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 Post subject: Tigers with lorry load of explosives, arms nabbed in South
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 1:49 pm 
Tigers with lorry load of explosives, arms nabbed in Bentota
Plantation in Elpitiya harbouring Tigers
LTTE plan to kill VVIP in South foiled

@ NewsPapers

An LTTE plan to assassinate a VVIP came a cropper on Wednesday night when the Karandeniya police detected a lorry laden with explosives and arms on the Galle Road at Bentota at around 10.30 pm. Police took the lorry and two suspected LTTE cadres, who were on board at that time, into custody.


The large haul of weapons and explosives transported from the North and East to the South in a lorry were taken into custody by Karandeniya police. Investigations were conducted following the Karandeniya police intelligence officer being tipped-off about LTTE preparing to transport weapons to the South.

"We were informed two days ago that the LTTE was planning to transport weapons from Dambulla to Elpitiya. Karandeniya policemen blocked the lorry passing the Bentota Bridge early yesterday and arrested the suspects and the lorry with the haul," police told.

Among the stock of arms were 26 Claymore mines each weighing five kgs, two side chargers, two detonator wire codes, three T56, 13 magazines, one pistol, 240 nine ml ammunition and high explosive C4 30 packets each weighing 500g, 200 detonators and 1,000 ammunition, the sources added.

The two suspects had come from Kilinochchi to Dambulla and were transporting the weapons to Diyaduruwatta, Elpitiya. A storage house had been set-up to keep the weapons, police said.

Information elicited from the suspects had revealed that the explosive were to be used in an assassination attempt on President Mahinda Rajapakse, who was due to participate at a function in the Galle district within the next few days.

The lorry with registration number 42 Sri 1281 had a secret compartment built into its floor where the weapons and explosives were hidden, OIC Karandeniya Police IP Padma Jayadeva said.

He said he acted on a tip off, given on Wednesday, that a lorry, carrying explosives and weapons, had left Kilinochchi and was heading for the Elpitiya area in the Galle District.

SSP Amarasena of the Galle Police Division had directed the OIC of Uragasmanhandiya police to assist the Karanedniya Police to seize the lorry and apprehend the suspect LTTE cadres. Accordingly, OIC Duminda Rajapakse, with a posse of policemen had also joined the Karandeniya police in the operation.

The lorry had to be thoroughly examined before the secret compartment was detected and opened by the police. Its occupants, on questioning, told the police the explosives and the weapons were to be hidden in a house at the Divithura Plantation, on orders given by the LTTE and later transported to places that would be indicated to them in the next few days, police said.

Police had also received information that the LTTE had links with some plantation workers of the Divithura Plantation and some LTTE cadres had visited the plantation recently.

A joint search operation by the Army and Police is now on in the plantation and two suspect LTTE cadres were arrested yesterday (4). The CID has also moved to the area.

Police said they have information that the LTTE will bring more explosives to Colombo and the rest of the south if the fighting in the East escalates.

Police said they were surprised how the lorry carrying such a large stock of explosives and weapons was able to come as far as Galle District, all the way from Kilinochchi, passing through so many barriers.

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