"170 Soldiers killed, over 400 wounded" - LTTE
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Author:  Guest [ Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  "170 Soldiers killed, over 400 wounded" - LTTE

"170 Soldiers killed, over 400 wounded" - LTTE
"120 Tigers killed, over 250 injured" - Military

Simultaneous attacks against Tiger defences - 5km long stretch of earth bund captured

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In some of the fiercest fighting in the north of the island, at least 25 government soldiers and 120 Tamil Tigers were killed on Tuesday. The Sri Lankan military said 10 more soldiers are missing following the fighting on Tuesday.

Security forces carried out simultaneous attacks against Tamil Tiger defences near Kilinochchi and on the Jaffna peninsula, spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said. Heavy fighting broke out at the outskirts of Kilinochchi and Northern FDLs since early this morning (Dec 16) as military offensive divisions commenced mounting artillery and heavy mortar attacks at identified LTTE locations, shifting the Wanni battle phase into a decisive stage, military sources said.

Military said a further 162 government soldiers and an estimated 250 rebels were also wounded in Tuesday's heavy fighting. The pro-rebel Tamilnet, however, said at least 40 government soldiers were killed and another 120 wounded in the Jaffna peninsula alone.

The figures point to some of the fiercest fighting in the north of the island, where government troops are battling to dismantle the rebels' mini-state, for several months.

Pre-dawn attacks and offensives started almost around the same hours on Tuesday (16) as the weather turned favorable to the fighting troops. Task Force-I troops, operating in the Paranthan west on PParanthan-Pooneryn road and the 57 Division troops storming from the western area of the Iranamadu tank ensured breaching of a 5-km long stretch of the LTTE’s defensive earth bund from many different points amidst fierce offensives.

In addition, Chorikenkulam village area, about 7 km to the west of the A-9 Highway was also brought under the troops on Tuesday as fighting escalated, pushing Tigers further into jungle areas.

53 Division troops in the Jaffna peninsula commenced their offensives after storming Tiger positions on their existing defences in Kilaly and Mujamale areas. Intense and pitched battles caused heavy damages to both sides. According to Army, the troops tactically came back to their original positions at the end of face to face fighting.

Author:  Guest [ Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:29 pm ]
Post subject:  170 Soldiers killed, over 400 wounded - LTTE

"170 Soldiers killed, over 400 wounded" - LTTE
"We are assaulting the edge of Kilinochchi" - Military


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tamil Tigers claimed on Wednesday killing 170 government troops and wounding 420 others during heavy fighting in northern Sri Lanka. The government denied the claims. However, un-confirmed reports claimed over 100 soldiers were killed and 40 more were missing. 200 plus were injured.

The Tigers said they had recovered the bodies of 36 government troops and would be returning them through the International Red Cross. The LTTE did not give details of their casualties.

Government forces attacked LTTE positions around the town of Kilinochchi and on the Jaffna peninsula on Tuesday. The LTTE said they forced the government troops to retreat after nine hours of fighting.The military said it killed 120 Tamil Tiger fighters and that 25 soldiers were killed.

The government said fighter jets and attack helicopters had targeted Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fortifications on Wednesday.

Sri Lanka's military on Wednesday said it was assaulting the edge of Kilinochchi, which the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) claim as capital of the nation they want to create for Sri Lankan Tamils.

The military has been as relentless in assaulting Kilinochchi as the Tigers have been in defending it from kilometres of trenches and bunkers since September. Soldiers are fighting on almost all fronts to the west and south, including below the Mullaitivu port on the east coast. Two more units of near division strength -- Task Forces Four and Five -- are soon to deploy, the military has said.

Tiger leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran in his annual speech in November said the government was living in a "dreamland" if it thought it would win. The diplomatic currency on which the Tigers had long traded -- that they are defending a minority -- suffered this week when Human Rights Watch accused them of mistreating and forcibly recruiting the Tamils they say they represent.

Despite a lot of noise from ethnic Tamil politicians in southern India with decades of links to the LTTE, Rajapaksa and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have agreed Tamil political grievances must be addressed while the Tigers should be dealt with militarily. And since Islamist gunmen assaulted Mumbai last month, analysts say Singh is unlikely to give any quarter to a group his own government lists as a terrorist outfit despite renewed pressure for a ceasefire from Indian Tamil politicians.

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Post subject:  "Black Tuesday" for Army: Nearly 650 casualties in

"Black Tuesday" for Army: Nearly 650 casualties in North

According to informed defence ministry sources who want to remainin anonymous for obvious reasons , about 170 soldiers were killed and 480 security personnel were injured. The sources however said about 300 of injured personnel had sustained minor injuries and are classified as “walking wounded”.

@ transCurrents on December 17, 2008

The Sri Lankan forces have suffered major losses at the hands of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on a single day of fighting in the North.

Tuesday December 16th turned out to be a “Black Tuesday” for the armed forces as they incurred around 650 casualties in fighting against the LTTE in both the Northern mainland of Wanni as well as the Jaffna peninsula.

Tuesday is the day of Mars regarded as the God of war in Greek mythology.

According to informed defence ministry sources who want to remainin anonymous for obvious reasons , about 170 soldiers were killed and 480 security personnel were injured.

The sources however said about 300 of injured personnel had sustained minor injuries and are classified as “walking wounded”.

Official pronouncements have placed army casualties at a very low number not exceeding three digits.

Likewise the official government position was that about 120 tigers were killed and 250 injured.

The LTTE however reportedly lost around 70 cadres. The figures for injury are not known.

The armed forces launched a co-ordinated attack on LTTE positions in the peninsula and mainland before dawn on December 16th.

Soldiers of 53 division broke out from Kilaly in the Jaffna peninsula and targeted the LTTE’s second line of defence along the Kilaly – Eluthumadduvaal axis.

The army had demolished the LTTE first line of defence in fighting some days ago.

After fierce fighting throughout the day the soldiers withdrew without realising their objective.

The Army lost more than 40 men in the fighting within the peninsula while the LTTE lost around 25. Around 160 soldiers were injured.

Simultaneous to the Kilaly assault within the peninsula soldiers of the 57 and 58 divisions also launched a four – pronged operation.

Soldiers moved out from Kunchuparanthan on the Paranthan – Poonagary road towards Paranthan on the A – 9 highway.

In a second move soldiers broke out from Pulikkulam and moved towards Kilinochchi.

In a third manoeuvre soldiers moved from Malaiyaalapuram towards Kilinochchi.

In the fourth move soldiers broke out from Thirumurugandy on the A – 9 and tried to reach Iranaimadhu.

Though fighting on four fronts the soldiers had a common obstacle to surmount.

This was the 18 km long earthbund constructed by the LTTE to strengthen defences around Kilinochchi and Paranthan.

The “L” shaped bund extended from Kunchuparanthan to the west of Paranthan to Iranaimadhu to the south of Kilinochchi.

After a day of fighting the soldiers managed to seize and hold about 5 km of the earth bund in the areas south of Adamban.

The soldiers however incurred heavy losses in the attempt with about more than 130 being killed and around 320 getting injured.

The LTTE lost about 45 – 50 cadres in the fighting.

“Black Tuesday” ended with about 170 soldiers getting killed and around 480 getting injured thus bringing the casualty toll to nearly 650.

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