: Wreaths for the dead girl. Pictures by Ranjith Jayaweera

The body of the girl with her clothes stripped was found in a pool of blood on the staircase of the 19th floor. Police said neighbours had seen the body early yesterday and called the police.

Neighbours said the body was found facedown with blood still pouring from her mouth and ears.According to investigators, evidence indicated the teenage girl had returned after a party at a popular night club and was believed to have been alone in her 23rd floor apartment on that fateful night.

Police detectives said it was possible that the killer might have been an intruder or a person known to the young girl.

They said it was possible the killer had chased her down the stairway.

According to detectives she was killed by either falling facedown from the stairway while running or the killer had smashed her head against the floor.

A magisterial inquiry was held yesterday morning and special police teams headed by ASP M A Gunasekara and Inspector Samarasinghe were conducting further investigations while the body was kept at the National hospital morgue.

The Royal Park condominium is under heavy security guard with hi tech security devices and surveillance cameras. Despite this police said there had been some robberies and the security staff had not been very cooperative with the police.

 Post subject: Suspect arrested at the scene of the crime
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 2:04 am 
Suspect arrested at the scene of the crime
Royal Park killing: Rape ruled out

by Shamindra Ferdinando
The Island / 04JUL2005

Police investigating Friday's horrific killing of 19-year-old Yvonne Johansson at the prestigious Royal Park condominium, Saturday evening arrested the boyfriend of the victim's younger sister, a student of Colombo International School. The suspect had vehemently denied his involvement in the killing.

The suspect and the two sisters had been at the Taj Samudra’s night club with a group of CIS students before visiting other night spots shortly before the killing.

A senior CID spokesperson said that the 21-year-old suspect was taken in for questioning at the Johanssons' luxury 23rd floor apartment. The suspect had been with the family and friends, grieving the death of Yvonne, a fashion designer student studying overseas.

The suspect is believed to have had an affair with the victim earlier. He lives down Bagatale Road, Colombo 3.

Quoting the Judicial Medical Officer's report, the official ruled out rape. "There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest the victim was raped or sexually assaulted," he said.

The girl had severe head injuries, he said, adding that the attacker had also strangled her.

A few hours before police arrested the suspect, police chief Chandra Fernando expressed confidence in cracking the case.

The victim was the daughter of Swedish national Roger Johansson and Sri Lankan Chamalika Johansson. Yvonne was found in a pool of blood on the staircase of the 19th floor.

Fernando said that he assigned a special CID team to investigate the killing. "We have certain clues," he said adding that they would investigate several aspects including possible security lapses. He declined to elaborate.

The investigators are likely to depend on scientific evidence including finger prints to prove their case. "Even if the suspect confesses we would have to prove our case," the CID spokesperson said while emphasising that a confession wouldn't be admissible in a court of law.

According to statements obtained from several persons including the victim's sister, she along with her boyfriend had returned to her Royal Park apartment around 2 a.m. on Friday.

Investigators believe that Yvonne had walked in as the suspect was leaving the apartment after dropping Yvonne's sister. The police acknowledged that no one had seen or heard the suspect and Yvonne on the 23rd floor. Her body was found around 9 am on Friday.

"We are trying to establish the suspect's movements between 2 a.m. and the time the body was found," an investigator said. He had claimed that he left in a three wheeler after dropping Yvonne's sister at her apartment. Police are in the process of checking the suspect's statement. "We want to establish whether he hired a three wheeler," the spokesman said.

Royal Park condominium boasts of 24-hour security with a high-tech security apparatus. The apartment occupied by the Johanssons is owned by Prima Ceylon.

The police chief said there was evidence to suggest that the victim struggled and made a desperate bid to run away from the killer. She was killed by falling face down and hitting her head while running down the stairway or by the killer smashing her head against the wall.

 Post subject: Yvonne killing: Remanded suspect makes confession
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2005 1:30 am 
Yvonne killing: Remanded suspect makes confession

By Kurulu Kariyakarawana
DM / 05JUL2005

The 21-year-old suspect who was remanded after being produced before Hulftsdorp Magistrate on Sunday for the killing of a teenage fashion designing student yesterday allegedly confessed to the CID on his actions which led to the death.

The suspect Samantha Jayamaha - son of a business family - was arrested last Saturday and interrogated for many hours before being produced before a Magistrate and remanded in a case which has caused shock and horror, especially in elite circles.

A senior CID officer said that according to the confession, the suspect and Yvonne had been involved in an argument at the Royal Park condominium early on Friday, leading to a scuffle and the killing.

The suspect has allegedly confessed he pushed Yvonne from the stairway as a result of the struggle and she had fallen. She was later dragged some steps down and her head was rammed against the wall.

Royal Park murder suspect Sharmantha Jayamaha enters the Colombo Chief Magistrate's Court premises on 1st of August 2005 morning. The suspect's girl friend Caroline (17) is the younger sister of the victim whose murder triggered the ongoing police crackdown on night clubs.(Pic by Kamal Bogoda)

The blood stained body of the 19-year-old girl who hainterrogatedd come back to Sri Lanka from the United States from her summer vacation was found around nine in the morning with her pair of jeans twisted around her neck. It is now suspected that the youth had tried to strangle Yvonne by using her own jeans.

The detective said the CID had conducted several scientific experiments on some evidence including hair and found that it belonged to the suspect who was the former boy friend of the slain girl and was later reported to be having an affair with her younger sister. A DNA test has also been carried out yesterday and the results were awaited.

After recording the confession the suspect was taken to Welikada jail under tight security and remanded. He will be produced before the Hulftsdorp Magistrate again on Thursday.

 Post subject: 'Mama don't worry Yvonne will come home'
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 2:26 am 
'Mama don't worry Yvonne will come home'

by Anjana Gamage
CDN / 06JUL2005

"Mama don't worry. Yvonne will come home," were Caroline Jonsson's words to her weeping mother Chamalka who was waiting anxiously for her eldest daughter Yvonne to return home. But she never returned.

Yvonne Jonsson (19) was found murdered last Friday at the 19th floor of the Royal Park Condominium in Rajagiriya.

The casket carrying Yvonne's remains was lying in the main hall of her apartment. It was surrounded with wreaths.

Chamalka (40), father Roger (54) and the youngest sister Caroline (17) expressed their thoughts on Yvonne's murder to the Daily News.

Chamalka said she had known the boy suspected of murdering Yvonne for a long time. "He was a childhood friend of Yvonne and Caroline. All of them studied at the Colombo International School and the boy's family was well known to us. After completing the CIS studies, Yvonne went to the USA in December to follow a fashion designer course. Most media reports have said that the suspect was Yvonne's boyfriend which was not true. He was Caroline's boyfriend."

Caroline, only sister of Yvonne, recalled the events of the night the murder took place.

"My sister and I went to pick Shramantha (the suspect) from Bagatale Road. We went in Yvonne's vehicle. Then we went to White Horse in Navam Mawatha. We met four of our friends there. From White Horse we went to Glow, and then three of us again went to Blue Elephant at the Hilton.

"As there was no crowd, we again went to the Glow. There we met another Korean girl, who was a family friend of ours. The four of us went back to Blue Elephant and we were there only for 10 minutes. We went to the main entrance of the Hilton to get Yvonne's car from the Valet parking.

That night I had an argument with my boy friend Shramantha. I was crying and decided to get a cab from Hilton to go home. My sister Yvonne noticed that I was in tears and blamed Shramantha. My sister and the Korean girl left the Hilton and went back to Glow. I got into the Hilton cab with him and came home. It was after 2.00 a.m.

"After staying at my place for some time, he called a cab from my room and left. At that time I assumed that he had gone. I left the door unlocked for my sister to come in. I wrote a note to her : "When you come home please wake me up" and went to my room to sleep.

On Friday morning my mother woke me up to go for classes and inquired about Yvonne. I received a SMS from Shramantha. I sent a message to him saying that my sister never came home last night. In reply he sent a message saying: " She must be still rocking it". Then I called the Korean girl from my landline and asked her where my sister was. According to her, she has left Yvonne at Glow and had gone to Taj."

Chamalka and Caroline left home around 9.30 am on Friday to attend classes. But as a mother Chamalka felt something 'unusual' as she was worried about her daughter's missing.

Chamalka said: "While we were half way, I realised that I had not seen my daughter at all last night. Even if she was going for a swim, she used to tell me. I was so depressed with the situation and asked the driver to drive back home. I saw a police jeep near the entrance to the Royal Park and my frightened thoughts were intensified.

"I asked my younger daughter to be in the vehicle till I went up. Some police persons were standing in front of my house. I phoned one of my friends and said that my daughter is missing and asked her to come soon. That friend asked me why I didn't speak to the police, that it must be an accident. But I told my friend that it can't be because Yvonne's vehicle was parked down stairs. I asked Caroline to come up.

By the way the Police have found an ID photograph of Yvonne and asked me : " Do you know anything about her. I was shivering and Caroline was comforting me saying " Mama don't worry, she will come home. `Meanwhile my friend whom I phoned came and asked: 'Do you know what had happened?, I said I don't want to know and he said that Yvonne had been murdered in the same building. I saw my daughter for the last only on Thursday. I did not go to the place where the murder took place, I have no guts and still I could not believe what had happened to my loving daughter."

Caroline who has lost her loving sister said: "Shramantha and I were close friends for so many years. But we started dating from February. My sister never liked him. She said that Shramantha does not match me. But whenever three of us went out, we behaved like good friends.

I don't know in detail about the argument that it is said to have taken place that fateful day. The last message I got from him was that he and his father were going out to a estate. The whole family could not be reached after this incident.

"But on Saturday July 2 afternoon, Shramantha along with her mother and brother came here and even the mother hugged me as well. As we were advised by the police that it is very important to get Shramantha's statement, we phoned the CID at that time and they took him to custody," she said.

Father of Yvonne, Roger, wants justice to take its course without any outside interference.

Roger is in Sri Lanka for the past 15 years. He operates two BOI Rubber manufacturing companies in Piliyandala and Horana. He first visited in Sri Lanka as a tourist in 1975.

"I was called by my wife on that fateful day to come soon home. But it took one hour to come here from Horana. The police even wanted to search my car. I went to the scene and I have never seen an incident like this in my life before. She was lying in a pool of blood with the face down.

The whole face was gone. So far I am satisfied with the Sri Lankan police and the CID investigations," the grieving father said.

A neighbour at Royal Park, Janaki Karunarathne who is staying at level 22 said: "I have visited the scene and one cannot explain in words how Yvonne had been murdered.

It was a brutal murder. She was strangled with her black stockings and the murderer had dashed her head several times. She didn't have a face at all. Her wallet was missing too".

However several residents of the Royal Park pointed out that not repairing the non-functional video camera system was a big mistake by the management of the condominium. It has not been working or two years.

Meanwhile many sources also pointed out the significance of the fingerprints which have been sealed three days after the murder. Source also said that the 19th floor where the murder took place had been sealed only on last Sunday.

According to the sources, the suspect Shramantha, a former student of Colombo International School, comes from a well-known business family in Colombo.

 Post subject: Suspect comes to court in crutches
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 7:45 pm 
Royal Park murder case

Suspect comes to court in crutches

By Susitha R. Fernando
DM / 08JUL2005

The suspect in the murder of Yvonne Jonsson at Royal Park condominium last Friday, had come to court in crutches to mislead the court, the counsel watching the interest of the Jonsson family said before Colombo Magistrate yesterday.

The counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya made this observation when the suspect Sharman Jude Anthony Jayamaha was produced from the remand prison yesterday stating that the young man was “Playing up”.

The CID at this stage informed the Additional Magistrate Ms. Amali Ranaweera that the suspect did not have any injuries to come in crutches to court as even the JMO report had stated he did not have such injuries.

The Jonsson family, Roger Jonsson, wife Chamalika and daughter Caroline were present in court.

Counsel Warnakulasuriya further informed court that this was an unfortunate incident where the suspect with his mother had gone to the funeral after committing the young girl’s murder and had tried to play up. And this was on the instruction of their counsel.

“In the presence of the investigators and family members, the mother of the suspect had acted as if she was closely related to them and she was misleading the investigators,” the counsel said.

“However the mother of the suspect was not able to continue with her part and while participating in the funeral she was talking about the beauty of the surroundings of the funeral house,” the counsel said. While she was there she was getting instructions through SMS messages and thereby she was trying to mislead the investigation.

The OIC CID Chief Inspector Shani Abeysekara made an application to produce the suspect who was limping and had come in crutches to court before the JMO and file a report.

Attorney-at-law Shanika Ranasinghe appearing for the suspect informed court that it was an ailment that he had been undergoing for a long time.

Raising an objection to this, Counsel Warnakulasuriya stated that the suspect had no illness when he was first produced before the JMO and this was a ploy to show that a person in this state could not commit such a crime.

The Magistrate also observed that the first report issued when the suspect was first produced before the JMO did not show that he was undergoing any difficulty.

The court ordered the CID to produce the Government Analyst report and the DNA report in connection with the murder of the Yvonne Jonsson and the suspect was remanded till July 18.

 Post subject: A case of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and fast life
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 1:33 am 
Royal Park killing: A case of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and fast life

by Shamindra Ferdinando
Sunday Island / 17JUL2005

The CID believes Shramantha Jayamaha now in remand in connection with the recent killing of 19-year-old fashion designer student Alanska Yvonne Jonsson is heavily on to drugs.

"The possibility of the young man being high on narcotics at the time of the killing is being investigated," a senior police officer said.

The suspect’s 17-year-old girlfriend Caroline admitted that she and her murdered sister, too, were aware of Shramantha’s dependence on narcotics.

The suspect is believed to have been addicted to cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy, the officer said. According to him, Yvonne had strongly opposed her sister’s love affair with Caroline. Although Caroline claimed that there had been no relationship between the suspect and his elder sister, the investigators believe otherwise.

Yvonne was found murdered on the 19th floor of the plush Royal Park condominium at Rajagiriya on July 1. Police found her leopard skin tights pulled down and used to strangle her.

The CID is expected to forward the file to the Attorney General this week.

Plainclothesmen had unsuccessfully searched the suspect’s Bagatalle Road residence for the clothes he was wearing at the time of the killing. Investigators believe that his blood stained clothes may have been burnt.

Caroline testifying before Colombo Additional Magistrate Amalie Ranaweera last Wednesday acknowledged that the suspect had taken narcotics during a visit to Australia. She also claimed that she carried on with Shramantha despite the suspect having several other girlfriends both at the Colombo International School and other leading schools. She also revealed that the suspect made a CIS girl pregnant and said that the CIS suspended her boyfriend some time ago as he was found to be bringing narcotics to the college.

The police said that the 17-year-old girl’s evidence proved that the suspect despite being a drug addict was allowed to visit her any time of the day. Caroline admitted that the suspect accompanied her to her room in the early hours on July 1 after being to several night spots on the previous night.

The CID is contemplating deploying plainclothesmen to apprehend underage youth visiting night clubs and karoke bars. "We are being asked to mount raids on night clubs," police said, adding that several wealthy families called for police action as they were unable to control their children.

Caroline’s evidence suggested that they were regular visitors to certain clubs. She admitted that her boyfriend bought bottles of expensive liquor, ‘banked’ them and drank off them whenever he visited the clubs.

The CID said that wealthy parents should be careful of what their children wear. Yvonne was wearing a black strap top with a silver tie-on accessory stretch pants.

The CID said that too many teenagers drive their own cars and some of them live away from their parents. They have the opportunity to enjoy life years before they were ready for it, a senior policeman said, adding that night clubs and karaoke bars which are actually fronts for high class brothels are frequented by students and there were cases of exclusive parties for women.
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 Post subject: Victim's family to leave the country, request a trial-at-bar
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 12:58 am 
Victim's family to leave the country, request a trial-at-bar

Royal Park murder probe
CID seeks Telecom service providers' help

By Shamindra Ferdinando
The Island / 02Aug2005

The CID, investigating the horrific killing of 19-year-old fashion designer student Yvonne Johanson, is seeking the assistance of two leading telecom service providers, Sri Dialog and Mobitel, to establish the movements of the suspect, Sharmantha Jayamaha, before his arrest on July 2 late afternoon, less than 48 hours after the killing.

The victim's body was found on the 19th floor of the luxury Royal Park housing complex in the Welikada police area.

Chief Inspector Shani Abeysekera yesterday requested Colombo Additional Magistrate Ms Amali Ranaweera (Court Number 4) to direct the service providers to assist the investigators.

Abeysekera and Sub Inspector Ranjith Moonesinghe, representing the CID at the ongoing magisterial inquiry, said that they intended to ascertain the locations from where 11 mobile phones were used by the suspect and several others known to him.

The CID had already established the 11 mobile telephone numbers (ten Sri Diolog and one Mobitel) numbers and intends to challenge the statements made by the suspect and several others in their statements to the CID.

The Colombo Crime Division (CCD) successfully used information obtained from a leading telecom service provider to prove its case against a five-member gang including Kudu Naufer involved in the assassination of Colombo High Court Judge Sarath Ambepitiya.

The service provider made available evidence to justify the CCD findings which linked Naufer with the hit squad.

Hemantha Waranakulasuriya, appearing for the victim's family said the family was under heavy pressure prompting them to leave the country. Waranakulasuriya said that they would return when noticed by the Court.

While expressing concern over the non-availability of a witness protection programme, he said that they would be calling for a trial-at-bar.

The suspect was produced in court at. 10. 30 a.m. The suspect's mother was present in Court. She was accompanied by a former All Ceylon and Sri Lankan cricketer. She stood next to the suspect in the dock in the packed Court room and kissed her son as he was led away by police immediately after Colombo Additional Magistrate remanded him till August 15.

 Post subject: Royal Park Killing - Jayamaha gets 12 years RI
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 3:31 am 
Royal Park Killing - Jayamaha gets 12 years RI

Jayamaha had been charged with the murder of Yvonne Jonsson at the Royal Park Apartments, Rajagiriya on July 01, 2005. Delivering the Judgment, Judge Abeyrathne said that the defence had failed to reject the fingerprint evidence which was against the accused. ‘The accused had failed to explain how his fingerprints with the blood of the deceased girl came on to the railings of the staircase,’ the Judge said. However, the Judge said that the accused had had no previous intention to commit a murder. The Judge found him guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

@ The Island / by Priyalal Sirisena


High Court Judge I. M. Abeyrathne yesterday found Jude Sharmantha Jayamaha guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and sentenced him to 12 years rigorous imprisonment plus a fine of Rs. 300,000.

Jayamaha had been charged with the murder of Yvonne Jonsson at the Royal Park Apartments, Rajagiriya on July 01, 2005. The trial before the High Court commenced in January 2006 and continued for about six months.

Delivering the Judgment, Judge Abeyrathne said that the defence had failed to reject the fingerprint evidence which was against the accused. ‘The accused had failed to explain how his fingerprints with the blood of the deceased girl came on to the railings of the staircase,’ the Judge said. The accused had stopped communicating with the sister of the deceased, for about one and half days after the incident.

Though the defence took the position that the accused was innocent and had faced a shock by merely seeing the body of the deceased, the Judge pointed out that Dr. Perinpanayagam, who gave evidence on the mental condition of the accused, had not examined the accused, but had reached his opinion merely on the statements of the lawyers and the family members of the accused.

However, the Judge said that the accused had had no previous intention to commit a murder. The Judge found him guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Defence counsel Daya Perera pleaded for a reduction in the sentence, as the accused had already spent about one year in remand, and as he was a young person of only 19 years of age.

Apart from the imprisonment, a fine of Rs. 300,000 was imposed on the accused, and another three years imprisonment in default.

Deputy Solicitor General Jayantha Jayasuriya, Senior State Counsel Haripriya Jayasundera and State Counsel Lakmali Karunanayake appeared for the prosecution.

Hemantha Warnakulasiriya PC appeared for the aggrieved party.

Daya Perera PC appeared for the accused Jude Sharmantha Jayamaha.

Johnsson's to appeal


By Jamila Najmuddin
@SL / 30 July2006

Hemantha Warnakulasooriya PC, counsel for the Johnsson's family told The Sunday Leader that they intend appealing against Friday's judgment.

Defence accepts verdict

The defendant Shramantha Jayamaha's legal team said that it accepted the verdict delivered on Friday and was not planning any appeal.

The Yvonne Johnsson trial that shocked the nation came to a conclusion on Friday with the sentencing of the accused Shramantha Jayamaha for 12 years rigorous imprisonment.

Shramantha who was charged for murder which would have carried the death sentence was convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

From the day of the gruesome murder at Royal Park, Rajagiriya on June 30, 2005, the nation had been riveted by the trial which went on for one year.

However within minutes after the judgment, which also included a fine of Rs. 300,000 was announced, Yvonne's family came out of court crying for justice to be done. The family was distraught and said the judgment had been lenient. "We will appeal once again. We will fight till justice is achieved," an angry Roger Johnsson, father of Yvonne cried Friday afternoon.

We will never return

The Yvonne Johnsson verdict has now led the Rogers' to fear for their own lives. It has also led Roger Johnsson to encourage his wife and daughter never to return to the island. Currently in Sri Lanka, Yvonne's mother Chamalka and sister Caroline will soon leave the country for good to settle down in Sweden.

"I will never return to this country. This country has ruined our lives. I have lost a sister and a home. I will continue to fight till my sister's murderer gets a punishment he deserves," Caroline Johnsson lashed out after the verdict.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader Roger Johnsson, along with wife Chamalka and Caroline said that they had no hope remaining for justice. The family rested all hope on the case that justice would finally be done after Yvonne's battered body was found in the stairwell of the Royal Park condominium.

However on Friday they were left shattered and wondering where to seek justice. "Only a mother will understand my grief. Yvonne was my best friend. How can a 19 year old boy kill someone so brutally? We have lost everything," Chamalka cried.

Staring at the candle burning near the picture of her elder daughter in her three bedroom home, Chamalka cried that although it's been a year since her daughter's murder, it still seemed like yesterday when the Welikada Police arrived outside her doorstep with a photograph of Yvonne.

Yvonne was in the island on a holiday, to spend time with her parents and begin a new life as a successful fashion designer. Following her talent for fashion, her parents had sent Yvonne to the United States to make her dream as a designer become a reality.

Brutally killed

Roger Johnsson said that his second daughter, Caroline who had been present with him to identify Yvonne's body had remained silent for days after seeing the brutal manner in which she had been killed.

"Her head had been bashed to the floor and her stockings had been removed and tied around her neck. The position in which my daughter lay had been disgusting. I sat near her body for over an hour. How can a father see the body of his child in such a position?" Roger Johnsson cried.

Describing the gruesome details of that tragic day, Chamalka said that when she arrived home after a short visit with her second daughter Caroline, she found police officers from the Welikada Police Station standing outside her condominium. The officers had waited till Chamalka Johnsson entered her apartment before producing a photograph of Yvonne - a photograph which Yvonne had carried in her wallet. "At that moment I knew something had happened to my daughter," Chamalka said.

According to Yvonne's sister Caroline, Yvonne and Caroline had driven to a night club at Hunupitiya, Gangarama along with the accused during the late hours of June 30, 2005. According to police, the accused is said to have consumed liquor at this spot. Thereafter the three of them had visited another night club at Kollupitiya before returning to a five start hotel in Colombo. At the five star hotel the accused is said to have consumed more liquor.

While he was seated with Yvonne's sister, a passer-by had greeted her innocently. Thereafter both Shramantha and Caroline had returned to the Royal Park apartment in a hired cab. Yvonne stayed back at the hotel and returned later to the Royal Park around 2.30 a.m.

The accused was still lurking around outside the 23rd floor of the apartment building. As Yvonne stepped outside the elevator, he had approached her and demanded his keys and the credit cards from her, which Caroline had dropped into Yvonne's bag. After a heated argument, the accused, according to the Welikada Police, had snatched the bag from her and run down the staircase followed by her.

She had caught up at the 19th floor of the condominium. Whilst trying to grab her hand bag from him a struggle took place. The young man is then said to have bashed Yvonne's head against the wall.

Haunting memory

Caroline who has now dedicated her life to looking after her parents and seeking justice for her sister said that the body of her sister, covered in blood will haunt her for the rest of her life. While she and her mother still sit each night on Yvonne's bed, clutching her clothes, smelling her perfume, their lives have come to a standstill, not knowing who to turn to for help.

"When we go out to dinner, I cannot swallow my food as there is always an empty chair staring back at me. We are a family of four and Yvonne was our happiness. Our happiness was lost forever the night she was murdered," Chamalka Johnsson said.

Caroline Johnsson who had been in a relationship with the accused at the time of Yvonne's murder said that she had lost two very important people - her sister and her boyfriend, 19 year old Shramantha Jayamaha - in the early hours of July 30, 2005. She said while she had been in a relationship with the accused since February last year, never did she imagine that the boy she was involved with would very soon end the life of her sister.

Warned against affair

"My sister had warned me several times not to associate with Shramantha. She and Shramantha had been close friends for a long period of time. I had known Shramantha since I was 11 years old and although he had show interest to begin an affair with me several times before, I finally accepted in February. My sister had been very angry when I told her about this as Shramantha was a spoiled kid, involved in alcohol and drugs," Caroline charged.

Yvonne's mother added, "Caroline was a very bight child in school. She topped her class. However since she started dating Shramantha her grades dropped and Yvonne had called me several times from the US, asking me to make sure that Caroline never went out with Shramantha. If only I had listened to Yvonne's warnings," Chamalka Johnsson said.

Living with the regret of ignoring her sister's warnings, Caroline says that she will never rest till her sister's warnings about Shramantha are exposed to the whole world.

She added that although she cries herself to sleep each night, hoping and praying that her sister would walk through the door once again, she would now achieve all that her sister had wanted her to achieve. "I will make all her dreams come true," she said.

Though Roger, Chamalka and Caroline Johnsson now vow to seek justice done, their hopes still remain shattered forever after the verdict. While all three now hope for a miracle, just to catch a glimpse of Yvonne walking into her home, with arms reaching out for them, they now remain trapped in silence hoping that justice would soon be done for a murder of a child and daughter which was so brutal that it sent shockwaves throughout the country.

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