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Sri Lanka Granite and Mineral Sands


In Sri Lanka as in most other countries, the value of stone has been recognised and there is evidence of stone work which dates back to centuries ago. Dimension stone and the magnificent carving on stone are to be seen today in the remaining ancient ruined cities of the island.

Granite, the durable and elegant material, is not easy to come by as it comes deep within the earth. Its character reflects the creative forces of nature - the patterns of each block of granite tell a story of gigantic pressures, the searing heat of the earth's core, and its violent birth in the volcanic eruptions of bygone millennia. Granite brings grace to the gardens, homes, palaces and temples of Sri Lanka's ancient royalty and add to them a timeless and lasting beauty that has survived for centuries.

Sri Lanka has four major types of granite deposits (granite proper, gneissose granite, regmatite and graphic granite) in substantial amounts, suitable for processing into cut and polished stones. The colour, grain structure, hardness and strength of Sri Lankan granite is suitable for the international market.

Dimension Stones
Polished Granite Slabs and Tiles
Rough Granite Block
Tomb Stones
Wall Cladding
Rock Ornaments

Major Markets
Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, UK, Thailand and Belgium.

The highest levels of quality are maintained at all times and at every stage of manufacture, in order to ensure a consistently excellent product. This is done at two levels. Firstly, the function of the machines are automated to a great extent. Built-in maintainance systems and safeguards function constantly. Secondly, every stage is inspected visually with the aid of special calibration instruments.

  Supply Position
Ample resources of fresh rock are available and there is a fair selection of a variety of rock types. The rocks are accessible and in some places occur in boulder form. The quantities produced can definitely be enhanced and expanded in the future.
Mineral Sands

Rutile, zircon, ilmanite.

Major Markets

ZIRCON TiO2 11.25%
SiO2 38.01%
ZrO2 26.55

Supply Position
The resources based at Pulmoddai is replenished annually (15%) with the advent of the north-west monsoon season. Utilising around 150,000 tons per annum for an upgrading plant, the reserve can last for over 25 years. Four million tons of heavy mineral sands (grades of over 60% heavy mineral) are available in pulmoddai. This deposit rates among the best known in the world, especially due to its heavy mineral contents of between 60% to 70%.

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