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 Post subject: Alu Yata Gini : A novel cinematic experience
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 2:25 am 
Alu Yata Gini : A novel cinematic experience

by Ranga Chandrarathne
@ Sunday Observer/18Dec2005

Alu Yata Gini, a film exposing abuse of power by politicians who were elected by uneducated farmers, is now being screened at cinemas islandwide. The story unfolds with the arrival of a provincial politician (Tony Ranasinghe) as chief guest at a function at an impoverished village school. Half-built buildings amply demonstrate the poverty of the community and the under-privileged small school.


Chaturika (Sanoja Bibile), a village beauty is the band- leader. While hoisting the national flag, the politico noted and acknowledged his bodyguard of the girl, and later the girl's father who is a farmer, was summoned to the Walauva, the politico's residence; Walauva is a potent symbol of feudalism and exploitation.

The politician brilliantly portrayed by Tony Ranasinghe, is a village rake who is devilishly cunning and he befriended Chaturika posing as a fatherly figure. He invites Chaturika, a bright student at the school, to browse his library. However, the village lad who seems to be Chaturika's boyfriend warns her not to associate with the politico.

Before long the politico sends a parcel containing an expensive frock to Chaturika who refuses to accept it, and when she visits Walauva to return the gift, she was caught up in a pouring rain. By the time she reaches the Walauva, the politico was alone and she becomes an easy victim to the rapist, despite her pleadings.

After the incident she falls ill and as the common practice in villages, a thovilaya, a ritual, is performed by her parents believing that the cause of the sudden illness was a devil's possession.

Recovering from the initial shock, Chaturika, first visits the Walauva with her belongings, but was refused by the politico to accept her and marry her as she requested. She decides to stay in the Walauva.

A bodyguard tries to seduce her and she killed him and fled the village. In the dead of the night, she meets a tautof a brothel run by a Madam. He introduces her to the Madam.

However, after an incident at the ill-famed house, she runs into the busy street and sits in a restaurant aimlessly where she meets a Tamil couple who provide her with food and lodging, and adopt her as a sister.

It is obvious that the Tamil couple, an elderly gentleman and the girl who poses as his daughter engage in subversive activities and help to smuggle explosives. Meanwhile, Chaturika (Sanoja Bibile) meets the politico at a party and introduces herself as Savithri. Chaturika devices a plan to take retribution from the politico. While visiting the AIDS patients, she's befriended by a patient (Gamini Samarakoon) and takes him home and takes contaminated blood from an AIDS patient.

She succeeded in coaxing the politico and injects the blood into the politico leaving a letter saying that she, Chaturika; the village girl had done the deed. His own bodyguard killed the politico while the politician tried to inject the blood into the bodyguard.

On another plan, Ranjan Ramanayaka, who is eyeing Chaturika, abuses her after discovering that she had fled from the brothel house. Chaturika's boy friend (Ranjan) tries to kill her but later abandoned it and decides to visit Chaturika's home with her. The film ends with Chaturika's visit home with her boy friend. Music for the film was by Nelson Dharmasene. Nanda Malini and Gunadasa Kapuge sings background songs that are well matched with scenes unfolding in the film.

The emotion-studded voice of the mastersinger Nanda Malini adds an important auditory element to the film. Photography for the film is by Bandula Cooray and Art Direction by Srinatha Wickremesinghe.

Githani Amarasena, Gothami Pathiraja, Dayananda Jayawardene have contributed their share to the plot to make it realistic in the eyes of the viewers. Chaturika's character (Sanoja Bibile), which is the main character of the film, is brought to fruition by other characters such as the politician (Tony Ranasinghe) and her boyfriend (Ranjan Ramanayaka).

Characters of Chaturika's mother and father are also played brilliantly by Wimal Kumara de Kosta and Muyri Samarasinghe. The Tamil couple serve to fill an important gap in the plot. It is obvious that viewers could witness an unforgettable role, Chaturika, played radiantly by young actress Sonali Bibile. She has done justice to the character.

Alu Yata Gini will be a novel cinematic experience for Sri Lankan filmgoers and a film, which has all the elements of life in it.

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