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 Post subject: Split in Karuna group reported
 Post Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 8:31 pm 
Split in Karuna group reported

Sindujan and the group's intelligence chief, Seelan, were called for a meeting where a Karuna loyalist, Iniyabharathi, killed Sindujan. Seelan escaped miraculously, the paper said. The clash within the group had erupted over the distribution of money.

@ HT / PK Balachandran
Colombo, May 06, 2007

The pro-government Tamil militant group led by the former LTTE commander Karuna has reportedly split, with Karuna and his deputy, Pillaiyan, falling out over money and the command structure.

Quoting military sources The Nation weekly said on Sunday that Pillaiyan had fled to Trincomalee from Batticaloa with 150 of his followers.

Pillaiyan, as the man in the field, had resented Karuna's remote control, reliable sources told Hindustan Times.

The Nation said that the infighting had led to the killing of Sindujan, a Pillaiyan loyalist who was the head of the Karuna group in Amparai district.

Sindujan and the group's intelligence chief, Seelan, were called for a meeting where a Karuna loyalist, Iniyabharathi, killed Sindujan. Seelan escaped miraculously, the paper said. The clash within the group had erupted over the distribution of money.

On the day Sindujan was killed, Karuna had invited Pillaiyan to come over for a discussion. But Pillaiyan had chosen not to go as he knew what awaited him, The Nation said.

Those in the know recall that the Karuna-Prabhakaran split in early 2004 had also occurred over the use or misuse of money. The LTTE's financel department and its intelligence chief (Pottu Amman) had alleged misappropriation of funds by Karuna, who was then the Batticaloa and Amparai district commander.

They asked the Supremo, Velupillai Prabhakaran, to take action against Karuna. Prabhkaran summoned Karuna to the Wanni for a discussion. But Karuna chose not to go because he knew what awaited him.

Instead, he split, struck an alliance with the Sri Lankan government, and formed his own Batticaloa Amparai-based politico-military organisation called Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (Tamil Peoples' Liberation Tigers).

Informed sources say that in the fight within the Karuna group, Karuna will have the upper hand because he represents the 'brand'. Given his past as Prabhakaran's deputy, Karuna is likely to get outside support and not Pillaiyan.

It is likely that Prabhakaran will try to get Pillaiyan and his men to come over to his side, taking advantage of the offer of amnesty including jobs overseas.

Pillaiyan may find it hard to survive on his own. But it remains to be seen if he will exercise the option of seeking refuge in Prabhakaran.

© Copyright 2007 Hindustan Times

 Post subject: Open warfare between Karuna and his deputy
 Post Posted: Tue May 08, 2007 9:06 pm 
Open warfare between Karuna and his deputy Pillaiyan: split due to money and command structure issues

Tue, 2007-05-08
@ Asiantribune

The Karuna Group in the east which broke away from the Vanni-led LTTE has split into two groups, according to sources in Colombo.

The deputy leader Pillaiyan of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal military wing, has broken away from his leader, Murlitharan alias Colonel Karuna. Sources revealed that the falling out has occurred over issues of "money and the command structure".

Asian Tribune reliably learnt that Pillaiyan had also resented the "remote control" approach of Karuna while Pillaiyan was in the field moving with his cadres.

The split ocurred after the two sides engaged in open warfare.

Recently, Pillaiyan who was in Vaharai was summoned to Colombo for a meeting and was ordered to stay in a particular hotel in Colombo. Accordingly Pillaiyan went to Colombo for the meeting.

When he was about to enter the Colombo city, he received an urgent phone call from Seelan that Sinthujan, who was the Commander of the Deep Penetrating Force, was killed. The plan was to send Sinthujan on leave to isolate him from the unit. Accordingly Sinthujan went on leave to his home in Amparai . There in Amparai, he was seized by a group of commanders Inaiyabarathy, Veera, Ranjan, Thileepan and Jeeventiran and brutally killed by ruthlessly assaulting him with crowbars and steel rods. Also Seelan told Pillaiyan that Akilan was shot and he has sustained serious injuries in his hand. Seelan also reported that he was also shot but sustained minor gunshot injuries, but survived from the pursuing killers.

Pillaiyan was also told that there was a move to arrest him in Colombo and already 20 cadres were waiting to grab him in the vicinity of the hotel where he was supposed to go and stay.

Asian Tribune further learnt that nearly 100 cadres under the command of commanders Iniyabarathy, Veera, Ranjan, Thileepan and Jeeventiran ransacked the TMVP offices in the Batticaloa district. When they rounded up the TMVP office located in the Govindan Road Batticaloa, Pradeeb managed to escape. But the rampaging cadres went to his house and chased his wife and her sisters and mother from the house.

As mentioned earlier Seelan who was in charge of Arasady Road Office in Batticalao survived with gunshot injuries when his office was rounded up by rampaging cadres.

Asian Tribune was unable to contact either Pillaiyan or Colonel Karuna for further information.

Sources say that Pillaiyan is now in Trincomalee and there are more than 300 TMVP armed cadres are with him. TMVP commanders Marckan, Sinna Jeyam and others are with Pillaiyan.

Pillaiyan initially wanted to leave Sri Lanka and seek asylum in some other country, but TMVP cadres have urged that he should not leave Sri Lanka and should remain in the country and continue to work for TMVP.

It is learnt Karuna is in Colombo. He came back to Sri Lanka eight months ago.

Before Karuna returned to Sri Lanka, Pillaiyan went to India and made the necessary arrangements to relocate Karuna’s wife and three children safely. After the relocation of the family was done successfully, Pillaiyan arranged to send a common friend from London to bring Karuna back to Colombo.

Once Karuna returned to Colombo, Pillaiyan handed back responsibility of money matters to Karuna, according to a TMVP source.

Copyright © 2006 asiantribune.com

 Post subject: Karuna faction kills the father of Sinthujan
 Post Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 3:04 am 
Karuna faction kills the father of Sinthujan --
Their first victim in rival camp

Thu, 2007-05-10
@ Asiantribune.com

Colombo, 10 May, (Asiantribune.com): Tensions and killings continue to rise in the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) camp divided into two factions -- Karuna Group and Pilaiyan group.

Last night Karuna faction militant cadres led by Iniya Barathy shot and killed Sinthujan’s father Johnson (54 yrs) at Kallaru in the Batticoloa district.

Sinthujan a.k.a Jeyakanthan, a Pillaiyan loyalist, was killed and buried on May 4, 2007 at Kiran. Yesterday, people in the area reported to the Police that a hand was sticking out of the ground. They suspected that there was a dead body buried in the spot.

When the Police exhumed the body they found that was the body of Sinthujan . Eravur Police that exhumed body of Sinthujan removed it to the hospital.

In the meantime, Police began their inquiries by questioning the father of Sinthujan, Johnson. Johnson; father of three children, had alleged that Karuna and his rampaging commanders had killed and buried his son.

Following the police investigation, a team of 15 militants led by Iniya Barathi loyal to Karuna raided the house of Johnson at Kallaru located in the government-controlled area and shot and killed him. They have also warned that Sinthujan wife too was in their hit list.

According to sources, Karuna’s faction has blamed the killing of Johnson to STF police.

Sources in the East told Asian Tribune that the killing of Johnson might hinder a secret negotiation underway to bring the two factions together.

- Asian Tribune -

 Post subject: Pillayan gives ‘final warning’ to Karuna
 Post Posted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:17 pm 
Pillayan gives ‘final warning’ to Karuna
Renewed factional war threatens east as reconciliation attempts fail

Of the 1200 TMVP cadre base, 800 are now said to be in Trincomalee supporting Pillayan, which includes Thuyavan, Markan, Jeyam, Seelan and Ajith, while 400 are siding with Karuna Amman including Mangalan Master, Bharathi, Thileepan and Sinnathambi.

@ DM / By Easwaran Rutnam
Monday, May 28, 2007

A new factional war is threatening to erupt in the East as former Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) commander Pillayan issued a final warning to Karuna Amman to leave the outfit or face the ignominy of being removed by force.

The warning comes as repeated attempts to reconcile the factional dispute between Pillayan and Karuna failed following allegations that Karuna continued to misuse TMVP funds and placed some of his enemies under house arrest as the support base for Pillayan continued to grow.

A top TMVP source, speaking to the Daily Mirror on the condition of anonymity, said the government military was also unable to takes sides as it required the support of Pillayan to retake Thoppigala in the East and Karuna to capture Elephant Pass in the North.

According to the source Pillayan was instrumental in providing ground intelligence to the military for the successful Eastern operations but is not familiar with the terrain in the North as much as Karuna who will be useful as the military makes attempts to wipe out the LTTE from Elephant Pass.

The Daily Mirror also learns that several top aides of Pillayan and Karuna, including the official spokesman for the TMVP Azad Moulana, had fled the country once again as the animosity between the two sides began to flare up and cadres were being forced to decide who they would offer their allegiance to.

Of the 1200 TMVP cadre base, 800 are now said to be in Trincomalee supporting Pillayan, which includes Thuyavan, Markan, Jeyam, Seelan and Ajith, while 400 are siding with Karuna Amman including Mangalan Master, Bharathi, Thileepan and Sinnathambi.

A meeting held recently to reconcile the two sides had reportedly failed, despite Moulana saying otherwise to the media, and according to the source Karuna had used the opportunity to target several Pillayan associates including former spokesman Thuyavan who narrowly escaped death.

A release issued by the Colombo office of the TMVP following a recent central committee meeting further added light to the continuing split as it was announced that Karuna had been reappointed TMVP leader and Mangalan Master as commander, replacing the position held by Pillayan.

“Several Pillayan supporters including some female cadres are now under house arrest in Ampara and Batticaloa. The TMVP is in disarray. Amman has started killing some of Pillayan’s cadres and Pillayan has now decided to take control of Karuna camps,” the TMVP source told the Daily Mirror.

The split initially erupted as allegations were levelled against Karuna Amman saying that he began to divert some Rs. four million of the TMVP funds to his family who are overseas despite the organisation only agreeing to allocate Rs. 1.5 million. According to the source, the TMVP had a monthly income of Rs. 160 million out of which Rs. 80 million was spent and the balance saved for future needs. However Karuna is learnt to have recently placed his close aide Iniya Bharathi in charge of the funds and allegedly swindled the money.

An angry Pillayan questioned the move, which resulted in the split. The source further revealed that Karuna was now in the process of strengthening his base by abducting and recruiting adults and underage children.

 Post subject: Nearly 80 pro-Pillaiyan cadres are held incommunicado
 Post Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 2:02 pm 
Nearly 80 pro-Pillaiyan cadres are held incommunicado
Kruna group imitating Prabhakaran in abducting, detaining, and killing Tamil dissidents

Wed, 2007-05-30 14:10
@ Asiantribune.com

Colombo, 30 May, (Asiantribune.com): Nearly 80 pro-Pillaiyan cadres are held incommunicado in deplorable condition in camps run by Karuna supporters. Also 27 women, who are mostly mothers and wives of Pillaiyan supporters are detained illegally and held by Karuna's cadres. These detained women are wives and mothers of those Pillaiyan supporters who have left Amparai Batticaloa and joined Pillaiyan group in the Trincomalee district.

A spokesman for Pillaiyan group told the Asian Tribune said that the Karuna and Pillaiyan began attacking each other soon after district commanders Ajith, Devilkanth, Jeyanthan and Seelan the intelligent chief left Batticaloa and Amparai districts and joined with Pillaiyan group.

The spokesman further said that when the cadres under these commanders were on their way to Trincomalee in small groups, they were rounded up and arrested by Jeevendran, Sinnathamby and Eeswaran, all of whom are loyal to Karuna.

According to the spokesman Karuna's loyalist Thileepan is holding nearly 25 of Pillaiyan carders under arrest in 'Meenaham' TMVP Political Office located in the Govindan Road, Batticaloa and Iniyabarathi is holding another 25 cadres in his office-not allowed-camp in Akkaraipattu and Riyaseelan holds 30 of them at Vakarai.

Asian Tribune tried to contact Azad Moulana, spokesman for Karuna for confirmation and learnt that he has already fled the country and is residing abroad.

Karuna's cadres had also Seelan's wife, his one year old baby and mother-in-law and held them in custody. They were harassed by the Karuna cadres insisting that Seelan must return to Batticaloa and surrender for their release.

Similarly 17 other women – mainly wives and mothers of cadres who have joined Pillaiyan in Trincomallee -- too have been arrested by Karuna loyalists and held under house arrest.

Political observers note that Karuna is repeating the same mistakes of Prabhakaran, his former guru, in treating the Tamil dissidents. The history of the Tamil movements has proved that the Tamils who go in search of liberators find themselves falling from frying pan into the fire. Describing the plight of the Tamil man a leading Tamil activist living abroad told the Asian Tribune:

“The Tamils who went in search of a cure for minor itch in the back has been scrubbed by a red hot fire brand.” He also quoted the poplar saying: “The Tamil man fallen from the tree has been butted by a mad bull”.

In the meantime pamphlets are distributed in the east in the name of 'Intelligentsia Group' and 'Well-wishers of Eastern Province' demanding apology from Karuna for waging fratricidal war and killing fellow Tamil cadres from the East in the name of Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal. According to the pamphlets, Karuna must openly apologize for the terror he has let loose during and after the first week of May. Otherwise the pamphlet said that he must leave the country and allow the TMVP to be run by efficient people.

Pillaiyan spokesman too insisted that Karuna must apologize for his misdeeds openly and leave the country. He further said if the harassment of the cadres loyal to Pillaiyan continues, then Karuna would be forced to leave TMVP and also the country.

He added that at present out of nearly 1200 former TMVP military wing nearly 860 are with Pillaiyan and they are now quartered in Trincomalee district.

“We have enough strength to chase out Karuna from the TMVP and take over entire Eastern province. Therefore Karuna must apologize for his misdeeds and leave the country,” Pillaiyan spokesman thundered.

- Asian Tribune -

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